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#51 Posted by Bane (927 posts) -

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

I've spent most of my time doing side stuff. Board and guild missions, trade runs, the occasional story mission.

Then I tried out mining. Holy jeez, if you want to make money fast go mining. It's so much more profitable than running missions. Many times more profitable. I spent a few hours mining in Texas (the starting system), and ended up with a fully equipped Coyote (the best combat ship I've found in the half of the map I've been to).

My advice is before you go mining give it a think first. How important to you is the sense of progression through upgrading your ship and equipment? If it's not important: go mining. If it is: maybe don't.

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#52 Posted by SarcasticMudcrab (389 posts) -

Currently playing Genesis the new ps4/controller moba, No Mans Sky in vr and Elex. Enjoying all 3 more than I probably should be.

Taking a break from my pc due to a bad shoulder and it's been surprisingly fun to go back to console.

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#53 Posted by KnockingNick (452 posts) -

I'm currently playing through Bloodborne again, it's just sooooooooo good.

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#54 Posted by Brian_ (29 posts) -

Started Devil May Cry 5 since it's on Game Pass now. I really don't enjoy playing as V. I already kind of don't like playing Devil May Cry. I assume it's because I actually played Bayonetta before I played any Devil May Cry and just think Bayonetta flows better. The Nero sections of 4, and thus 5, are the most enjoyable parts for me, simply because Nero has the grappling hook thing to draw in enemies and/or cover distance. But boy... I really don't enjoy playing as V. I'm just mashing on buttons and hoping for the best. I think part of it too is that the camera is pulled so far back when you're pets attack, while your character is staying away from the action, that I can't actually tell what is going on.

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#55 Posted by tacobelmont (17 posts) -

Hopped in my backlog a bit. I started watching some old GB Hitman content, got introduced to Sheikh Zanzibar, and I just had to play Hitman. I like it but work and life have been a bit busy, leaving not a lot of time to video games.

I'm planning on playing Destiny again, with cross save I won't have to pick and choose my platforms!

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#56 Posted by ryudo (182 posts) -

Bulk Slash on Saturn

Macross Delta on Vita

3rd playthrough of DMCV

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#57 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2119 posts) -

Apex Legends. Everyday. GOTY.

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#58 Posted by FacelessVixen (2702 posts) -

Need for Speed 2015 in anticipation for Need for Speed Heat.

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#59 Edited by BrunoTheThird (854 posts) -

Crushing through the backlog at the moment, rotating these 8 games an hour/chapter at a time.

  • DMC5 - Finished it earlier today and it was everything I wanted, which surprised me a lot. It has so much in common with DMC3 stylistically, and so many cool references and links to it (I expected none!). Great video game. Fun, stylish, shiny, metal mayhem. 5/5
  • CrossCode - Dreamy-smooth combat, memorable characters and writing, neat concept, stylish boss designs, fan-fucking-tastic music. Love it so much. Iconoclasts, Hotline Miami and this may be the three best modern 16-bit games I've played.
  • Thief (reboot) - Also finished this today, and it was far, far worse than critics even said it was. Sluggish, dull, grey, bland, atrocious story, repetitive mechanics, ridiculous A.I., boring upgrades. It's a big pile o' shit. 1/5
  • Black Mesa (HL1 Remake) - Half-way through, and it's impressed me so much. It puts the '90s classic right alongside HL2 on a technical level, much like my memory already had, but to see it all brought to new life whilst retaining the same flair and atmosphere has been thrilling and reignited my passion for it. So glad to be playing, finally; never finished the last chapter (I know it's not finished yet). 5/5
  • Kentucky Route Zero - This is a wonderfully weird thing, huh? I love the surreal imagery paired with the sharp and characterful dialogue, and the writing overall. I'd put this up there with Oxenfree in that sense, though the similarities are few. This is more minimal, with tinges of Lynch and neo-noir sensibilities. Right up my alley. 4/5
  • FEAR: Extraction Point - I was informed this DLC was even better than the main campaign, which is a blatant lie, but other than that, it's pretty good. The Alma scares have been very weak, but the action is fiery as ever. Intense and satisfying combat zones aplenty. 3.5/5
  • Lego City Undercover - Love the LEGO interpretation of San Francisco. The abilities are pretty creative so far (chapter 10). My fave is the farmer disguise, he holds up a chicken like a tommy gun and shoots eggs, and can glide off rooftops by holding onto its feet. The main draw was the '70s cop show vibes, and it nails it, even if the humour hits as often as it misses. When it hits, it really tickles me, though. It's all over the place, but I'm enjoying it. 3.5/5
  • Bioshock 2 Remastered - Won't go into detail, but I forgot how much I liked the sequel. It's . . . great? The graphical touch-up it's received is surprisingly striking, also, even in 2019. 4/5
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#60 Posted by cikame (2947 posts) -

Future Cop: L.A.P.D

I only ever played the demo on PC, so i'm happy to be finally diving in to the spiritual end of the Strike series.
I couldn't get it working on PC, and certain emulators couldn't unscale the game without glitches, but i finally got it working flawlessly, 4x the resolution and widescreen, it's awesome.

