Welcome to Giant Bomb (dot com) - by Jeff Gerstmann on March 5, 2008

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Hey, guys, have you heard of this new blog?


I don't know what the consensus on the date of the ten year anniversary is, but I've always thought that the birth of Giant Bomb came with the launch of the blog in March '08. The essence was right there. I never would had thought that I'd be following a gaming website, or anything for that matter, so closely and with such interest for ten years. With luck, maybe I'll be saying the same thing after ten more.

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I feel like it was around before that though. I've been a member since 21 July 2008 and I seem to remember that you weren't able to create a profile for ages as they got the site up and running.

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I joined around 2010 or 11 I believe, when it already was a website with sweet ass quests and achievements. Loved messing around with it while I was watching a video.

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Well, it was basically just Jeff’s personal blog and the Arrow Pointing Down podcast with Alex as a semi-regular guest at first. The first bombcast was in mid-March and they hired Brad and Vinny in June. First bombcast was on March 11, so that’s as good a date as any, if you don’t want to count July 21st.

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I think the official launch of Giant Bomb proper was July 21st, 2008. Having only a blog without any videos, community forums, wikis, etc. means most of the site didn't exist yet.

The blog content originated from Jeff's personal blog, which grew out of Jeff's GameSpot blog/Points Report. The couple of first podcasts were hosted on Ryan's Arrow Pointing Down blog too, so the actual content of the site was all over the place.

The events in March seems like it was mostly a name change from jeffgerstmann.net to giantbomb.com. It was still Jeff's personal blog in terms of functionality. Nothing really changed during that time until the actual site launched in July.

Given that there was a video series called Building the Bomb/How to Build a Bomb leading up to the site's launch in July, I think that would be the site's full launch with everything that Jeff envisioned.