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I'm at a new apartment with no furniture whatsoever aside from a bed and a foldout table (for my computer). I'm going to be buying a new LED TV today, and a stand to store it, my consoles, etc. The thing is, I have no notion of what sort of chair I should be using this stuff with. I could just go out and buy whatever, but I'd rather know what I want before I get there, or I'll be at the store literally for hours deciding on the right one (I have a long history with doing exactly that). It will be going in my room so I'm not looking for some huge setup (no couches). Aside from that though, I'm open to whatever. I've been thinking of getting a gaming chair with built in speakers, but I've always thought of those as pretty low quality and gimicky compared to other chair-ass-chairs (am I wrong about that?).

So enough preface: what's a good, afordable ($100-$300) console gaming chair that you've used/heard about/whatever?

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You really can't go wrong with a recliner.

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I use an executive desk chair. Something that has back support, a head rest and can lean back pretty far and lock into place. It's perfect for both lean back and lean forward experiences.

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Seconded for recliner recommend. You don't buy furniture for single purpose. You can court a spouse, conceive a child, AND deliver that child all on that one piece of sitting machinery. When your time comes, you can even rest assured that you will die comfortably reclined on the chair. ♥

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Third for recliners.

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I see other people are mentioning recliners and stuff, quality idea, a while back i got suckered into the notion of these gaming chairs, cut to 4 months later and constant back pain from that weird slouch position they have you in, some of the worst pain ever in my life and it hit me all at once too. get yourself a nice Lazy-boy type chair and reap the benefits of first world living.

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If you want to go on the cheaper end of your buying range, I would recommend Ikea's Poang reclining chair. You can customize it when you buy it and make it nice/more expensive, but I would stay with the cheaper parts. It has a good lean, doesn't look too cheap, and the fact that you can customize it (e.g. color of wood, type of padding, etc.) means you can probably make it match with whatever other furniture you plan to buy for your apartment.

And speaking from personal experience, it's also a great chair for drunk people to pass out on.

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A chair won't really change your gaming experiences much unless you buy one of those pieces that have stuff like speakers built in. Go with whatever feels the nicest and looks good in the room. If you're planning to have a computer/home office type thing going on in your bedroom then just go with a nice Office Chair. If you don't have that much room left after filling the room with a bed/tv/stand/whatever then you could go with something like a madeline chair. If you do have enough room, a recliner will serve you well.

Or you could just sit on the bed.

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Go to craigslist and type in "couch" Make sure it isn't covered in SARS or made out of insects.

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Personaly I game sitting up, at my desk. But it all depends on how your natural position is. I like to lean forward, when playing games, and I like the back support when leaning forward. So the Desk chair is a great choice.

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@Ravenlight said:

Go to craigslist and type in "couch" Make sure it isn't covered in SARS or made out of insects.

craigslist doesn't sell non-infected home furnishings.

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I personally just drag over my desk chair to the TV, but I've been thinking about getting a Sumo

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get a couch so you can also sleep on it if need be.

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@BabyChooChoo said:

I personally just drag over my desk chair to the TV, but I've been thinking about getting a Sumo

I didn't even think of going with a beanbag. That's definitely a good option.

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@mosespippy said:

I use an executive desk chair. Something that has back support, a head rest and can lean back pretty far and lock into place. It's perfect for both lean back and lean forward experiences.

I agree with this, and it's what I use. I dont think they last very long, but if you spend 300 you'll get a good one that will get you by for a long time.

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You can't go wrong with a solid recliner. I bought a plush leather one specifically for playing games and I love it. But whatever you're most comfortable in is always the way to go.

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So, the following recommendation is going to depend on your setup, however I highly recommend against a regular office chair. Even the most high quality office chair doesn't actually recline, but tilts both the back and seat backwards slightly and puts constant forward pressure to go back up. Meaning your legs get kind of elevated with nothing to really support them. That's just how they're designed.

A full blown la-z-boy style recliner would work, but those are pretty heavy and unwieldy to move.

My current setup at my wife's house is as follows:

I have a corner desk, with my computer set up within it. The Corner desk has shelves on each side that come up over the monitor area, then have a large shelf that connects them above the monitor area. On this section I have my TV(40") set upon.

The chair linked below allows me to sit normally and look at my monitor, recline and look forward at my monitor, or recline and look straight at my TV. It properly reclines, in that the back leans backwards, and the seat moves forward to properly support your legs.

It's also surprisingly comfortable, and the ottoman is decent. It's also exceedingly light so you can move it easily if need be, if you're a Kinect/Move/Wii user.


Again, this is just my opinion/recommendation, but here you go. As a regular home theater chair, it also works fine, you can mid-recline so you're not leaning backwards.

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@upwarDBound said:

You really can't go wrong with a recliner.

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I vote couch. I play my games in the bedroom so I have a body pillow to comfortably prop me against the wall. It also makes for a nice bed time companion.

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i vote a couch. have the tv at the end of your bed so you can move the pillow up so you can sit on your bed.

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Sorry, someone necroed and I responsed...my mistake...now I can't delete.

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You could try making your own. Have you seen Burn After Reading?

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I had a recliner for ages. They're great. Due to changes in other household furniture, I have swapped to a couch, it's okay.

Recliner wins.

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What have you guys done. Now I'm planning on rolling my desk chair away and dragging my recliner in front of my computer desk. Now I can game and sleep in the SAME PLACE. Who knows, maybe it will help my sciatica.

Now my Wife is going to hate me even more. But life... life will find a way.

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Get some ceiling anchors, hammock, and maybe some extra paracord. Then you can literally HANG OUT.

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When the console was in my living room, I would sit on the carpeted floor. Now I play my console in my bedroom and I sit on top on the bed. For some reason, I never got into siting in a chair while gaming. I just realized this was an old thread but some the forum topics currently on the home page are not interesting to me right now.

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It may be an old thread but it's making me want to curl up and take a nap, thinking about recliners.

I just use an old banana chair. Been using it for years now. Comfortable enough.