What are some games with good art styles that are also relaxing to play?

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The games I'm excluding are Journey, Abzu, and Flower (not games like it, just those games specifically). The games I'm currently replaying because I find them peaceful (even though one [or both] is revealed to be melancholic) is Rime and Ori. Ori definitely has some intense moments, but in large part, due to its music and art, I do find that it can be relaxing. I find Rime to be contemplative where at least early on it's just you on an island as you can wander about. I'm really just in the mood for something peaceful. Have any good games in mind? Art, music, and the ability to explore perhaps with a good story in it is kind of what I'm seeking. So, while I don't mind combat, I'd prefer it to be simple and not challenging right now. I haven't reinstalled it, but I was also thinking about maybe Child of Light. Anyways, thanks in advance. Oh, when I say 'good' art styles, I mean stylistic if you will. 'Cartoony' isn't the best descriptive word, but thinking of all the games I mentioned. Journey, Abzu, Flower, Rime, Ori, Child of Light. That kind of thing. I'm not looking for photorealism. That being said, I think a game like The Last Guardian is also close to what I want from an experience right now.

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Gravity Rush 2, The Unfinished Swan, Tetris Effect, Prince of Persia ‘08

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games like Animal Crossing & Viva Pinata. I always thought building themeparks was quite relaxing, so maybe that Planet Coaster thing fits this?

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Did you play Gris? I’ve heard it’s pretty easy and at least looks relaxing to play in general?

That Cuphead game is also a breeze.

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@glots: Yeah, I've seen a little of Gris. I didn't play it. It looked cool at first, but unfortunately, I just didn't get it. Other things on my mind I guess. Thanks, I'll look into it.

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I'm finally pulling the trigger on No Man's Sky hoping it will be exactly this. Damn you, Xbox Games Sale!

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I've gotta recommend Donut County and Firewatch on this one. It's also probably worth looking up ISLANDS: Non-Places. That game doesn't have an explicit narrative or let you freely explore, but it's got the look and atmosphere you're after. You might also be interested in Broken Reality and Kentucky Route Zero.

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I always found the sailing in Windwaker quite relaxing, the art style is divisive but I think it looks great.

Okami is another that is fairly breezy.

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I suggest to try Journey

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@boozak: Come on now, that's basically ancient history.

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@boozak: Not bad suggestions, but I'm kind of looking for something new to play and those are fresh on my mind. I wish Okami had a sequel, it's a great game. That said, when it comes to what I'm looking for, Wind Waker is definitely something I'm more interested in for right now.

@gamer_152: Thanks, some of those I haven't played. I wish I liked Firewatch, but I don't love it. It's okay. I tried it again recently after I got a PS4 Pro and it's still not great to me. It definitely has aspects to it that I like, but overall I don't find it that enjoyable or relaxing as there are just a few too many parts that I don't love.

@notnert427: Yeah, I hear it's pretty decent now. I love sci-fi, or space to planet stuff, but I'm not sure about that game still. Maybe come back and say what you think of it?

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Have you tried FLOW ? Also developed by Thatgamecompany.

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You might try Submerged. It is short and has (very) light exploration, collecting, and climbing.

I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but I enjoyed it and it definitely has the relaxing criteria covered. I found it a nice way to unwind before bed.

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@liquiddragon: Gravity Rush Remastered was only around nine dollars yesterday so I bought that. I like it so far. My brother has it on Vita and bought Gravity Rush 2 when it came out which means that whenever I'm finished with one I can jump onto two. It's not quite the experience I was looking for at the time of making this thread because it's a bit too energetic and upbeat, but it's a good game nonetheless and I'm happy to be playing. It is the kind of game I want to be experiencing right now though.

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@ntm: O nice dude, I'm glad. I do hope you end up liking it enough to play GR2.

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I think The Floor is Jelly might fit the bill. The art and music are both pretty chill.

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Lovely Planet

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Stardew Valley is my go to game which I think is fairly relaxing (it's only stressful if you try to 100% optimise everything) and I think it looks and sounds pretty good.

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Classic WoW 1-30 human zones.

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Hohokum on PS4 should be perfect.

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Kingdom New Lands is really relaxing and meditative.
(I would also recommend it over its successor Kingdom Two Crowns.)

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@ntm: Okami did have a sequel... on DS!

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The Witness is extremely chill and really, really good if you like puzzles. I'd also have to second both Stardew Valley and No Man's Sky for no pressure relaxing play.

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