What games are you currently playing or looking forward to play?

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#1 Posted by DaringVixen (12 posts) -

Currently enjoying Black Desert Online especially when the remastered update was released. One of the most visually stunning games I have ever played.
On the mobile, I have Fate/Grand Order.
I'm looking forward to playing Devil May Cry 5. It's been a long time, mister Dante. I missed you~
Another game I'm looking forward to is NieR: Automata, it will be given to me as a reward if I play Resident Evil VII. Oh joy...

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#2 Posted by someoneproud (604 posts) -

Currently playing Yakuza Kiwami 2, God of War, Shenmue, Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter World and having a great time. Eagerly awaiting RDR2 and Spiderman later this year and Shenmue III next year (if it actually comes out then). 2018's shaping up to be another very good year for my tastes.

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#3 Posted by BoOzak (2615 posts) -

I'm playing Yakuza Kiwami 2 and I just started The Messenger which seems good but I think the price is a bit steep. (as are most things on switch)

I'm looking forward to Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise. I'm liking Kiwami 2 but its a remake of a game i've already played whereas the only experience with FOTNS was Omega Force's "Ken's Rage" which wasnt great, the universe seems cool though and I think the Ryu Ga Gotoku team could make a hell of a game in it.

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#4 Posted by orphicgames (1 posts) -

Does anyone know when will release game “The Unclearness”?

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#5 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (763 posts) -

I put a few hours into Fallout 4 a while back, and just recently decided to jump back in. I'm working my way through the base game and will probably check out the DLC as well. Inspired by recent episodes of Breaking Brad, I'm contemplating picking up Rogue Legacy or Dead Cells.

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#6 Edited by Jaalmo (1750 posts) -

I've been playing Super Mario Odyssey. I've thoroughly enjoyed exploring the various worlds, finding everything there is to find and taking my time with it. It's not a game I'm going to rush through. I also just recently picked up Dead Cells on the Switch, I never bought any games like this one before because I'm particularly not a skilful player but folks have convinced me to give it a go. Should be interesting.

In the next month or so... possibly Fallout 76? A lot of my friends are incredibly hyped to play this and wants me to join in. I’m not particularly a fan of survival type multiplayer games but maybe this game will be the one that pulls me.

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#7 Edited by nicksmi56 (848 posts) -

Right now it's Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero on my Switch and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on my 2DS!

No idea what I'm playing after those. May go for a modded playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club, may finish Splatoon 2's single-player, may give one of the indies sitting on Steam a shot, may start my fresh Mass Effect Trilogy playthrough with the first one, may give Super Mario Odyssey it's long awaited run, or may tackle Devil May Cry 2. It's all up to where the wind takes me.

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#8 Posted by j87 (32 posts) -

I've just finished Tales of Symphonia and i'm going to start Chrono Trigger soon.

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#9 Posted by Ares42 (4362 posts) -

I've been playing Total Warhammer 2 fairly regularly through the entire year. I also got bit by Magic Arena earlier this summer and put a few hours into that every day (along with my years long Hearthstone infection). Played Guacamelee 2 through the weekend which was excellent, and just started Two Point Hospital today which has been enjoyable so far. Looking forward to RDR2 and Fallout this fall and ofc next spring is looking like it's gonna be completely overwhelming.

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#10 Posted by Ravelle (3310 posts) -

Currently Playing:

Yakuza Kiwami 2
Two Point Hospital
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Exciting to play:
DragonQuest Eleven.

It's a busy month!

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#11 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

Currently playing Stardew Valley and Jazztronauts. Looking forward to playing Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive (or whatever the name is) tomorrow. After that, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Hitman 2 are the big ones for the rest of the year, Red Dead in particular...I've been having semi-frequent dreams about playing it since before the damn thing was even announced. Also gonna pick up Into the Breach on Switch at some point when I have a spare $15 lying around.

