What gate should I use for my Sanwa sticks? Square, Circle, or Octagonal

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Let me preface by saying this is for a Arcade1UP Street Fighter II cabinet that I am converting into a Pi or Pandoras Box Cabinet.

I know many of you will say "it depends on your preference", and I am aware that my preference is an option, but I would like a couple different opinions, pros and cons, etc. Keep in mind I want a gate that will be good for all types of games, not just fighters.

Also, in regards to fighters, I am aware of the 6% vs 11% corner accuracy difference for octoganal vs square gates. I feel like a circle or octagonal gate is the direction I was leaning, but I have read square is pretty much the standard. Because I like to do some research, I also read charge characters are shit for octagonal gates, but I also kinda suck at firepunch quarter circles on the stock stick I have on the 1UP currently. Keep in mind I can't really tell how well I like the current gate based on this stock Arcade1UP stick because it plays like effing clown shoes.

So, I guess my question is... what is the best gate for all types of games? Also, could someone spit some positives for a circle gate?

Sorry if I ramble, I'm aware it is irritating. Thanks for your input.