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I personally like it but I was just wondering what the community thought.

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I like it. It keep things crazy.

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It's fun.

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I could watch a dedicated programming block of either of tonights games, so combining them had me feeling like I was missing out on the action of the secondary game. Other times, like in uneventful MMOs, the double billing is great. Tonight was two games where excitement could happen at any second so it didn't work. If there was two separate streams like they did with the big live live show then I'd at least be able to watch the second part later.

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It's not really fun when there's one game I'm really interested in and the other I couldn't care less about.

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I'm not a huge fan; also, not enough Xcoms :(

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There was a thread about this recently, but it wasn't a poll. It can be pretty annoying when people miss out on opportunities for interesting polls. Good on you.

I think that some games don't appeal to everyone, so it's nice to have something else to switch to so more people are interested. Not to mention that some games can frequently become a bit stale and uninteresting for a while, and having one of the guys play a game in parallel can help in those situations.

A great example of this is the recent Torchlight II/Tokyo Jungle TNT. I don't give an eff about Torchlight II, and even though I'd still watch because it was TNT, Patrick playing Tokyo Jungle really made the whole thing more enjoyable. Those are two really different games, so they're pretty much bound to entertain more people.

I'd still rather have the ability to switch streams whenever.

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I'd say no. I'd rather focus on one game. Take for tonight for example I was in it for Brad playing trials. war of the roses looks boring as shit. More brad less crappy PC games please.

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I don't really like it, I preferred the one at time. It’s just too much on one screen. It’s bad enough seeing their faces all over the place blocking parts of the screen let alone having another entire screen.

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I love them. I've been way more into TNT since they started.

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I like having two games, gives more opportunity for the crew to shine since I couldn't give two shits about what is actually happening in the games themselves.

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Not loving it.

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I've enjoyed TNT a lot more with two games, makes things more interesting and crazy, especially with the Giant Bomb transition technology.

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It's OK for games like today's Trials and War of the Roses... but I'd prefer to have back the "proper" TNTs once in a while. And if you ask me, the best TNTs are always played locally, not online...

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Not great. I only liked it with Borderlands 2/ Tokyo Jungle because I was more interested in Tokyo Jungle than Borderlands 2. I'd rather they focus on talking about one game and its genre rather than doing 2 games at once. War of the Roses would have been a great TNT on its own, but Ryan and Patrick were only talking about Trials which is boring to watch. Like, why would I watch War of the Roses footage with people talking about how to beat a Trials level?

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I like it but I don't like the current presentation.

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I feel like it doesn't work very well. You either have a boring game and a great game, like Torchlight/Tokyo jungle. One of them isn't very fun to watch, but sometimes the less-fun game gets the spotlight. Otherwise, you have two fun games, like Trials Evo and War of Roses, where both are exciting, but they aren't getting equal billing and sometimes the excitement happens when the game isn't receiving attention.

That isn't to say I didn't enjoy it, because I really like TNTs, but I would have liked it more had it been one or the other.

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Haven't seen tonight's yet, but I think it makes for a nice hangout vibe and loosens up the Bomb Squad so that they're much more entertaining by the end of it. Plus, it stops situations like when Max Payne 3 just blew up and they had to scramble for a replacement game.

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I like it. We would have never gotten the Horsey bits without war of the roses.

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I think they should do it more sparingly (as they've been doing it every week... and I know why it's because all this amazing gear they want to play with) but I love it. For certain game mixes it's an awesome idea. Maybe not something they should do every week but rather have it in their bag of tricks. 
So far they got: 
Playing the game with the audience 
Playing the game with each other while acting goofy (like they do) 
Playing 2 games (with or without the audience participation or a mix of the above 2) 
It's almost like an evolution of TNT!

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I don't like it when they're showing both games at once, the screens are too small if you're not sitting close to your monitor while watching.

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A states my opinion perfectly. The only problem is sometimes something awesome is going on on the small bottom screen and it's hard to see it. I still prefer it to the one-game format, though.

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I love it. It keeps things interesting when one of the games is something I'm not super interested in. Even if the second game is a single player game. The Tokyo Jungle stuff was awesome.

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I like it. When they are in the middle of match switches in one game, they can switch to the other. I hated sitting there watching the guys stare at a screen to weed out technical or software issues.

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I'm fine with it and picked A. The big thing is I wouldn't want only 1 or 2 game TNTs. I like that they pepper the dual game ones in now and then.

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My favourite TNTs is when 4+ of them are together playing the one game IE: Fortune street, Gears Of War 3, Diablo 3 etc. Yeah sure a change up to keep things "fresh" is good but I find the best TNTs is when the guys are trying to work together or in competition.

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I haven't ever loved a double-feature TNT, but I've liked pretty much all of them.

Still, that's pretty much a wash for me. I'd rather go back to single-format for amazing TNTs like Dead Island, Fortune Street, and WWE All Stars. Thing is, the double-feature TNT ends up with too little attention being given to one of the games every time, but what little attention they do give tends to prevent games like Tokyo Jungle or War of the Roses from getting WAY interesting.

(Also, there has yet to be a viewing format that I've felt comfortable with; tonight's "theatrical view" was especially uncomfortable at times, and lowered the quality of the stream which was trying to buffer too many incohesive images at once.)