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#12 Posted by hermes (2617 posts) -
  • Yakuza 0 on PC
  • Titanfall 2

Waiting to play Dragon Quest 11

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#13 Posted by Adelia1994 (1 posts) -
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Never get bored with GTA, so :))

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#14 Edited by blackichigo (436 posts) -

I'm currently playing through hollowknight right now on the switch. And I'm finding it to be kind of a bummer. Don't get me wrong the game itself is a five-star game but the performance issues I'm having with it on the back half of the game is kind of inexcusable. When there are a bunch of enemies on screen and your character is giving off some sort of constant fart gas, the game just shits the bed. The frame rate drops to somewhere below 15 to 10 sometimes. I'll find myself going from full health, to having a single mask, to dead and have no idea how it even happened. It's gotten so bad in certain areas that I have debated losing my 40-hour save and just starting over on the PC even though I'm near the end of the game.

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#15 Edited by NTM (11846 posts) -

I'm not playing anything new. I am mainly playing The Witcher 3, currently in Toussaint, and RE7 nearing the end of the main game as well as RE: Revelations, but on and off I also play a little bit of The Division and Red Dead Redemption. Now that I have a 4K TV and Xbox One X it's kind of the deciding factor in what I want to play for right now. I'm most excited for Red Dead Redemption 2, but I will most likely be getting Spider-Man, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Battlefield 5, and Hitman 2. I've written down a few other games in WordPad and their release dates, but the games I mentioned are the ones I will most likely get for sure. There are a lot of games coming next year that I really want, but I won't name them since there are a bunch. Oh, and I don't know if I'll go through it again, but I restarted Far Cry 5 on hard in its new, new game plus.

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#16 Posted by 49th (3907 posts) -

Xcom 2. I'm finally playing after 2 years of owning it despite having no memory of when or how I bought it. I need to be in a pretty specific mood to play it though so I have barely started, I spent an hour making a character of myself though which was fun.

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#17 Posted by Jurck (51 posts) -

Just finished getting all the achievements for Yakuza 0 on Steam, so I'm not really playing anything at the moment. I'm looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles next month, but I can't keep my mind off of SoulCalibur coming out the month after. Maybe I should dig out one of the older ones.

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#18 Edited by Safrin (1 posts) -

@daringvixen: Currently I have finished the demo of a rolling ball game, A Roll Back Story and guess what it is releasing 31 August. I am excited to play the full game :D.

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#19 Posted by Captain_Insano (3523 posts) -

Currently playing Rogue Legacy - I got really bogged down (I'm talking for maybe 5 or so hours) on the Infinite Herodotus. Part of my problem is that I was super close to beating it so many times, so I kept trying, rather than spending the time to level up some more. Satisfying to finally beat it though.

I am planning on redownloading Divinity Original Sin 2 tonight along with the Definitive Edition Upgrade. I dropped off of it when it came out but I'm ready to give it another go.

Two Point Hospital is also one I really want to launch into.

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#20 Posted by sfw44 (275 posts) -

I'm playing Halo MCC on the Xbox, Monster Hunter World and Madden 19 on the PC.

I'm looking forward to playing the Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed Odyssey and Red Dead 2.

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#21 Edited by mems1224 (2508 posts) -

I've been on an immersive sim kick lately so I'm playing Death of the Outsider and the original Deus Ex with the GMDX mod.

Death of the Outsider is ok. I like some of the changes like recharging mana and the contracts but Billie's powers aren't fun to use. Overall it's still a good little add on for one of my favorite games of all time

Deus Ex is weird to go back to. The visuals suck and the voice acting is hilarious in how bad it is but it's still a damn joy to play.

I also just finished my replay of Halo Reach in preparation for the big MCC update that just came out. It's still a fantastic campaign and probably the most underrated Halo soundtrack

On switch I'm playing Into the Breach and that's still a great game that has translated to a game pad well.

OH and I also picked up my ME2 Renegade save because of the new GB series. I want to replay 3 and see some of the dlc I missed out on. The only annoying thing is that the dlc for ME2 is fucked on Xbox one and sometimes you gotta restart the game a few times. Otherwise you get a message saying you don't have some of the dlc.

