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I have been looking into Xbox Game Pass, not to play anything on console, but just for PC use. It's an interesting, weird use case. Some of the games included are "Play Anywhere", which means, in theory, you can play them through the Windows store without touching a console. Does anyone know if these actually have working multiplayer without needing Xbox Live on PC?

Current List of PC/Play Anywhere games:

Gears of War 4
Zoo Tycoon
Halo Wars 1
Halo Wars 2
Riptide GP

Future Titles:
Sea of Thieves
State of Decay 2

It is $10 a month with a 14 day free trial. This seems like a good cheap way to play Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 out of the gate on PC with multiplayer included without having to pay for Xbox live. Just don't forget to cancel it and leave it running for years, LOL.

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I own an Xbox and even then I'm using this on PC exclusively. Manged to get 2 months free so I'll be checking out Recore and Sea of Thieves. It's a good deal.

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That should work fine. You don't need Gold for multiplayer on PC, so as long as you have Game Pass you should be good to go. When I had Game Pass a few months ago it let me download ReCore on my PC, so that definitely works.

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I... never even thought of doing that. I'll have to hit that free trial to see if Sea of Thieves is my jam or not, and check Gears 4 off of my to-play list while I'm at it.

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Is Halo Wars 2 part of the gamepass? I was under the impression you only get a discount on that one.

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Halo Wars 2 is apart of the game pass. I played through that and Halo Wars 1 recently using the pass.

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@werupenstein: It's part of game pass but if you want to own it permanently, you can get it for the cheaper price.

If that's what your oval is about.

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Here is the list of games that work on PC:


At the bottom of the page you see all of the games, then click on "Xbox Play Anywhere"

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@werupenstein: As a subscriber to Game Pass, if you choose to buy a game that's currently in Game Pass you get a discount. The size of the discount depends on how long it has been in there, I believe its:

1 month: 10%

2 months: 15%

3+ months: 20%

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Is it easy to connect to people playing on Xbox while on PC? I want to play Sea of theives on my PC and play with friends that only have xbox.

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@alistercat: @caesius6: @andrew2696:

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So Halo 5 is free to keep forever? Literally every other game that is in the game pass program says that it is $0.00 with game pass yet Halo Wars 2 states that it is only a discount and not free.

I think you guys are wrong, or Microsoft has severely screwed up their marketing.

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@werupenstein: We aren't wrong, because I've gone ahead and installed it. The one for Halo Wars 2 is weird because it has multiple listings and the deluxe/complete edition is the one you get on Game Pass. If you view the standard edition in the store it gives you the discounted price but not the option to install it.