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#151 Edited by LackingSaint (2170 posts) -

Absolutely XCOM: Enemy Within Ironman Classic. I love watching people play XCOM, and he seems pretty fond of the series. Also the "one mission and some set-up at HQ" format works well for a daily series.

Anyone genuinely suggesting Dwarf Fortress is fucking crazy.

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#152 Posted by Christoffer (2325 posts) -

Hearthstone. Maybe I could learn the game along with him.

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#153 Edited by iBushido (138 posts) -

Personally, I would like to see him play FTL, just because I like how methodical he always is with games. He takes his time, he figures things out, he tries to stay calm, etc. It would be fun to watch him take that approach to FTL and possibly see him beat it. I still haven't been able to beat the boss once, even on easy. So I guess I could maybe get some pleasure out of seeing him figure it out or maybe even some inspiration to try new strategies if they work out for him. I would also definitely like to see him include the new stuff coming out for it, the same way he added in Wrath of the Lamb stuff once he took on the original a few times.

If not FTL, I would also like to see basically any other rogue-like game he hasn't played before. I enjoy watching him play that kind of game and he's already on a streak so might as well keep it going.

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Long Live the Queen the much better FTL.

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#155 Posted by Ett (241 posts) -

Because not many people seem to play this game. One way heroics is my pick

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#156 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (3022 posts) -

I just want to see Patrick do daily streams of EVEOnline

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#157 Posted by development (3009 posts) -

Guys, Nethack is a great game, but that would be some of the worst video content ever. Only people who are already well-versed in the game can take enjoyment from watching those ACII characters slide around, and I imagine that is a very small percentage of the community here.

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@valeo said:

@carryboy said:

Not sure what the end goal could be, but Id really like to see him play Street fighter 4, the two games hes done so far have been about pealing away the basic exterior and coming to grips with the immense depth of thte game, I feel Street Fighter would be perfect for this, besides it would be nice to have one person on staff who really knew about fighting games.

Er, Jeff and Brad are both pretty into fighting games - Jeff especially.

Not really... dont want to be one of those "your playing wrong" guys but neither of them never really seem to know what to do, not a knock against them I just dont think they have ever invested the time required.

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#160 Posted by Haruko (525 posts) -

Kings field

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#161 Posted by flasaltine (2392 posts) -

If Patrick doesn't want to do an ASCII game like Cataclysm DDA he should do Project Zomboid.

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#162 Posted by Tunnelman (30 posts) -

I think FTL would work especially well. There's a new batch of content coming out in a couple of days which would be a great time to jump in. He's expressed interest in evolution of play as you learn new mechanics and the game better over time which the game is friendly towards. The capital ship sets a very clear goal to reach and the game itself allows enough customization and unlocks that he can pursue a variety of ways to reach that end objective after he reaches it the first time. There's enough randomization play to play that can create very different games, but the game remains consistent enough to not throw you off entirely in a run. Something like NETHACK is interesting, but visually maybe not. Don't Starve could be an option but I needed to consult a wiki and some guides in order to penetrate some of the game's mechanics and a heavy reliance on chat advice isn't particularly interesting.

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#163 Posted by RivingtonDown (4 posts) -

I didn't see it mentioned too much but I think Dungeons of Dredmor would be a good game to stream. The play sessions aren't super long, there's a bunch to learn, and multiple ways to play. It would also be interesting to watch a turned based game that's less reliant on quick reflexes - having Patrick open a monster room and then dying while strategically dealing with a stream of baddies seems like it would be more interesting than a quick spike death ala Spelunky or laggy bullet hell death of BoI.

Also wouldn't mind some FTL. I have less personal experience with that game but based on what I've read and the little I've learned it could be entertaining. Would hate watching Nethack, I can't see how that would be entertaining, and any sort of continuous RPG experience wouldn't work with the the format - not everyone can watch every single episode.

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#164 Posted by Apparatus_Unearth (3687 posts) -

Persona 4.

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#165 Posted by theinnkeeper (106 posts) -

I'd give my vote to FTL. I think Patrick is disregarding the game, unfairly. That being said, I do wonder how entertaining it would be to watch.

So, my second choice would be XCOM on ironman. As said, it fits perfectly with a daily format and would be pretty fun to watch.

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#166 Edited by hsghsghsg (47 posts) -

@darji: Long Live the Queen would be fun, but it might end up being a one-time thing like Risk of Rain was (for now). I managed to beat the game on my first attempt after buying the game and haven't felt the urge to go back to it.

@rivingtondown: Dungeons of Dredmor would be my hope. It would be fun to see him play a more traditional roguelike and Dredmor seems like the easiest to jump into and also probably the easiest to watch. Tales of Maj'Eyal would also work really well.

I would watch the heck out of Nethackin' With Scoops too though.

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#167 Edited by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

I was disappointed to hear him say he wasn't interested in streaming FTL. I was honestly just kind of passively watching him play Binding of Issac with the assumption FTL would be next.

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#168 Posted by Ramone (3080 posts) -

Motherfucking Crusader Kings II. Pretty sure he's already mentioned on his Tumblr about wanting to check it out as well.

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#169 Posted by Bummlmitz (129 posts) -
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#170 Posted by FoolishChaos (493 posts) -

I feel like this feature has two prime requirements for an eligible game:
1. It must have a degree of mastery, so that the viewers can see the arc over time.

2. It needs to have a fairly compact "loop". A good run of spelunky takes around 20 minutes. Issac can take an hour. Both are within the general hour stream time.

So, while Dwarf Fortress has a ridiculous amount of mastery, the loop is wayyyy longer. It would be like watching someone play Civ5.

I like the idea of XCOM Ironman Impossible. Not only is there shit to learn and each mission is perfectly doable in the time allotted, but it is also a really fun game to watch.

But, yeah it comes down to what Patrick wants to play.

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#171 Posted by happymeowmeow (226 posts) -

I've been wanting to the see Patrick take on The Pit for some time now. My only concern was that because it has to be played at such a slow, deliberate pace it might not make the most interesting stream in the world? I mean, I'd enjoy watching it, but...

Another recommendation I'd have in the procedurally generated world is Legend of Dungeon, which has a much more arcadey, fast paced feel, so would probably go over better for video content. It's kind of a rogue-like / action dungeon explorer game that I enjoy. If you try it out, opt in on the beta that enables saving the game when you quit.