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#61 Posted by iamwongchen (7 posts) -

Has anyone played the game on VR(Virtual Reality) or AR(Augmented Reality). Try it sometimes, well these days i'm playing night of the undead in VR and it is so amazing. Sometimes it feels like your not playing game, its happening. The graphics, sound everything is so amazing.

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#62 Posted by Shindig (4984 posts) -

Finally dove deep into Bully. I've not long ditched the classroom schedule but a nice side effect of that structure is how short the missions are. It's quickly developing into one of my Rockstar favourites.

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#63 Posted by Sidebot (22 posts) -

@cikame: such an underrated gem. Played so much of this as a kid, especially the co-op mode.

I just finished Dark Souls 2 for the first time. Bought it new for PS3 when it first came out and didn't like it. Bought the Scholer of the First Sins on PS4 and wow, was I wrong about this game. Still love Demon's and Dark 1 more but Dark Souls 2 is a special game that deserves love.

Aaaand now I'm getting back into Spelunky as another game I never did beat or get good at.

Also Sniper Elite 4 as a PSPlus game is awesome, playing a lot of that now, it's a blast.

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#64 Posted by infinity_thor (125 posts) -

Lot of Madden lately and really liking it. First time I'm really getting into one in a couple years and I've missed some football. Dabbling in MUT and rolling in my franchises.

Also playing some forza horizon 4 and overwatch. Hope to get on a Sims kick again soon.

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#65 Edited by Bane (927 posts) -

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I finished the main mission and all of the side missions if my empty mission log is to be believed. I suspect there's at least one more side mission that'll unlock an NPC as a wingman, though. It just hasn't popped up yet.

The game does a lot of things right until you get the top tier ship. Once you have no more need for credits it kind of falls apart. At least it did for me when I decided to focus on the story. I had no more need for most of the game's content. Trading commodities, the mission boards, distress signals, exploration - all of it got shelved.

The game became a loading screen simulator as I traveled as quickly as possible between story beats. Travel through seven systems to get to the mission giver (who all insist on meeting face-to-face for no good reason), talk for 15 seconds, travel through three systems to fight some guys, travel three systems back, talk for 10 seconds, mission over. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

10-20 minutes of travel, 5 minutes of combat, 30 seconds of story. The game is not good when it's played this way. If you decide to play this game, which I still believe you should, I highly recommend you don't take the same path I did.

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#66 Posted by Gundato (361 posts) -

Grabbed DMC5 (not to be confused with the good one, DmC) on gamepass and had a lot of fun. Up to what looks like the final V mission and I don't know if I am going to finish it. I LOVE playing as Nero and really enjoy (lame) Dante but V just feels bad. Maybe I am missing something or not understanding some of his mechanics well, but every fight just boils down to feeling like I am spamming normals until I can Devil Trigger because none of his specials are that useful or flow well.

Tried The Surge again and rage quit pretty hard over the horrible opening areas. Might give that another go, but I think I am more likely to just install Dark Souls 1 or 2 and do another run of that.

And on the side I am doing a nice mix of Satisfactory (NUCLEAR POWER!!!) and Tales of Maj'Eyal to varying degrees.

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#67 Posted by chaser324 (8718 posts) -

@gundato:I just finished DMCV last weekend, and I had the same problem with it.

I enjoyed playing as both Nero and Dante, but playing as V was simply not fun. I also just generally wasn't a fan of the forced character switching from mission to mission - it made it tough to really get things dialed in with any one character.

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#68 Posted by Gundato (361 posts) -

@chaser324: I think that definitely doesn't help.

I think if I had a game full of lame-Dante I would be in love. Switching styles mid-combo is great and I love that the different weapons have more variety and flow than just about any previous DMC (maybe not DmC, but it is a close bet). But since I only started playing as him maybe an hour ago I am mostly sticking to one or two styles and not bothering to swap weapons as much. If only because I have limited orbs and don't know who they are going to make me play as next.

Contrast that with Nero who has a MUCH simpler moveset, but I managed to learn his B&Bs pretty fast and I can control a room pretty easily as him. And it has been a long standing complaint of mine that the DMC games tend to build movesets around the weapon, rather than the character. So if you want to play Dante correctly there is a fair amount of impedance mismatching to deal with and you tend to learn one or two transitions. Nero only really has the one weapon which means they had time to focus a lot more on different ways to use him.

Still, I am the one person who really enjoyed RE6's casual co-op aspects. I don't like having "And Starring: Weedsmoker420_JustBlzeIt-XxX" on my screen the entire time and have no recollection of ever even seeing one of those players. But the idea of going for that in a spectacle fighter makes me mostly overlook the inability to really get comfortable with anyone.

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#69 Posted by FacelessVixen (2702 posts) -

Far Cry 5.

@bane: So on a Freelancer scale of 1 to 10, 1 being "not very much like Freelancer", and a 10 being "it's better than Freelancer", how much is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw like Freelancer?

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#70 Posted by Bane (927 posts) -

@facelessvixen: Hmm, it's been a long time since I've played Freelancer, but I think a 6 or 7 sounds about right.