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#22 Posted by kawsylvania (16 posts) -

Hey duders, this may make some of you cringe, but the destiny 2 expansion looks like the game is on the right path, so I'll be dusting off my warlock and give that a go. I'm also looking forward to be playing some deadcell and maybe get into monster hunter.

Thanks for some great positive posts, as a new subscriber, it warms my heart, that there's still hope for the internet.

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#23 Posted by Moderp (241 posts) -

Doom. This game is good.

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#24 Posted by CharlesFishman (3 posts) -

I'm about to wrap up Mario RPG, after completing both Super Mario Land and Super Mario Bros today. Also on the last dungeon in Persona 4 Golden. Super excited to check out Two Point Hospital.

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#25 Posted by glots (4359 posts) -

Didn’t we have a thread like this already? Eh, no matter.

Currently playing Donut County and Guacamelee 2. Might take a longer break with the latter, but I had big gaps in my playthrough of the first game as well, so it’d only be traditional.

Next week it’ll be Spider-Man and that will hopefully keep me busy for a good while. If the swinging around is as fun as it seems, I might even do a rare thing and hunt down all the collectible bs to add some more hours into the game.

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#26 Posted by TobbRobb (6585 posts) -

Playing a good bit of Monster Hunter on PC. Great game still, even after playing it to death on PS4.

I'm messing with my Switch still, replayed and finished Bayonetta 2 and playing both Octopath Traveler and Zelda on and off, but they took a backseat to MHW.

I have a bit of an itch to play Fighting Games too, but it's hard to fit the time in... DBFZ, SFV, Cross Tag and the new PC release of UNIEL st all are so good though. Darn my greedy interest zone.

I'm most looking forward to DMC V and Sekiro, so March next years is gonna be really exciting. I'm probably checking out Spiderman and Red Dead but I don't currently feel like I need to get them on release or anything.

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#27 Posted by TopCat88 (378 posts) -

I'm finally playing my $12 humble monthly version of Destiny before the DLC hits next week. I'm also 45hours into No Man's Sky.

All this space stuff, I'm looking forward to Red Dead and Forza Horizon. To bring me back down to earth.

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#29 Edited by DaringVixen (12 posts) -

@j87 said:

I've just finished Tales of Symphonia and i'm going to start Chrono Trigger soon.

Ooooh! I see a retrogamer here. I played a bit of Chrono Trigger before. Once you're done with it, I recommend Chrono Cross. It's one of the best RPGs for the PS1.

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#30 Posted by Rawrz (673 posts) -

Playing a bunch of Halo Master Chief Collection now that the update is finally out, finished Telltales Guardians of the Galaxy and really looking forward to Red Dead. Also hyped for Hitman 2, Battlefield V and Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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#31 Edited by Redhotchilimist (2964 posts) -
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Not gonna be long now until I get to Spider-Man. I have a lot of reservations about it, like a lot of character redesigns that are unrecognizable or bad, and a couple of boss fights that aren't exactly the pinnacle of any action games, a shame in a game with supervillains like it was back in Arkham Asylum. I think the arkham combat system is just bad man, it's too specific a system that only works for crowds of mooks, and crowds of mooks don't need a system made only for them. It's not a problem that needs solving, it just makes it look more "cinematic" and it means every boss fight becomes some gimmicked scripted thing 'cause it's not a combat system made for duels with single targets. I don't think this game adding stage interactables like it's Injustice is gonna solve that issue.

But at the end of the day, it's a great-looking Spider-Man game made by a competent developer that at least looks like it got the swinging right. It seems very polished and thought out, I'm more worried about their design decisions and a lack of depth than I am about it being directly bad. As a big Spider-Man fan I gotta get in on this and see for myself how good it is. The swinging looks really nice. If it's a good game I might actually get myself a competent Spider-Man game franchise.

Spider-Man is it for me next year, the other releases I'm hyped about are all coming out early next year it looks like.

