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I'm still catching up from previous years, maybe by this time 2019 I will be finishing up some more of 2018's games! I've used the post Red Dead lull to get through South Park - The Fractures but Whole. I found it very funny and entertaining, although the turn based combat does start to get a little stale towards the end of the game when it turns in to epic battle after epic battle. NExt on my list is to finally check out Titanfall 2. I've heard it's actually a pretty good game and I've been saving it for a barren spell, so now is the time. Looking forward to checking out the multiplayer (hopefully there are still people there!).

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#52 Edited by avantegardener (2348 posts) -

Red Dead 2 - 46% complete

God of War - 1% complete

Destiny DLC - 1% complete

Spider Man - 0% complete

Obra Din - 0% complete

Plus a pile from last year, Origins, Hollow Night..


On the Plus side

Wedding - 100% complete

New Job - 100% complete

College Post Grad - 79% complete