Welcome to Jason and Dan

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We have another thread that was intended to welcome Jason and Dan, but which quickly delved into commentary on Giant Bomb as a site and the events on Twitter today. I'm going to make another thread for that discussion, but let's try to keep this thread a positive place where we can welcome Jason and Dan into the fold. If you'd like to discuss other issues you may have with the hiring, please do so in this thread. Any posts other than on-topic posts intended to welcome our new staff members will be deleted.

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Jason and Dan are both awesome! I check out GI every week and they're super cool.

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I know you mean well Rorie, but I feel like this thread will also be hijacked.

And on topic, I'm hyped to see what those two can bring to GB.

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Welcome to the site, pleasure to have you here and I look forward to the fresh perspective you bring to our gang here :-)

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I'm looking forward to hearing Jason and Dan on future Quick Looks and live shows.

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Welcome to Jason and Dan! I look forward to what you'll bring to this site.

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Welcome Dan and Jason! Don't know too much about Jason but Dan is obviously a perfect fit for Giant Bomb!

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Welcome to Giant Bomb, Dan and Jason! Now go make me some awesome content!

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Welcome Dan and Jason! Can't wait to see y'all on videos and live shows!!

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Im very happy that Dan joined the Team. He was the main reason I started to watch Game Informer's Replay, and now like all the guys over there too, so Im very excited to see him be involved in some video features. Jason seems like a cool guy too, when he would pop up "Voice of God" style.

Good Luck :)

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Some of my initial concerns were abated with the Bombcast yesterday. Dan and Jason each seem like interesting, cool dudes who should have a lot of interesting new things to bring to the team. We'll have to wait and see how they do on Quick Looks and live shows, but I have a feeling they will do just fine. While I would have liked to see some entirely fresh blood, I think Dan and Jason will fit into GB quite nicely.

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Im looking forward to more dumb wrestling jokes and yoshi beef...Welcome guys!

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Welcome fellas! Can't wait to see what you two produce!

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I can't wait to see read/watch/listen to the first Jason and Dan content on this site and I can't wait to see what they'll bring to the giantbomb community.

Welcome duders!

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Welcome guys, can't wait to see your first endurance run

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Welcome guys! I'm sure you'll nestle right into the Giantbomb family and community. We're glad to have ya.

But can you guys work on your voices? I need one of you to speak with a wild Scottish accent. You sound very similar on the podcast!

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thank you Rorie <3

Welcome Jason and Dan, hope somehow there will be an UPF to feature you guys this week.

Also like I said in the other thread, I hope Dan's dad will swing by SF to continue making those hilarious videos with Dan.

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Welcome guys, hopefully the drama will die out soon. Look forward to your content.

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I am super pumped for Dan Ryckert inside Giant Bomb. I just want to point out we will see more of this:

Loading Video...

Oh and welcome Jason Oestreicher! I'm sure you're a talented video editor!

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I'm super hyped to see what they bring to the site. Welcome aboard!

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Copying post from other thread:

I'm excited for new blood. I've only heard of Dan Ryckert's name mentioned by GB staff sometimes I think. Never heard of Jason. I never read Game Informer.

Small first impressions: They both have good voices for the podcast it seems. I like the way they sound. But they also sound very similar to each other I think? I couldn't tell which of them was talking during the podcast so I need to train my ear.

Hearing one of them say they really liked Towerfall compared to the old crew who was kinda meh on it is exactly the stuff I want to see. More clashing opinions. I could care less either way for those sorts of games but it's hopefully a sign of interesting things to come.

It sounds like fighting game people got what they wanted I guess. I'll assume neither of them is a legit car guy. I desperately want someone on staff who has some real passion and knowledge for cars and racing games. Do justice to stuff like Gran Turismo, Forza, iRacing, Codemasters stuff etc and also be able to call out other racing games for being inaccurate, unrealistic, dumb etc. At the same time, hopefully informing the other GB guys (and viewers) about the details of cars and racing games etc. Gran Turismo should never ever be played with a controller unless you are too lazy to hook up the wheel at that moment and are just firing it up for 5 mins to check something.

Oh and I love Jason's last name. It sounds so AWESOME. Was that the name of the character in the Airplane movies? Sounds so familiar but unique. Sounds so.. video game-y

Welcome to the crew!

