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This is the slow season for major new game releases. So what have you been playin? XBox just had the summer of arcade and all the gaming media types are talking about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comparing it to Braid and Journey (former indie game darlings). Also Steam just had it's annual Steam Sale. So what are you playing? Are you deep into your back catalog or just taking the summer off?

Besides hours of Borderlands 2, I've been playing two tower defense games, oddly enough not on the iPad but on the XBox and on Steam. On the 360 I'm playing Defense Grid. On Steam I'm playing Prime World: Defenders. Defense Grid is available on Steam but I got it for free with XBox Live Gold. I'm kinda stuck near the end of the first campaign on it but it seems cool enough and I purchased the Portal expansion (good work Microsoft giving away a free game and marketing DLC for it). Prime World: Defenders is a tower defense game with cards that you earn and can "buy" with coins you earn from playing. Shockingly there are no micro transactions in the game. You upgrade your towers by collecting and combining cards. It's a pretty good tower defense game. Speaking of collectable cards, the other game I'm playing is Magic the Gathering 2013 on the ipad. If you're hooked on that crack you know what I'm talking about.. Also various other iPad games not worth mentioning here. Oh, and I broke out Saints Row the Third on the XBox 360 today in anticipation of GTA V.

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Just doing my yearly (if not more often then that) playthrough of old id games. Doom is so fucking good. It ain't right.

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Do you not know of this week!? Its Carmegaddon Game-a-thon 2014, it all begins and all ends with this week! The bucks figuratively stop here and literally goes to my local game store. Thanks CM Punk!

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Been playing Payday 2...

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I've been playing a handful of games that are a little more drop in/drop out as opposed to a fully immersive experience.

  • Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
  • Super Puzzle Platformer
  • Don't Starve
  • Shadowrun Returns
  • Rogue Legacy
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I'm playing that Sonic RPG. Because I hate myself.

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Been playing Last of Us multiplayer on and off since it's release. Just got into Metro: Last Light and like it a lot. Lastly, I checked out that game Save The Date (which was featured on Worth Playing this past week) for about an hour and loved it.

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I recently finished Fire Emblem: Awakening, so I'm busy writing up a blog about that.

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I've stepped away from gaming for a little while, so for the past few weeks I've been playing the ES2 and EXS24 in Logic. Baby steps, but envelopes and filters are quite fun.

And since Mark of the Ninja took away my S-rank I picked up its DLC, and I'll probably clean that up fairly soon. Maybe even resume my game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown if I can summon the courage.

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I just finished Gone Home, truly enjoyable game. Other than that I picked up the GTA complete pack on greenmangaming for $12 so I was messing around with some GTA4 on PC since I played in on 360 back in the day.

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This was my last week before school so I crammed it with Forza Horizon, Skyrim, Metroid Prime, and even played some Baldur's Gate 2 despite knowing nothing about AD&D. On the upcoming Giantbomb Community Podcast, I talk some about the first three.

Probably going to keep playing those games, but at a far slower rate come Tuesday.

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I got Disney Infinity, just bought the starter pack. The game is fun, it's basically a combination of Minecraft/LBP/Skylanders.

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Finished DuckTales Remastered. Fun game. Gonna start Hard Mode tonight. Getting ready for that Divekick action on Tuesday.

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I've been playing a handful of games that are a little more drop in/drop out as opposed to a fully immersive experience.

  • Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
  • Super Puzzle Platformer
  • Don't Starve
  • Shadowrun Returns
  • Rogue Legacy

The drop in/drop out aspect is exactly why I've been playin the tower defense games. I Just finished Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes for the second time on the iPad. (First time was on the XBox). It seems like that game is made for a touch screen although the interface can be a bit clunky.

I need to play Rogue Legacy, I picked that up on the Steam Sale along with Rues, Mark of the Ninja, Giana Sisters, Van Helsing and GTA 4 (with both DLCs). So far I've only Installed Rues and played through the tutorial.

Steam sale is strong with the voodoo! They always get me to shell out money for games that I never play... But they do look nice in the collection..

