What do you do when you're bored with your games?

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Recently I've been playing GTA V story and having a bit of a throwback with CoD: Ghosts multiplayer on PS4. I've started The Last of Us & Batman: Arkham Asylum but haven't played them recently. I also got a PS2 and loads of games for it and was playing Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death.

I'm just going through a bit of a boredom phase. What do you do? Play new games etc.

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There are so many games i want to play i consider myself in a permanent state of "getting through the backlog".
I'll prioritize new games that i'm excited about, but my general rule is to alternate between a game that will take a long time to finish (20+ hours) and one or two shorter ones to break up the flow.
I'm also playing endless/mindless games when listening to podcasts and Giant Bomb content, but as soon as i'm caught up on that i go straight back to the backlog, i also frequently want to replay my favourite games of the past so sometimes, almost as some kind of reward for attacking the backlog, i'll play an old classic, most recently i played through Gunman Chronicles, games like that do a lot to refresh my interest in games.
I do certainly get bored, i find myself drifting off far too early or just can't get into the mood, at which point i usually indulge myself in a night or two of random Youtube surfing or movie watching, i can't play in long sessions like i did as a kid anymore, but i'm 30 now and still have a desire to check out everything i'm interested in.
One thing that i think helps is having friends online to chat to, i'm on Teamspeak nearly all the time and it's a good distraction.

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Basically, buy more games out of said boredom, rinse, and repeat. At this point, I just collect them in the same way that people collect stamps and coins.

Though, upgrading my PC for 3440 x 1440 is making me pretty excited about what games support 21:9. ...not that I'm endorsing spending $4,000 just to get psyched about games again, but that's where I'm at right now; shopping out of boredom 'n' all.

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I force myself to play the boring game in question until I begrudgingly get to credits...

If I'm feeling smarter, I might play it until I really can't take it anymore.

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@cikame: Nice. That's a good idea about the shorter games in between the longer ones.

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When games bore me, I don’t play them.

I only play maybe a few hours a week. If a game isn’t fucking tickling me in ways that are so right and simultaneously so wrong, I stop playing.

It’s actually really rewarding NOT be beholden to whatever’s current and only play shit you really love.

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If I get bored I take a break. I get caught up on TV shows and movies. I do some of the projects around the house. I get back to gaming eventually, I always do.

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I try somany games but I find somany of them boring,
always searching for that ONE . GOOD . GAME a year.
If and when I get bored, I usually make art or flop on the couch making mouth-fart noises while staring at the ceiling..

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Basically if games aren't doing it for you find some other activities to try, taking a break from any hobby is good in the long run.

If you wanna stick to playing something then maybe try some different genres that you haven't played much, might kickstart an interest in a new game series you'd have never considered before.

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@craigieboy: Nice ideas. Like I said, I recently got a PS2 so that may spark some interest for me a little bit.

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I've got a bad habit of buying things, playing a bit to try to get my interest in, and then walking away.

Grabbed Subnautica this week, played about an hour and kind of walked away. Not anything bad, I just need to figure out a routine with a game (the joys of being ASD) and just haven't been able to.

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I play really old games. Recently was in a rut, cracked out my Atari to play Combat with a friend, and I leave some old PC games installed on my laptop to mess around in.

Sometimes boring phases are kinda inevitable though. It's a-ok to just leave it be for a week or two - I like to go biking around then.

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I think it's perfectly normal to have periods of time where you're bored with one interest or another. Just focus on something else you're into until you get the itch to play games again.

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