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#32 Edited by pweidman (2857 posts) -

Simultaneously playing Warhammer 40K: Inquisition-Martyr, rerunning Doom(2016), Prey(seems really good), plus that new Moon DLC for it, and Diablo 3 S14 still. Will be playing Strange Brigade very soon, and then Dead Cells at some point as it's been conspicuously sitting unplayed in my library for a month. Really excited for RDR2 this fall. And if I need a mood enhancer, I just think of next year's first quarter, it's going to be insane. :-)

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#33 Posted by MeierTheRed (5950 posts) -

Currently playing Nothing, Nothing is a game about Nothing where you take control of Nothing. Been playing it for about two weeks if i where to put a score on it it would probably something like Nothing/Nothing is that's good. I wholeheartedly don't recommend it.

That aside i guess I'm in one of those periods where i just don't know what to play i can sit and spend an hour or two with every games client open known to man and not find anything i want to play. So i end up just listening to music or podcasts. Despite me having plenty of games i could play.

But I am looking forward to The Last of Us 2. Hope it's good.

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#34 Posted by jamesyfx (153 posts) -

Currently playing Mass Effect 2 with a load of texture mods installed.. I usually get exhausted when I try to play older games and install all the 'recommended' mods to bring them up to date (e.g. Oblivion, or Fallout 3).. But the tool available for this game (ALOT) is fantastic. it's made really well and was a cinch.

I'm only really hyped for Spiderman... I'm gonna be so bummed if it doesn't play well though.

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#35 Edited by Seikenfreak (1538 posts) -

In a sort of game-limbo at the moment, not feeling particularly hooked on anything, I am bouncing around. This is the calm before the storm I suppose.

WipeOut Omega Collection - I was messing with some PS1/PS2 games, picked up a copy of WipeOut 3 for PS1, which then lead me to pop Omega Collection back in. Gorgeous title. Music doesn't seem as good as the old stuff? Wish the gameplay/racing was a little better.

Nom Nom Galaxy - I believe this was on one of my GOTY lists at some point. Really enjoyed it back then but fell off as it got harder. Turned this on, played the first tutorial mission because I have no memory of how to play. And that's all I did. Cool ass game.

Destiny 2 - So this is free for PS+ people at the moment? I played the open beta for the original Destiny and nothing else. Only trying this one because its free, and like the original, the visuals are great and the combat feels good. Rest of it I couldn't care less.

Transformers Devastation - This was free on PS+ at some point. Jeff seemed to like it, and the art looked nice in the Quick Look. Now, all these years later, I was bored browsing my system and decided to start this up. Surprisingly cool. I'm not a big Transformers person, but this seems like such a wonderful, brilliant adaptation of that into a game. The way you can seamlessly transform from robot to vehicle, even mid combat, is really neat. In a shittier game, vehicle modes would've been isolated to certain crappy levels specifically designed around that. I'd consider trying to pick up a physical copy of this if I can for my collection.

Dragon's Crown Pro - Kinda didn't know this version existed? Or didn't remember. I have it digitally on PS3, might've been free PS+? Absolutely amazing artwork and music. I played it a bit but fell off. I stumbled across a listing for a physical copy on Amazon which is how I was made aware this version existed. Was only $30 and this is the sort of game that disappears off Amazon and then physical copies are less common? Whatever. Just popped the game in and sitting here idling in town listening to the music.

So that's the random stuff at the moment. All of it I'm lightly playing, which isn't really my style. I might as well not even be playing it. When I really play a game.. I play that game. Like every waking hour, I get addicted to games I enjoy. I can almost never play more than one game at a time. Something about it, I just can't get mentally invested in a game that way.

Dragon Quest 11 and Spider-Man are due next week. Both on order, could go either way for me. Never really played a Dragon Quest game before (I've dabbled) and I'm not big into the comic book/super hero stuff but I liked Arkham City and Insomniac are pretty good at what they do so I'm giving it a chance. I am concerned about their release proximity to each other and how that could harm my interest in both of them. Of course there are a handful of other games coming this fall.