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I've been playing a bit of Saints Row the Third since I got it with all the DLC (the Third is the perfect example of DLC done wrong) and a bit of SMT4 as well. I really need to commit to SMT or I'll end up putting it on the wayside like dozens of other JRPGs. It's weird, I used to be able to play long ass 80 hour RPGs without much trouble and now I find myself putting them on hold a lot.

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These things called video games and with myself.

Seriously though:

  • Beyond Good & Evil HD - Seems pretty good. I'm 4 hours in.
  • Soul Sacrifice - This games bosses are fucking hard.
  • Dokuro - I'm on and off with this. Thanks PS+
  • Runner2 - Got this last Tuesday from PS+ and beat the first world. Will go back soon.

My brother bought Dead Space 3 yesterday and we were going to play but my PS3 is being a dickhole and it won't install big games so I don't think I'll be able to play it. Will have to keep redownloading.

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Bought a 3DS XL the other month, and I've been playing very little console games since, to put it that way.

Ocarina of Time 3D: Finished it last week, first Zelda game I've ever beaten (even though I own like 5). Really liked it. Fun fact: the Water Temple was my favorite dungeon after the Spirit Temple.

Fire Emblem Awakening: Halfway through it I think. Haven't played it lately because Lon'Qu died and he was my favorite :(

Animal Crossing: God damn, this is one addictive game. Kind of sick of how long everything takes, and the small inventory limit, but still great fun.

Super Mario 3D Land: Beat the first 8 worlds, about halfway through the 'Special' stages. Hate the fact that you need the starcoins to progress, but otherwise absolutely fantastic.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: I'm liking the story, but I'm only finding maybe 1/3 of the puzzles interesting.

The only console game I have been playing is The Last of Us, which I finished a few days ago. Great ending, but the game went on for a bit longer than I would have preferred.

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#18 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

@jk3107 said:

Fire Emblem Awakening: Halfway through it I think. Haven't played it lately because Lon'Qu died and he was my favorite :(

Are you saying that you've been letting your units die? That you haven't been resetting after even one death? Because you're totally supposed to reset whenever a character dies. That's the Fire Emblem way.

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I bought and downloaded Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 on the Wii U last night/this morning (it's a large download) and started playing it. Again. After I already beat the PS3 version earlier this year. Why? Because it's a fun game, I received the PS3 version via download code, and felt like supporting it with money.

Also, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Cannot break away from that game!

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#20 Posted by MightyDuck (1848 posts) -

After months of a friend telling me to pick it up, I finally bought Borderlands 2 for $19.99 from Amazon. I'm actually really enjoying the game when playing cooperatively.

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#21 Posted by Giantstalker (2294 posts) -

Battlefield 3, Planetside 2, Company of Heroes 2. War games is the best games.

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Played pretty much nothing but Tales of Xillia this past week, since I know I won't be able to play much starting tomorrow. About 45 hours in now and I feel like I still have quite a bit to go, story wise probably only another 10 hours or so, but I do as much as I can in games and this is one of the first games in a while that I want to get to max level and do every side thing I can. Also I still need to play as the other main character through his side of the story so I will probably be playing that game for another month.

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#23 Posted by Cathryn (584 posts) -

Actually, this summer's been pretty good to me so far. August, in particular, is shaping up to be pretty awesome. Recently I've enjoyed:

  • Shin Megami Tensei IV (taking a break from it right now, but it's pretty awesome)
  • Tales of Xillia (finished a few days ago)
  • Gone Home

Right now am also totally looking forward to Hate Plus (sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story) and Sweet Fuse, both of which will be out before the end of August. I almost feel spoiled. I'm also thinking about picking up Brothers, but I think I might leave it until a bit later in the year when I'm not so swamped with new stuff I'm interested in.

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#24 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

The Waiting Game, for GTA 5. Nothing in between.

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Just finished Metro: Last Light after letting sit around for a few months. It did not grab me like the first one.

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#26 Posted by AlexW00d (7479 posts) -

The whole "slow release" thing is a crock of shit; unless all you play are the big budget sequels and rehashes, there are good games out all year long.

