Welcome to Jason and Dan

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Welcome Dan and Jason.

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just like to add tbat the stupid during the pax east panel and the royal rumble proved GB was back with a vengeance, and im totally looking forward to that same sort of dumbassery from dan, jason, et al.

in short, NO PRESSURE!!!

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I want to hear some arguments over the current staffs opinions of some games, or else...

Think of it like being fresh fish in a prison, you don't want to be somebody's bitch.

Pro tip.

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Dan, the worst-kept secret in history. Well, I'm excited to continue following along with his insanity. Murica!

And Jason, the voice of God, coming along for the ride. Welcome duders!

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Hiring Dan is going to be a waste unless the Power Bombcast becomes a weekly thing.

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Alright so who's got the hookup on some pictures of the new staff members so that we can start a-shopping.

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Dan Ryckert:

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Jason Oestreicher:

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On the left and right during the IGN prank:

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Very glad to see Drew get some help with the video production. GB needs the best video team they can get, they make the best content!

I know Dan's work from other places and have always enjoyed it, glad to see him on board!

I am hoping you guys hire a few more people in the NY office too!

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Welcome! Yeay new people

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Welcome new duders! I hope you have a pleasant stay!

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I imagine the first step to being hired by Jeff Gerstmann is to be liked by Jeff Gerstmann, as his internet friend i guess i like them both aswell :D.

Shoddy logic but i honestly don't know who these guys are, i listened to the bombcast, one plays fighting games which is awesome, the other has a fantastic surname and sounds like a chill bro.

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Welcome to the site guys! Great to have you on board.

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Welcome, of course.

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@wolfgame said:

@cold_wolven said:

The chemistry between Jeff and Dan during that Sniper Elite 3 Quick Look already has me psyched and I can't wait for UF this week. Welcome Dan and Jason!

everyone keeps saying this in excitement but we are forgetting that friday is a holiday. I would love a live show to break in Dan and Jason, but we may not get it this friday :-)

Dang I didn't know that, I'm in Australia. All well guess I'll have to wait till next week *sigh*.

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Welcome guys. May your stay be great! I am certainly looking forward to it.

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Welcome to GB, Jason and Dan. I support this site and therefore I support you guys.


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Welcome duders.

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Welcome to Jason and Dan (and his dad)! I am sure they are going to do big, amazing and out-of-this-world things in the future!

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You guys seem like perfect matches for Giant Bomb. Absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see what you guys bring to the Giant Bomb family.

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Very big GiantBomb welcome to Jason and Dan! I wish it were me, but i have no hate. #somedayitwillbeme

Look forward to everything you guys bring to the table!

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Thanks so much for all the kind words, everybody! I'm only on day four and I've already had a blast working with the team and producing content. You can all expect a whole bunch of dumb shit in the future.

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@danryckert: That's exactly what I like to hear. Looking forward to it!

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Welcome DUDES

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@danryckert: That's all I was looking for. I think I'm more pumped to see what dumb shit you and Jeff do with WWE2k15 than I am for the actual game.

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Welcome duders!

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@danryckert: That sounds great! I can't wait to see it.

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Welcome to both Dan and Jason! I was/am a huge fan of all yall's work at Game Informer (visited most frequently when Replays were just starting up), and it's incredible that GB now gets to benefit from the huge amount of talent you guys possess. Nothing but love for you two!

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Gentlemen. Welcome!

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Welcome to both! :D

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Just came back from a week away and saw the news, good to finally hear about the new additions to the crew. Welcome both of you, really looking forward to see what you guys add to the site (I'll be diving into some new crew content in just a minute).

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Is there an official announcement about the new hires anywhere? I can't seem to find it.

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I've somehow managed to avoid their work previously (shame on me), but I like what I've seen/heard so far this week. Welcome!

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Welcome Duders, looking forward to your work and content!

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Welcome Jason and Dan. With the SF office getting emptier over the last year it's great to have you here. I'm really looking forward to seeing what dumb shenanigans you guys get up to. (as well as more powerbombcasts of course)

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Welcome, yeah?

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Welcome aboard gentlemen!

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Welcome to both Jason and Dan. Looking forward to more people in the SF office, hoping on some silly stuff happening.

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Dan is awesome......this site was so empty.......i feel bad for GI though

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Welcome and good luck. A new era begins, can't wait to see what it brings.

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Welcome welcome to Dan and Jason! Excited to see where their work takes the site next.

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I wanted to keep my welcome once I got more of a vibe from both. Dan had already warmed me last E3 with "Butt Tumbler" and seeing him gel so well after a few days in and video with one podcast. Dan is a great addition to the crew already.

Still to see Jason in proper action however another man in the video booth can not be bad.

Best of luck to both.

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Oh nice. I thought Giantbomb was going away, With Vinny gone x)

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this is exciting!!

dreams jobs i aspire too one day!

i cannot wait to see the content they produce!