What do you tell folks when they ask what Giant Bomb is?

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I am constantly asked what Giant Bomb is because of the merch I regularly wear. What do you say when people ask you what you're watching or what you're wearing?

I generally say it's just a website I like, or "It's a website about video games."

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A shadow of what it once was.

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I've answered with ”its a website about video games” multiple times lol.

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@aegon: Existence is impermanent and we're all doomed.

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I tell people it's a website about energy drinks that sometimes talks about wrestling

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The only time somebody acknowledged a Giant Bomb thing I had, it was when a friend of mine told his wife "That's the guy who got married at the Taco Bell" (I was wearing the This Is The Run shirt).

If it comes up during conversation, it's like "There's this website I like called Giant Bomb, and they did..." whatever.

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I tell people it is a bunch of guys about my age (which is no longer true I guess) and they talk about video games and other things and they are entertaining and funny and shut your face and go back to work, I don’t answer to you.

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Twitch for old people.

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@htr10: They were about your age, but now they're not???

Are you a dog? :p

I've never been asked what Giant Bomb is, so I don't have an answer.

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Brad Shoemaker

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a san francisco art initiative led by a rapper

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When I wear a Giant Bomb shirt in public I just say it's an Entertainment website. I don't really mention the video games part unless pressed.

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Nobody has ever asked me what giant bomb is

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A website where a lot of old dudes make jokes and talk shit.

With wrestling... and... umm... food!

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I've answered with ”its a website about video games” multiple times lol.

Came here for this answer. High five

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My mom asked, "What are you listening to." [BTW: she listens to one podcast herself (Sawbones) and I have told here 1000x that I'm listening to podcasts]. I tell her the same thing, "It's about playing videos games and about what videos games are and what they mean."

She doesn't know what that means even after years of me saying what ist means in detail. I figured out it is just her way of saying, "Whatch' doin'?" to start a meaningful conversation about ANYTHING. So, I say that about game games, but then I switch to something we can both talk about. Funny thing is haveing that skill to be 'present with people' does not just work with moms and dad, it can works with attractive people you like, people who need your friendship, etc. BE PRESENT WITH PEOPLE.

[Adult Wisdom] Sometimes people don't actually want to know what Giant Bomb is, what it means, how video games media works - they JUST want to talk to you.

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It's about wrastling, food, DIY, books bound in human skin/ brain parasites, rap, and sometimes video games.

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Gaming site. [no reaction]

...The blinking white guy meme guy used to work for em. [sudden interest!]

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I immediately bring up the first episode of the Persona 4 Endurance Run up on my phone, then force the questioner watch the entire series a la A Clockwork Orange.

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I showed my Uncle UPF since. he didn’t understand what it was, and he said - “So, it’s like reality TV.” Then he walked away .

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@nicksgreen: Giant Bomb is a video-game debate forum with slow pacing and thoughtful posters. Recommended for more mature gamers and those who enjoy detailed open discussion.

I've heard it has other stuff too but I never looked.

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@topcat88: the crew got quite a bit younger in the last couple of years ;)

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Loading Video...

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"It's a cult."

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@sombre said:

Nobody has ever asked me what giant bomb is

I will echo this.

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"Okay. So. Think of a bomb. Got it? Now bigger."

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I'm old. I have to explain Giant Bomb to my peers.

Actually, can anyone imagine Giant Bomb in 10 years? Brad, Jeff, Rorie, Jason and Vinny will be pushing or over 50 for God's sake!

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I ordered the Giant Bomb @Nite mug and I told me parents it from a website about videogames I'm part of for about 10 years and it's a collectors item.

Other than that I don't really bring it up for that reason, I'm also not introducing it to people because recommending something personality based is hard enough, let alone recommending and explaining what Giant Bomb is and does.

I'm fine with just me enjoying my time here.

Sometimes my mom walks in and sees me watching a Quick Look or a stream and thinks I'm playing a video game, the concept of a podcast is pretty unknown to them which on its own was a rough thing to explain.

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"It's a personality-based website about video games. They don't do the typical video game reporting of most sites. The content feels very genuine."

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Well if anybody ever asked me I would tell them it is a website devoted to naked cartoon pussy.

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It's a website. About videogames.

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A website about video games and wrestling

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I bought the Old Games shirt from the GB store a few weeks ago and finally wore it and a friend was asking at lunch what it was and I basically just boiled down to him what Giant Bomb does.

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I say it’s a website about video games and people generally reply back saying ‘okay’.

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Definitly not a site where i'm learning to construct my own bombs...

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It's a website that makes personality driven videos and podcasts about video games and the industry and culture surrounding them.

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@jstaunton: I guess that's true for average age of the group. I was thinking of the original crew :P