What are your December catch-up games?

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#51 Posted by The_Grindilow (531 posts) -

I'm still catching up from previous years, maybe by this time 2019 I will be finishing up some more of 2018's games! I've used the post Red Dead lull to get through South Park - The Fractures but Whole. I found it very funny and entertaining, although the turn based combat does start to get a little stale towards the end of the game when it turns in to epic battle after epic battle. NExt on my list is to finally check out Titanfall 2. I've heard it's actually a pretty good game and I've been saving it for a barren spell, so now is the time. Looking forward to checking out the multiplayer (hopefully there are still people there!).

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#52 Edited by avantegardener (2378 posts) -

Red Dead 2 - 46% complete

God of War - 1% complete

Destiny DLC - 1% complete

Spider Man - 0% complete

Obra Din - 0% complete

Plus a pile from last year, Origins, Hollow Night..


On the Plus side

Wedding - 100% complete

New Job - 100% complete

College Post Grad - 79% complete

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#53 Posted by slaughts (110 posts) -

Currently it's God of War, Obra Dinn, Spider-Man DLC, and Celeste for me.

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#54 Posted by The_Greg (543 posts) -

Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Got it for £30 yesterday and managed to get a couple of hours in. I've never really liked AC but this one caught my eye when it was announced, I just didn't want to pay full price. Anyway, enjoyed what I've seen. It's not mind-blowing or anything.

I'd like to play Pillars of Eternity 2. I loved the first one (never finished it) and I'd love to grab this one on sale.

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#55 Edited by Nodima (2622 posts) -

Well, thanks to the Game Awards sale, I finally bit the bullet on Celeste and Dead Cells. These are the sorts of games I tend to really, really appreciate but lack the skill to finish. For example, before I put Rogue Legacy down I'd reached level 172 and still hadn't beaten the blob boss. Later finding out that a lot of the game's players consider the game beatable at half that level / died half as much as me was an eye opener for sure. I dropped Super Meat Boy somewhere in the third chapter after spending an hour on a level.

So, Celeste honestly isn't really my genre from an expertise standpoint. And I might already be indefinitely stuck on a very vertical screen on my way to the suite on level 3; I know I'm near the end of the level, but I worry about what's up next. The music has been incredible and I've really enjoyed the writing, so if I do get stuck there at least I can thank that sale for allowing me a brief window into Jeff's mindset when he told Ben he "really should play Celeste" in anticipation of GotY deliberations. I can tell this is very much a Jeff/Dan game, whether the story winds up being any good or not. Hopefully I can push past, but I've set the game aside for a bit.

Dead Cells, on the other hand...I can tell this is already scratching my Bloodborne itch, which was the rare twitch action game in recent memory that not only earned my absolute admiration but I found a kinship with and was able to reckon with fully. I haven't beaten that game, either, but that's more due to other things having taken up the space it occupied and already knowing the score regarding the final string of bosses thanks to Aegon of Astoria's Let's Talk Lore series. I will finish that game someday; I may restart it on the run that I do so on. But I am glad to have started playing Dead Cells, and I am excited to see what loot may come. Of all the variables set against my otherwise super meat and potatoes picks of either God of War or Red Dead Redemption for many, many GotY categories, I've only played Dead Cells for thirty minutes so far and I can already agree with any placement the staff settles on!

@rorie Mr. Shifty is $2 on PSN this week, do you play it with a controller? At that price, I'm very willing to play your Game of the Decade if it plays nice with a DualShock.

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#56 Posted by TheWildCard (698 posts) -

Just Dragon Quest XI. I've been driving hard on it this week. Luckily it's picked up a lot of steam and definitely been able to sustain long sessions. It'll end up high in my GOTY list. Doesn't look like I'll finish Valkyria Chronicles 4 this year, but I've played enough of it to be "eligible" imo.

Also picked up Celeste from a recent sale. Probably not going to finish it though, not really my cup of tea.