As for what I am playing? A mixture of Europa Universalis 4, Payday 2, and Dota, with the occasional thing sprinkled in for variety.

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@arbitrarywater said:

I'm playing that Sonic RPG. Because I hate myself.

At this point, I'm convinced you play games solely to write weird blogs about them. And I'm OK with that.

Anyway, how is Devil Survivor going? I remember you mentioning you were playing it in that "difficulty spike" thread, and you're one of maybe 5 users who writes enough interesting blogs and/or generally good forum posts that I remember what you say.

Getting back to the thread topic, I've been playing:

  • Another World, maybe like 3 weeks ago. That game is super rad, and really imaginative, and it's pretty impressive how it can be so evocative with no spoken dialogue. I can see why it immediately had a cult following once it came out.
  • Antichamber, about 2 weeks ago. Really cool puzzles, though I did look up one or two of the ones I was stumped on, and I feel fine about that; I may not have ever thought to try the solution. Really mindbending, and I recommend it.
  • Papers, Please, which I played a shitload of, and got an S-rank in. That game is just so damn good. It does a great job of tasking you with upholding this stupid bureaucracy, and puts you in some interesting moral quandaries, and has a bunch of different endings.
  • Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds, which I played enough of to realize that FUCK THAT MODE. To its credit, the first arena is A) not a murdermachine, and B) has blue ribbons that are actually possible. Every arena after that is complete horseshit. They pull some map editor dickery where on some waves the skyrails are just gone (which is (bioshock) infinitely less fun), or sometimes the whole wave will take place 100 feet above the actual arena, on a series of mini-airship things all touching each other. I don't like wave-based survival where they change the map every fucking time so I have to relearn where the fuck I have access to while also being shot at by 10 armed assholes. Also, you can take all the health and shield upgrades in the world, but it doesn't matter because the difficulty is locked to Hard and you die in like 2 seconds of being anywhere near any of the stronger enemies (rocket launcher guys, grenade launcher guys, waves of 2 Handymen, waves of like 4+ Firemen, etc.). The new Voxaphones are alright, and elaborate a tiny little bit on Fink stealing tech from other dimensions, the Songbird, etc. But I feel like the game still never justifies why the fuck Firemen exist or what they even are.
  • The Swapper, just a couple days ago. The atmosphere in that game is so good. Great audio, really enhancing the solitary experience in space. I love the look of your character's space suit, and all the parts of the ship look really cool, thanks to everything being either claymation or real-world objects, plus all the visual filters and depth of field they put on stuff. The puzzles are tricky, but no puzzle ever has so many moving parts or switches to keep track of that it's overwhelming. If Dead Space was pretty much the Event Horizon of sci-fi games (a B-movie horror story), The Swapper is more like the 2001: A Space Odyssey of sci-fi games (classy sci-fi story of man is stepping beyond his bounds and encountering something much older than humanity).
  • Spelunky, semiconstantly. Man, apparently I've learned nothing from The Binding of Isaac and FTL. Or rather, death comes so much swifter in Spelunky once you get sloppy for even a couple seconds near hazards. All those times I made fun of Brad for his impatience on Spelunky streams, and I'm JUST as impatient whenever I die stupidly, and then I mash on the respawn button because I'm so determined to do better. I've made it to the Jungle several times and recently finished the shortcut to the Jungle, and that's after about 4 hours of playtime. But I still routinely die near the end of the Mines due to stupidity.
  • Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition DLC, earlier today. The text commentary is neat. The new mission with Dosan is pretty cool, though Dosan himself is kind of like hard mode. His takedowns are nonlethal knockouts, so other guards can find those guys and wake them up (technically better than the stealth suit, which has no takedowns at all). Time doesn't stop while he is aiming his daggers/items (the might suit in the main game does this as well). And he doesn't get that farsight ability that turns everything neon and let's you see traps and enemies (this is bullshit, every other suit gets that, but I guess that's because Dosan doesn't have the special tattoo to give him heightened senses). His only real buff is that he has double item capacity (I didn't check all items, but it seems to always be double), so you can item fools left and right if you want. The two new items are neat, though I like the attack item more than the distraction item. The distraction item is kinda too much like the upgraded smoke bomb, but the attack item is really powerful. And both Dosan and the new items can be used in the original campaign, though I already played it once and then again on New Game +, so I only went back and played one old mission with Dosan. Overall, it's worth getting if you really liked Mark of the Ninja.

