Welcome to Jason and Dan

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Don't know anything about either of you but I'm looking forward to what you bring to the site

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Yay, a positive thread. Just want to congrats Dan and Jason again. After listening to the podcast I'm very confident Jeff hired the best people for the job. I already knew Dan was awesome from his other work, he has so much experience in exactly what Giantbomb does, in particular a lot of the things he did at Gameinformer were very similar to Quicklooks and Endurance runs and often in the same sort of silly and fun tone. Plus he's done some memorable interviews. Clear to see that he'll be a great asset in the senior editor position. I didn't know much about Jason but I viewed some of his work and he was great on the podcast this week. Seems like a funny, chill guy. I like that he was unafraid to get his voice in there and even throw a few zingers out, plus it's nice to have another "married gamer" life perspective since Vinny moved. Now he just needs to pop out a kid so we can hear about how terrible plane rides with your baby is some more. I hope both of them are on the podcast every week instead of just Dan, I think they both can add a lot to it. Looking forward to quicklooks and UPF.

O and #hiredadryckert I hope he pops in once in a while on some video features with Dan still, those videos were awesome.

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Welcome Dan and Jason! Can't wait for Dan's dad to make his debut next year too.

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Once again welcome duders!

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Congrats to Dan and Jason on joining Giantbomb .

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Dan was pretty much the only reason I kept going to Game Informer the last few years. That and Ben Hansen's awesome videos. Jason did a great job too once he came in on all the replays and live streams. Can't wait to see what they do at Giant Bomb.

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Can't wait to see what comes out of this. THE POTENTIAL!

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I'm looking forward to seeing how you both integrate with the site. Dan I'm pretty familiar with but mostly from Powerbombcast stuff; I don't know a whole lot about his work covering games but I think he can fit in well with the old guard. As for Jason, I don't really know a lot about him but he seems to be a fighting game enthusiast which is something I've been feeling GB needing for a little while (Brad has been filling the spot reasonably well but it seems more as though he's doing that so Jeff has someone to play against, rather than getting deep into them).

Welcome to Giant Bomb, and good luck for the future!

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Fresh blood! I couldn't be more excited. Love Dan from what I've heard on the powered bombcast, and I have a lot of faith in Jason. Good to see a mixture of differing opinions.

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Looking forward to seeing the two of you in future content!

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Welcome Dan and Jason!

This Test Chamber of Far Cry 3 w/ both of them is pretty great.... helped me identify Jason's voice in GI's other videos.

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Hah! I specifically remember seeing a user guess that Sniper Elite III would be the first Quick Look he made. I must be missing some kind of prior love for the franchise.

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Welcome Dan and Jason! The Super Replays were great and it's nice to see you guys on another site that I love to visit.

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Dan and Jason are fucking perfect for the job. Been reading their stuff for so long through GI and it's seriously so great to see them here.

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Welcome new guys! I look forward to seeing you in future stuff. It's about time we've got some new people.

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Welcome! looking forward to see what you guys cook up!

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Hi Jason! Hi Dan! Looking forward to what you can bring to GiantBomb!

@danryckert Now, I'll read more deeply into your soul...

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I want to hear you and Jeff go at it!

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Welcome to both of you!

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I took my pants off. So lets do this! "Welcome"

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New peooooople! I cant wait for tomorrows QL, welcome new guys

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Glad to have them both on board!

"Let the new Quick Looks... begin." --Bane

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It appears that I missed some big brouhaha over the two new hires. I don't know much about them, but I did see the link to the "Giant Bombcast E3 2011: Internet Dating Pranks and Crazy People" part on an old bombast and Dan Ryckert was the dude that set up the blue shirt date prank. The guy seems okay to me.

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Welcome good sirs. You seem like great fits at Giant Bomb, and I'm excited to see what the two of you bring to the site in the future.