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Can't wait till UPF and quick looks with you guys, by the sounds of it fighting games will get a much better going over now. Good luck to you guys!

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Welcome aboard! Ignore the haters and enjoy the ride!

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Welcome again, duders! Sorry things are a little rocky around here. It'll get better soon. Can't wait to see you two in some more content!

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Thank you for this Rorie.

Again, very much looking forward to what Dan, and Jason bring to table!

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Welcome Jason "The Awe-Striker" and "Dirty" Dan Ryckert. I look forward to your content and contributions to GB.

Long days and pleasant nights.

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I'm not up to speed on Jason, and wasn't about Dan, but I checked his stuff out and seems like he fits in perfectly. Impressive work he did. I'm most curious now about seeing them on Quick Looks, though I suppose we wouldn't see Jason as often as Dan? As he's Drew's second in command now I guess? Maybe on some fighting games still.

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Hi! This is the first time I've heard of you guys, so I'm looking forward to seeing you around the site. Be yourselves, shoulders down and have fun and I'm sure I'll enjoy the content you make for us.

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Welcome to Giant Bomb, guys. I hope you know that most of the criticism thrown around has nothing to do with you specifically, and I'm positive that you'll both make an outstanding contribution to the site.

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Hello new hires! Pardon our mess. Really excited to have another fighting game enthusiast onboard.

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Welcome dudes, i have not listened to the most recent bombcast yet, so i have no idea how they are. But i look forward to seeing them hopefully in some content this week.

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I'm super pumped up by the new hires, I know they're going to be awesome.

Welcome to Giant Bomb ya'll.

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Welcome; hope you guys have an easy time settling in. I can't wait to see what you guys bring to Giantbomb dot com : )

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Having checked out some of Dan's stuff since it became obvious he was the new editor, he seems perfect. What I've heard of the podcast so far bodes very well for both his and Jason's additions to the site. It's been a while since I've been honestly excited for what Giant Bomb will be doing. Welcome duders!

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Man i dont know either of them but they made good first impressions on the Bombcast, fit in so well already and i am excited to see what its like on their first UPF, hope to see an initiation full of Windjammers.

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Quick, @danryckert, where do you stand on the central and most important debate on Giant Bomb:

Hamburger: sandwich, or not a sandwich?

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Hey guys sorry about all that bullshit, welcome to GB and though I may not be able to tell you to apart by your voices just yet I imagine one day I will.

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Oh hey I just realized this means a WWE 2K15 QL with Jeff and Dan in the future. Just make it a live Powerbombcast with Alex and Co. and screw around with the story creator for 6 hours.

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Welcome guys! So pumped to have some new blood in the site

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o shit, entering the quick look gauntlet , be careful!

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Great to have new blood flowing through the Bomb. Hopefully your place on the Giant Bomb staff is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for both of you!

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Welcome to the Giant bomb guys, looking forward to whatever awesome content that's coming our way. (The first of which already appears to be in the can)

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Welcome, duders! I've heard there's some really dumb stuff happening over social media, but I prefer not to go down that rabbit hole because some people who do usually turn into bitter and hateful people, and nobody wants to become one of those. If I could offer some advice, it would be to not take anything negative the "internet" says into mind, and to look only to the positive sides.

You'll make GB West one hell of a ride to wait in line for, because Big Jeffrey says so. I brought sandwiches so I won't have to leave this spot. (=^~^)o


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Welcome to the site, Dan and Jason. You guys both seem like a great fit.

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Already said it but I'll say it again: Welcome to the site! You guys seem really great and it makes me feel excited about the future.

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Whew thank god.

Welcome to Dan and Jason!!

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I enjoyed the first podcast with Dan and Jason, so looking forward to seeing (and listening to) more stuff with you guys in the future!

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@villainy said:

Having checked out some of Dan's stuff since it became obvious he was the new editor, he seems perfect. What I've heard of the podcast so far bodes very well for both his and Jason's additions to the site. It's been a while since I've been honestly excited for what Giant Bomb will be doing. Welcome duders!

It went exactly the same for me. I was unfamiliar with him at first and checked his stuff out. He does make total sense, not to mention he creates some awesome content. I wouldn't know anyone that would fit better even though I was secretly hoping for Cannata. Except myself of course, in my multiverse dream, where there is a universe that I fit in perfectly. But I'm already head of GB in that dream, so it's moot.