Oh god, someone please read any of that stuff I just wrote.

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#28 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

Rogue Legacy and Ni No Kuni. I'm burning out on both of these pretty quickly though. Played Gone Home on Friday night. That was a pleasant distraction from the general grindiness of the other two games.

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#29 Posted by RonGalaxy (4688 posts) -

I'm not really playing anything at the moment. Was playing VLR up until a week ago (might go back to that). I'm waiting for spelunky for vita (which should be coming out this month). I'm also very tempted to replay dishonored.

After that, I'm really just waiting to get my hands on GTAV.

Oh yeah, recently played papers please. I got through the games 31 days with my job intact, and also saw what happens when you escape the country. All in all, it ended up taking 10 hours to get that stuff, so I'll probably just leave it at that (even though there are more endings to get). Amazing game, one of the best of the year, but it's not a try to see and do everything type of game.

The biggest games on my backlog are Rayman Origins and Kentucky Route Zero.

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#30 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

Playing some Okami HD and NFS Most wanted 2012. Also a bit of Max payne 3 multiplayer.

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#31 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (2693 posts) -

I finally got around to finishing up Skyrim. I had played about 100 hours around release and did finish the main quest and a few of the other major questlines, but hadn't played it much since. Now I am completely done with the game, having found every location, completed all questlines, all daedric quests, all side quests, and played all the DLC. Little did I know back in 2011 that the 105 hours I put in back then would be less than half of my final playtime in the game.

I have also been playing FTL in short bursts, been doing some BF3 multiplayer with my brother now that I have the PC version (thanks humble bundle), and I am just starting The Witcher back up after not having played it in a while (about 10 hours in). I like The Witcher, but it's a little rough around the edges, and honestly I just want to finish it so I can finally play The Witcher 2.

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#32 Posted by WrinklyDinosaur (501 posts) -

University is ramping up for me, so I am contenting myself with abstracted games of Isaac and LoL

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#33 Posted by Matt_F606 (351 posts) -

Animal crossing (I can stop any time I want!), The new Mario & Luigi RPG, XCOM EU, FTL and just waiting for Spelunky to come to vita.

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#34 Posted by Capum15 (5695 posts) -

Guild Wars 2, Company of Heroes 2, and Persona 4 on a New Game+.

Got my Engineer up to 80, getting through the campaign in CoH2, and I one-shot the Yukiko dungeon boss with a buffed up Yoshitsune.

And now I just kind of want to sleep for a good...18ish hours until Saints 4 unlocks.

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#35 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2537 posts) -

@bigsteve33: Clash of Heroes is so much fun, such a great combat system. I'd really love Capy to bust out a sequel one day or even just a spiritual successor if they don't want to deal with the M&M folks, I imagine that license is probably a difficult thing to negotiate. I have a version on my Galaxy S3 and the touch controls are pretty frustrating a lot of the time but I imagine the ipad version is much better purely because of the screen size. I've played the game on Xbox, PC, & Mobile and I think PC has been the most ideal so far, though the interface is a bit better on the mobile version.

Rogue Legacy is great if you want something you can just play without too much worry. It's such a slow grind (or at least it's been for me) that you don't mind dying so often because it's all about the long game as opposed to the short bursts. A lot of fun and some really cool ideas but I can absolutely see why it frustrates so many people. I think you have to be okay with very gradual progression to enjoy that game.

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I just got Animal Crossing this weekend. Looking forward to more of it opening up as it's a slow start. Also I got the Streetpass home relay thing working that they mentioned on the Bombcast, so I've been messing around with that, but probably not going to buy the new games. I bought Pikmin 3 as well but only played through the tutorial so far.

