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If it had to be anything, it must be:

The Vape Chamber 15

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HANDSON #19 Center

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@navyseils: The duders announced on UPF last week that they were hoping to go on sale this week. For various reasons I haven't been able to listen to the Bombcast or see any content this week though (work + new baby + in-laws visiting) so I don't know if plans have changed...?

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You never heard of my knuckle puck?

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Still trying to figure out what number I'm going to get for my Taswell Jersey.

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@hippie_genocide: God damn it. If I get this we must never meet and be wearing our respective jerseys.

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Chief Beef

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From what I understand, there is a 12 character limit (including spaces). So, plan accordingly.

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DuderItsOver just fits, FYI.

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"Dont call Norm"

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I'm still going with LEGAIA 99 personally, but I had fun coming up with combinations. I don't necessarily suggest using any of these as is, but I hope it may help to spark ideas for other names if y'all were having trouble!

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Phoenix Down 03

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DEADLY SIMS 13 is soooo goood

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Navarro 69

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Nobody's mentioned Swery 69 yet.

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Alucard 96

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Oestreicher 11 also is a goodun

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ALLARD 36 would be pretty good...

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I went with TASWELL 13. I also considered BALLERTIME 13 but wanted something a little more personal to memorialize Ryan with (though I think he probably would have loved BALLERTIME 13).

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I really wanted to do SEGA 32X but the number is limited to 2 numbers.

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F 0

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Oh, I was also considering TURBOGRAFX 16.

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Ryckert 69... has it already been said?

@xwillx o_0

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I don't have the money, but mine would be "NICE" 69

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Barkerville #2

Jareth #8

Mass Effect #2

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But really not gonna get one.

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(Close to getting one, but I want to balance it between dumb joke and something I'll actually wear in public)

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I can't think of any particular number associated with Geralt.

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200+ bucks for a shirt? I'll get this: SUCKA

I understands they are nice quality, and super rare etc, whatever. 200 bucks for any one piece of clothing is ridiculous.

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Does anyone know if the jerseys will be up for sale again at some point in the future?

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So has anyone had this ship yet? Last update was shipping by 11th May.

Do we get a refund on shipping when it does.

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Not I, last email from Rorie. I'll give it some more time before raising moderate hell with the partner they have making/shipping them. I know the duders are doing all they can do.

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Just wanted to know what was happening. As they just need to communicate what is happening.

I was excited it might ship this week :).

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I guess nobody's seen a shipping email yet? If it takes a little while longer, I'm okay with that, but I do want to know when it's shipping so I can keep an eye out for it. Mail delivery can be a little wonky around here.

Wouldn't be the first time that my email provider has devoured a shipping notice as spam...

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I didn't get one, but someone get SKATE 4