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@pikadrew said:

Welcome to the Giant bomb guys, looking forward to whatever awesome content that's coming our way. (The first of which already appears to be in the can)

Aww yisss

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@pikadrew said:

Welcome to the Giant bomb guys, looking forward to whatever awesome content that's coming our way. (The first of which already appears to be in the can)

Aww yisss

Nothing more to say.

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Welcome to the fold Jason and Dan

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I'm pumped to see where the site goes from here. New blood is always great. UPF this week is going to be epic.

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Welcome both of you! Excited to see what's coming

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Welcome to the site guys! I look forward to hearing/seeing a lot from you both in the future!

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Welcome to the site guys! I'm excited for what you guys will bring and look forward to plenty of dumb s*** to watch.

Also, Jason has one of the coolest names I've ever heard. Cheers to Jason and Dan!

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OMG 13 hour wait until next QL. I need it now. Hopefully the new video guy gets some of the things about the videos in order. @drewbert does a great job but the last few videos have been off. The sound has been pretty quiet and the audio has been a little out of sync. But you cant fault Drew for that. He has super human hearing and can see into the future. It is hard for him to lower himself to our levels.

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Seeing Dan's tweet about his first quick look has me really excited. Dan and Jason are still really new to me, don't know much about them sadly, but can't wait to see what they do.

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Welcome to the site Dan and Jason!!! Looking forward to your Quick Looks and UnProFri shenanigans. On the latest Bombcast, Dan expressed interest in Tomodachi Life, would love a Quick Look of that game, it's so quirky.

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I was absolutely stoked to hear that Dan was joining GB. Jason seems cool too. Great hires!

Can't wait to see some of Dan and his dad.

welcome guys!

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Was watching replay pretty intensely there for a while, mostly skipping episodes without phil kollar or dan. Really excited to see what both he and Jason will bring to the site!

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Grats on getting the jobs guys, hope you adjust well to the new position and don't let the ridiculous drama get to you. You will fit in great with the rest of the team and definitely bring a little more umph where needed. Also don't be afraid of making Jon Cena parody articles or anything, it is AOK!

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I have always been a fan of Dan and Jason on gameinformer and am excited for them to come to GB. As for what happened on twitter today? I have no idea because I don't give a shit about twitter. Maybe other people should think about not giving a shit about twitter.

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Dan Ryckert seems like a perfect fit. Don't know much about Jason Oestreicher, despite the fact that he can't pronounce his own name correctly. ;P
I welcome them both with open arms and an open mind. They'll be having a blast, we'll be having a blast. Blasts will be had aplenty. I am sure of that.

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Excited to see what the guys do in the coming months, Welcome Dan and Jason.

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I can't believe they hired a Waluigi apologist. ;D Can't wait to see what GB West has in store for it now. Welcome folks.

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Welcome Dan and Jason. I expect no less than three wrestling references per live show. NAY, I DEMAND IT.

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Welcome guys. From what i heard on the bombcast, i think Dan, Jason and GB are a great match.

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Ill just repeat what i said in the bomb thread. I'm super excited for new blood! I started really digging into giant bomb about the time patrick showed up and I've really enjoyed the content he brought. As long as you guys bring your own perspective on things and aren't afraid to be yourself (even if that is "bad at videogames" or hating yoshi with a white hot passion) everything is going to turn out fine. Take the criticism with a grain of salt because there's a far greater nonvocal majority who likes ya just fine. Congratulations and good luck!

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Jason, Dan, sorry for all the bullshit. Welcome you guys, have fun and forget about dumb things. Go play some video games.

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Welcome gents! Very excited to see what new delightful madness you will bring!

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Welcome, Jason and Dan!

I hope this means more content, more shenanigans, and more PowerBombcasts!

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Dan Ryckert being part of Giant Bomb is a dream come true.

Does he have a profile on here ? Anybody knows its handle ?

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Welcome Jason and Dan.

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First and foremost, welcome to you both (again!)

Second, still hoping for a Luchadeer and Air Force Gator crossover.