On Steam, thanks to the summer sale and/or trading cards, I've been playing: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Q.U.B.E., Hotline Miami, Offspring Fling, Fez, Kairo, and McPixel. I started Papers Please when it was released but heard it had a major bug with the ending (since been fixed to my knowledge) so I put it on hold, but I haven't gone back to it yet.

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#37 Posted by Firepaw (3053 posts) -

I've been playing Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour, Age of Empires 3 The Asian Dynasties, the new Dishonored DLC, oh, and Medal of Honor Allied Assault (plus Breakthrough and Spearhead expansions), and I guess some World of Warcraft.

Besides that I have been playing a little Prototype 2, tried to play some Darksiders 2 so I could finally complete it (but failed) and... that is pretty much it. Waiting for Splinter Cell and Saints Row 4 on Friday.

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#38 Posted by SMTDante89 (2885 posts) -

Just finished Ducktales Remastered a few days ago. Been playing Tales of Xillia whenever I have some free time away from RA Training and check-in of residents which basically came to an end yesterday. Got a little further in Hotline Miami as well. Once my copy of Saints Row IV comes in though, that's where most of my gaming time is going for a while.

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#39 Posted by mindgarden418 (92 posts) -

I've put about 10 hours or so into Papers Please. It is really good.

Replaying STALKER Call of Pripyat and finishing off Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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#40 Posted by ShaggE (8394 posts) -

Defense Grid, Steel Storm, and finally finishing up LA Noire.

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#41 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2484 posts) -

Playing Crackdown since it became free for Xbox Live users. I still enjoy that game all these years later which I'm glad and it's made me realize that I would like a Crackdown 3 despite that lazy sequel Ruffian gave us in 2010.

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#42 Posted by Verendus (363 posts) -

Battlefield 3 and Final Fantasy XIV beta.

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Battlefield 3 and Burnout Paradise.

BF3's campaign turned out to be just as bad as everyone made it out to be, but the multiplayer's effing awesome. Don't care for the web interface, though.

Burnout Paradise is doing a superb job at scratching that classic Burnout itch, and I'm spending my time here at work wishing I was at home playing it.

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#44 Posted by Verendus (363 posts) -

@itwongo: I salute you for even finishing the campaign, I have 700ish hours of multiplayer playtime and I couldn't force myself to play campaign more than first 2 missions.

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@bisonhero: I'm on the 5th day of Devil Survivor, and that's going alright. It's starting to get into weird pseudo-religious nonsense and one of my friends is probably going to get killed, so it's a Shin Megami Tensei game. The tactical element is a bit undercooked, for as great as SMT-style RPG combat is, there's not a whole lot of emphasis on positioning and the only reason you need high movement is to make sure that NPCs aren't murdered. Also I read that entire thing.

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Female renegade playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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#47 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

I finished Sleeping Dogs a few days ago. The only thing I liked about it was the melee combat, I probably should have gave up a long time ago and not forced myself to finish it.

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#48 Edited by HandsomeMuffin (117 posts) -

Playing through GTA4 for the first time but with the hotline miami soundtrack on the radio. Makes it amazing.

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#49 Posted by BisonHero (10497 posts) -

@arbitrarywater: Yeah, you're right, the tactical element only matters when there's a weak-ass allied NPC you have to protect. Otherwise, most of your parties should be Donnel-level overpowered, and it kinda doesn't matter how many enemies gang up on you because you'll have a decent mix of attack spells and healing to exploit weaknesses and keep yourself alive. The only time the tactics really come into play in most missions is when you're trying to crack certain skills, and you don't want some enemy group to get obliterated by the wrong party member. And after a while, you'll have cracked most of the common abilities.

But yeah, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the final day, and whether I'm a big baby for thinking it's so hard and not wanting to specifically craft a bunch of counterdemons to fight the boss that was giving me trouble.

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#50 Posted by 71Ranchero (3399 posts) -

Trying not to be terrible at BF3 and hangin with my friends in WoW. thats pretty much it.