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I'm sure Dave, Jeff, or whoever else just changes these willy-nilly, but I'm gonna take the initiative and make a couple of suggestions since it feels like forever since it was last modified. 
-World Tours 
Everyone, add your suggestions and maybe we can get the attention of the duders that be!

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and viewers like TheGreatGuero.

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Maybe they're just really trying to show how much they truly love marbles and madness.

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We're into cantaloupes, gasoline and viewers like you! 
We're into arthropods, Higgs bosons and viewers like you! 
We're into literacy,  sporks, and viewer like you!

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We're not into anime, japanese school girls, and jerks like you!

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  • Counter Balance Systems
  • Active Reloading
  • Whole Grain, Baby, WHOOO!
  • Coal
  • Trains
  • Cole Train
  • Cole Train's Coal Train
  • Chell
  • And viewers like you!
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people still look at that?

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  • illegal numbers of things
  • <>
  • double xp
  • body modification
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  • wizards
  • lanterns
  • non-lethal takedowns
  • tracks and mania
  • nightmare generators
  • green tea Kit-Kats
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  • Resurrecting old threads
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@BeachThunder said:

  • Resurrecting old threads

This is probably the most accurate one.

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Nobody has mentioned TRUCKS yet? Every poster above me needs to turn in your giantbomb card.