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#57 Posted by haneybd87 (396 posts) -

I’m really trying to finish RDR2 before the GOTY podcasts hit but this game seems endless. I’ve only been doing story/stranger stuff and I must have put 50 hours in by now and I’m just starting chapter 6. I must have another 30 to go.

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#58 Posted by mrfluke (6102 posts) -

Red Dead, Hitman 2, Spyro remastered trilogy are the last big outstanding ones for me

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#59 Edited by JoeDangerous (603 posts) -

Good luck with Div2 Rorie that's a monster of a catch up! Looks enticing.

I'm all caught up now that Smash Ultimate and Persona: Endless Night Collection has dropped. Feels good to have a pretty solidified list with weeks to spare :)

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#60 Posted by sub_o (1159 posts) -

I finally completed God of War, what a ride. It immediately shot up to the top 3 of my list. Planning to tackle Spiderman next, and maybe Shibuya Scramble.

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#61 Posted by Captain_Insano (3525 posts) -

I dropped off of RDR2 and AC: Odyssey - I will go back to those at some point.

I've been working through Spiderman. That's a pretty fun open world.

PUBG is starting to pull me back in, and I think I'm going to have a go at some Total War again

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#62 Posted by nutter (2206 posts) -

@sub_o: Finally got to Spiderman and it was fun and whimsical. Not difficult at all, just varied enough, nice story.

I’m early on in God of War, and the more I play it the more it feels like it’ll be number one this year.

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#63 Posted by sub_o (1159 posts) -

@nutter said:

@sub_o: Finally got to Spiderman and it was fun and whimsical. Not difficult at all, just varied enough, nice story.

I’m early on in God of War, and the more I play it the more it feels like it’ll be number one this year.

I just got past the part where you can craft suit, and I am just spending time getting to all the towers and collecting bags. The traversal is fun, but the combat, especially when there are brutes, can be too difficult to me.

As for God of War, the combat is good especially after purchasing newer skills, and in some weird way kinda reminded me of DmC. The characters can be annoying at times (Atreus), but that's because I find kids annoying, but the overall story is well written, enough intrigue, and makes me interested in the next installment of GoW.

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#64 Posted by haneybd87 (396 posts) -

The only thing I’m really worried about catching up on before goty is Red Dead 2 but after that my library is wide open and I’ll probably play a whole bunch of different things without any worry of having to finish them by a certain time.

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#65 Posted by BoboBones (275 posts) -

I want to check out Gris, Celest, God of War and Donut County.

The problem is I’m still enthralled with Tetris, I’m trying to finish Spider-Man, and I havn’t played nearly enough Hitman 2. Super Smash has dominated all my gaming time, and really slowed down my year end catch up.

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#66 Posted by Twinsun (819 posts) -

I have been going through a bunch of indie games that I had missed throughout the year, or that recently came out. I just finished GRIS and Donut County, and I'm now playing Dead Cells and Forgotton Anne.

Other than that I want to get back to Spyro, Thronebreaker and Dragon Quest XI.

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#67 Posted by nutter (2206 posts) -

@sub_o: Spiderman Tip: Web brutes until they’re tied-up, then do that swing kick move. If they hit a wall, they’re done. If they hit the ground, web them again until the web coats the ground and they’ll be done.

If you’re near a ledge, just swing kick them off...they MAY need to be tied-up with web first, I don’t recall.

God of War...as a parent, and someone who volunteers with kids, I think they nailed Atreus. I think that relationship is great and rings true.

I thought the game was too hard at first, but I was making Souls-style exploration mistakes, fighting purples, struggling, and finding the main journey super easy afterwards. I learned...

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#68 Posted by soulcake (2813 posts) -

I really wanna finish DQ & Thronebreaker.

but me buying Pathfinder kingmaker probably isn't gonna help.

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#69 Edited by StoneyBologna (24 posts) -

I’m almost finished w Celeste and RDR2 is just now ‘clicking’ w me. I still haven’t had that amazing moment w it yet like so many others have had, but I am enjoying playing it.

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#70 Posted by qrdl (444 posts) -