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As you may have noticed, there's a new link on the website for us to vote on games the crew should look at, so they don't miss them


I thought we could have a cool thread about it where we say what we voted on and also try to remind everyone of cool games that we might have forgotten about or never looked into.

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As long as nobody goddamn votes Dark Souls II I will be happy. Especially with them re-releasing another version of it in the (near) future.

Try to pick games which haven't been covered by GB or games which have changed a lot since release. Those will be the most interesting.

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I edited your post to make the link clickable.

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@finaldasa: Thanks!

I voted for The Banner Saga, South Park The Stick of Truth, Hitman Go, Murdered Soul Suspect and Gods Will Be Watching.

I thought those were the games they were most likely going to forget that I don't think they should. I would consider all of those for some cool categories.

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The search seems to be kind of busted as it didn't recognized The Banner Saga or Danganropa 2 when I typed it in.

For now, my list is...

D4 (criminally overlooked)

Yoshi's New Island (I want to make Jeff play it)

Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode (placeholder until I can get the real Danganropa game I want in there)

Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry (also overlooked)

Walking Dead Season 2 (this is just here until they can fix it and let me add Banner Saga, which is the best game everyone forgot about this year)

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Hmm... I don't think there is anything specific I personally want them to re-visit. My tastes usually align pretty well with most of the crew, and I don't remember thinking at any point that I wish they had covered something in a bit more depth. It's been a weird year for games with not as much of note as previous years... But I guess that's what happens in a launch year!

What yall putting down? I honestly cannot think of a single game that I want them to look at more. Drawing a total blank.

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I already put Persona Q in there, but I can't think of 4 other games to troll the GB guys with.

I'm trying to put Enforcer: Police Crime Action on there but I think the form is broken.

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Oh no, I can't put Banner Saga in because the wiki considers Banner Saga to come out in 2013 (because of the multiplayer thing they released first). Any way someone can contact them on that?

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Yeah it's locks the search to 2014 but even then I can't select games like Lethal League, Super Time Force ULTRA and Distance (which granted is only in early access but I want them to take a look at it). Hmm...

This is a cool idea though! Can't wait to see what comes out of it. <>

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I want to see what the San Fran boys think of D4.

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And I can't add South Park Stick of Truth either? It says it comes out in 2013. How weird. Wonder if we can edit that fact ourselves.

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@rmanthorp: I thought that was the case, it wouldn't let me select Marvel Heroes.

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The only two that really stuck out to me right away was Velvet Sundown, and really wanting to see Vinny play the new first person mode in GTAV. Alas, neither are valid options :(

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My first pick would be Fantasy Life, but I'm guessing they aren't counting it as a 2014 release because it's a re-release of a Japanese game.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - preferably a QL involving Patrick that goes beyond complaining that the game has four way shooting and shows the amazing depth of this game.

Jazzpunk - always can watch more insanity.

Persona Q - thus far uncovered.

Football Manager 2015 - I feel like this game is perfect to make a lot people very angry as they fumble around a hardcore soccer sim.

Just Dance 2015 - green screen ridiculousness with people listening to pop music they hate. Really they just need to play Let It Go.

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I've only played 3 games that were released this year. Out of those I'd vote for Dark Souls 2 and Wolf Among Us.

I like the suggestions of Persona Q and D4.

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Dungeon of the Endless from Amplitude, the studio who made Endless Space and this year's Endless Legend. It's a roguelike/"Base Defense" game that's surprisingly very good. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think it was ever Quick Look'd or mentioned.

I also think it'd be interesting to see how the rest of GB feels about Dreamfall Chapters' first book, D4, and This War of Mine. More Dragon Age could be cool too.

I'll bet a Vinny/Jeff Persona Q quick look will happen when Vinny is there. That would be fun to see anyway.

I love Dark Souls II a ton, but unless it's to show the DLC, I don't think we need more DkS2 stuff.

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@hoodcommando: how did you vote for South Park? I would like to as well, but it doesn't show up on the poll.

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I'd like to see a better video on Dragon Age, preferably with Patrick and I think Brad(?) who have or at least plan to play some of it. The Quick Look of Rorie getting stuff wrong to Jeff who didn't give a shit was kinda disappointing for my favourite game this year.

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Hearthstone is the only thing I voted for so far

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They need to re-look at Wolfenstein. I swear that game is GOTY material.

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Hey guys, apparently you can vote for the same game 5 times if you want to.

Dr. Money dot Biz is the one who discovered this trick.

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@lelcar said:

@hoodcommando: how did you vote for South Park? I would like to as well, but it doesn't show up on the poll.