The overall framework is about the same. Go to the bars to talk with people and gather info. Trade commodities. Take missions from the mission boards. Go mining. All of that is so you can increase your wealth to buy equipment to improve your ship or buy a new ship altogether.

RGO adds in a cockpit view which I don't think Freelancer had? I don't remember using it if it did. RGO also benefits from many years of game engine development so surely it's technically superior. RGO requires way too much travel though. Way too much. Also the incentive to engage with the various activities goes off a cliff once you no longer need money. I don't remember those two things happening in Freelancer.

Freelancer has a lot more ships, like two or three times as many. Possibly more equipment also, I can't remember. I think Freelancer was better at exploration. I remember you could find powerful, experimental equipment for your ship if you looked hard enough. In RGO all you'll find is commodities you can sell which is boring and not worth the effort.

So yeah. It's Freelancer with an improved engine. As long as you don't short circuit your progression by mining your way to riches and buying the best ship before you leave the starting system it should be a good ride.

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#71 Posted by sakesushi (32 posts) -

I'm on that FE: Three Houses train, rollin' with Golden Deer for my first playthrough and planning on playing through the other two houses. So yeah, this'll be my main game for a while. Also throwing up Pyre whenever baby gives Mommy and Daddy a minute to ourselves, though for as fantastic as the game's world, characters, and atmosphere are, I kinda hate the actual gameplay itself. Doesn't feel good at all, and I don't anticipate anything new being introduced helping my case out.

My wife loves FMV games, so I'm super interested in both Telling Lies and Erica. I loved Her Story and have heard good things about both games in general, so I think it would be a fun surprise for the two of us to check out!

I'm also finally swirling ideas in my head for a Mario Maker level, so hopefully I can have something for Ben and Dan to check out (if I can tear myself away from FE, that is).

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#72 Posted by nutter (2394 posts) -

I finally beat Yakuza Kiwami (it was fucking great) and have downloaded Kiwami 2.

I also downloaded Control, which I hope to sink some time into this weekend.

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#73 Posted by nutter (2394 posts) -

Managed to squeeze in about an hour of Control tonight...seems pretty cool, so far!

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#74 Posted by PhilipDuck (762 posts) -

Haha with the lack of games i'm interested in right now i'm awaiting Gears 5 and currently playing through Dead Space (again) on backwards compat on Xbone and standard Apex Legends for an hour each night on Ps4.. just passing the time for the Q4 releases.

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#75 Posted by Thegoldfether (8 posts) -

i've been regularly playing War Thunder for the last year. I just finished Doom and Wolfenstein 2 and now i'm onto Metro Exodus,

as far as old games i'm catch up on i started playing Middle earth Shadow of War Last night to make a video review for it

Shadow of War: $10 latter

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#76 Posted by psmgamer (128 posts) -

Been playing Marvel's Spiderman on PS4. It's really good and I am having a blast playing it. About 60% done with it, story is just amazing and I really can't put it down.

Beat Gears of War Judgement since I had gotten Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3 and Gears of War Judgement a few years from playing Gears of War Ultimate Edition online. Overall it was alright though I played it on easy mode, a bit short though I died a ton near the end of the final boss. I started Aftermath and am almost done with that.

Gears of War 4, I started playing it in preparation for Gears of War 5. It's fun and looks amazing on Xbox One, I am terrible at the online horde mode even on the easiest difficulty setting. I haven't been keeping up with the franchise since Gears of War 2. I never was a diehard Gears of War fan when the series started.

Since I got Xbox Game Pass I downloaded Super Lucky's Tale. It's a fun game though I find it a bit challenging when you play the 2D levels. You play as a fox named Lucky who looks like Tails from Sonic, he even sounds like Tails. Played through a few of the worlds and it really feels like the type of game I would have enjoyed if I was a kid. I just wish that the controls were a bit tighter as I miss a few jumps when doing the platforming.

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#77 Posted by psmgamer (128 posts) -
@bane said:

I missed out on the Halo series. It's always been a pretty big gap on my gaming record. I was looking for something to play and decided to try The Master Chief Collection on Game Pass.

I played through Halo 1-3. They aren't good. Maybe they were 12+ years ago, but not now. They feel like Bungie didn't even bother to try balancing them. There are way too many situations with too many enemies, and too many ways to be one-hit killed. Or maybe game design has changed since then. Or maybe I'm just getting too old for that shit.

Then I wondered why I was playing them and the answer was: the story. That's all I really cared about.

So I played Halo 4 on easy and it was awesome. It has more story beats, better level design, fun weapons, and it was the first Halo that felt like a modern game. It's peak Halo in my opinion.

Halo 5 is also on Game Pass so I played that too. I think it's mechanically superior to 4, but the story isn't as good. I somehow missed a key event when Fireteam Osiris' mission changed from apprehend to rescue which muddled the back half of the story a bit.

I'll probably get around to ODST and Reach later. Maybe after Reach is added to the MCC later this year.

Overall I'm glad I filled in that gap.

I need to play The Master Chief Collection, it's always been on my gaming list as I never got into series though have played a little bit of the first three games, ODST and Reach. I am just thinking that the series might not hold up as well as I really sucked at it back then. I always hated how you died so easily and enemies appearing out of nowhere.