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Some of the names are green, some are red, and some are white. What do these mean?

Edit: I just noticed some blue ones too.

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When you signed up you picked whether you were a Nintendo (Red), Microsoft (Green), Sony (Blue), PC (White), or Neutral (Grey) fanboy.

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My first guess was that they were for different ranks, like moderators and/or editors. But i heard on another topic that they vary depending on what system your a fanboy for. Nintendo = red, Sony = blue, Microsoft = green, and neutral = white.

I'm still not positive though, but i think its the fanboy one.

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Oh geeze I just found the answer. I need to look around a little bit more before posting. The colors represent what your console preference is. That'll make it easier to spot the stupid console war threads.

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I think those represent which kind of fanboy you are. Your given a choice when creating your account.

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PinkElephant said:
"When you signed up you picked whether you were a Nintendo (Red), Microsoft (Green), Sony (Blue), PC (White), or Neutral (Grey) fanboy."
if that's the case, i'm surprised there aren't that many Grey-colored names... :\
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Yeah, but what's the use? Our nicknames here in these replies are all white. All we get to see is the topic founder's nickname color.

Or am I crazy?

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I felt so retarded for not knowing what the colors meant for my first two days on the site.

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They refer to which system the user is a 'fanboy' of. Green for Microsoft, Blue for Sony, Red for Nintendo, White for PC and Grey for Neutral.