Sorry, I made that post before I actually went through with the voting. Both Banner Saga and South Park are considered 2013 games and I can't vote on them, unfortunately. Hopefully this will be fixed.

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I put Hearthstone on there. They just need to play it a bit longer. It is truly a great game. I think it's crazy to not at least talk about it in the GOTY discussions. As far as I know, only Alex really played that game. I know Patrick did his stream with it, but it was clear he wasn't completely understanding the game yet (which nobody will with that short amount of time put in. No knock against Patrick, just saying they should've played it a bit longer).

I don't want another Hotline Miami incident, where Alex is the only one who really knows the game they are talking about.

Also considering of putting in Destiny for funsies.

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I wanted to vote Wasteland 2 but it apparently can't find it. (It just says "'tis but a barren wasteland", whereas I want wasteland 2).

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Destiny will probably be on the list in the end, lets not kid ourselves.

Also hoping alex and patrick get some Dan support for Nintendo this time round.

Man this year's going to be chaotic. Ill love it.

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In order for a game to show up in the search box, it needs to have a release associated with it. Not just a release date, mind you, but one of these. Game releases are user-addable in the wiki.

Some games, like The Banner Saga, do have 2014 releases but something else is preventing them from showing up. Let us know in this thread when you find a game like that and we'll fix it.

Also, you can go back and edit your picks at any time, so if you can't add a specific game, give it a shot later and see if it works. We're planning on having this page open until around Dec 1.

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@aegon said:

Hey guys, apparently you can vote for the same game 5 times if you want to.

Dr. Money dot Biz is the one who discovered this trick.

I'm glad there are more people that want Hitman: Go to be remembered. Great game.

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Defense Grid 2 deserves a quicklook, I'm not sure who would do it, but it's a good game that came out this year.

I also voted for Ingress, mostly because I'm not sure how they would do it, but it would be different/interesting.

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@drewbert: As you said, Banner Saga has this problem, and South Park Stick of Truth as well :)

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@drewbert: Wasteland 2 is another game that has 2014 releases but won't show up for me.

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Oh, sweet, thanks Drew.

And yeah, South Park and Banner Saga are the two I've run into.

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+1 for Wasteland 2, not necessarily my goty, but it should be voteable.

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@drewbert : Captain Toad is also problematic: http://www.giantbomb.com/captain-toad-treasure-tracker/3030-46581/releases/

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They should really make the segments about the games they've spent a ton of time with over the year. We tend to see footage from early in games while they're still learning and discovering things, but we usually don't see anything like a completed castle in Rogue Legacy playing on NG++, a Diablo char in all legendaries plowing through higher torments or something as simple as how 100+ hours of Beyond Earth changes how you play the game. Although I guess the list of games could get quite short this way.

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Bayonetta 2. It is by far the best playing game this year and only Dan, Alex, and Patrick even know.

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I voted Burial at Sea Episode 2 and Wolfenstein.

Looked over all the other releases for 2014 and realized it was slim pickings this year. Honestly I'd have a hard time picking 10 games for a list, much less 10 games I thought were "Game of the Year" material.

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Teslagrad. I expected this game to have a similar explosion in popularity like Thomas Was alone but it just came out and died. Put it in the GOTY category of games that didn't actually come out in 2014?!
Mercenary Kings. That game has 2 Quick Looks, why not a third?!
Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms recently came out. It's not as interesting as its predecessor, Kult: Heretic Kingdoms, though.
Pier Solar should get a honourable mention.
I also would like to see The Banner Saga revisited.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is the sports sim of the year so that.

Also for laughs at the GB crew tackling it.

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@hassun: They didn't miss Dark Souls 2, there was a bunch of videos for it.

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@kewlsnake: Yeah, I thought about Teslagrad but realized it came out very late December. Which kind of sucks because it doesn't have a chance at being on 2013 or 2014 GOTY's then.

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It won't let me select Tomodachi Life because it came out in Japan in 2013 but here in 2014, which is a shame.

Also everyone please cast a vote for Yoshi's New Island. The game Jeff wants you to vote for.

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For some strange fucking reason, the database couldn't find Dangan Ronpa or its sequel. Then again, playing a half hour of those games would be kind of dull. So I picked Dark Souls II (might give them a chance to check out the DLC), Wolfenstein: New Order (cause why the fuck not), Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros and Shovel Knight.

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Football Manager, Gunz 2, Taxi, The Castle Doctrine, and a game I already forgot are my preliminary choices.

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Doesn't seem to work. When I click "submit", nothing happens, and some games amongst my selection disappear.

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What about games that came out in the west in 2014 like Layton VS Phoenix Wright? :( Is it screwed because it came out in japan first in 2012?

Is this a bug or intentional? Hey @rorie and @edgework.