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#36 Posted by Sin4profit (3501 posts) -

Just finished the first Desperados game in the series and about to start Desperados 2. I'll likely be playing through all the isometric stealth tactical games in this genre that i've missed before, some of the later Commandos games, maybe Robin Hood. All this in anticipation for Desperados 3.

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#37 Edited by TheFlamingo352 (360 posts) -

I'm super excited for Smash Ultimate and Frozen Synapse 2 (thanks to Waypoint for letting me know it exists). Red Dead 2 and Spiderman are the other definite purchases coming out, but I'm okay to wait for a sale for those.

Currently I'm mostly justly playing Overwatch, just got it on sale a few days ago and am having a good time learning the game along with some friends.

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#38 Posted by j87 (32 posts) -

@j87 said:

I've just finished Tales of Symphonia and i'm going to start Chrono Trigger soon.

Ooooh! I see a retrogamer here. I played a bit of Chrono Trigger before. Once you're done with it, I recommend Chrono Cross. It's one of the best RPGs for the PS1.

Thanks! I haven't played that one. Hopefully it gets released on PC.

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#40 Posted by DaringVixen (12 posts) -

@j87: I suggest that you use a PS1 emulator on your PC.

A remake of Dino Crisis would be great. Why haven't they don't it yet, I wonder. Resident Evil already got a remake. Boo...

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#44 Edited by Seikenfreak (1538 posts) -

So I just "finished" Destiny 2, at least I guess the original launch story stuff. As I mentioned above, I gave it a shot since it was free. Had to dump my irrelevant opinion somewhere. Boy did that suck. I reckon you could beat that in half a day if you wanted to.

Decent shooting feel and technically great visuals. Aesthetically, it's so boring to look at though. It's a shame such a talented group of people are being wasted by churning out this like generic sci-fi shooter junk. Imagine if the budget for this had been put towards something different? Feel like I'm going to forget I ever played this game in a week. Nothing memorable or remarkable about it. Constant needless, corny jokes. In this universe, everyone is just a different variation of a humanoid: Two arms, two legs, hopping around and filled with witty banter.

Achieved my goal and happy I was able to get it out of the way in time for DQ11 tomorrow though. Hope that's good.

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#46 Posted by teo22 (77 posts) -

I keep playing the same games forever while piling up a queue of "it's such a good deal I'm literally saving money" games on my Steam/GOG account.

A game comes out, 12 months later the "complete edition" is released. A year or two after that I buy it. Then it takes another two years for me to "clear my schedule". It's not a bad system though. Saves me money and I usually get to play the version with all the DLC, patches and bugfixes. Ironically enough I also have a thing for early access titles and crowdfunding so it evens outs.

Currently playing:


Wasteland 2 Director's Cut


Football Manager 2018

Into the Breach

Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

Looking forward to:

Wasteland 3

Pillars of Eternity 2 (Waiting for season pass content to come out first)


Shadowrun Returns

BioShock Collection (Never played them because I didn't like the controls of the first one on the Xbox)

Syberia I & II

Darkest Dungeon expansions

Desperados 3

Cyberpunk 2077

Aside from the last three I already own all the games I'm looking forward to playing, so I'm happy at the moment.

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#47 Edited by FacelessVixen (2635 posts) -

Looking forward to getting a 2DS XL with the off chance that I get into the competitive side to Pokemon since I took a long break from the series by not having played it since Gen 4. Sure, I could wait until late 2019 to get a Switch and one of whatever mainline versions of Pokemon will be on that console. But here's the problem: late 2019. I don't know about some people around here but that's a long fucking time from now. Plus, there are some GameBoy, SNES and DS games that I'd like to have retail copies of again.

...Or, a new graphics card if an RXT 2070 is enough of a significant upgrade over my current GTX 1060 in preparation for playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a 21:9 monitor.

@daringvixen said:

...I recommend Chrono Cross. It's one of the best RPGs for the PS1.

Well that's something you don't see everyday.