What goes through your mind when you're playing video games ?

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I'm curious to know what your thought process is like when gaming.

Is your mind blank / focused and your just playing off reflexes ? Or do you think with an inner monologue about your next move ? Or do you visualize/ form a mental image of your next move ?

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Feels like a bunch of things at once. I think about what my hands should be doing. A part of me is going that's pretty cool/I really like that/this is a weird quirk/this is kind of a pain in the ass. Another part of me thinking what trophy I could get or should go for. Another part is like a frame-rate/tearing detector. A part of me is analyzing the space/enemies, the layout of it, the level design, and figuring out what the developers intended. Some part of me is going over the narrative I have thus far. Then a real life thing pops into my head which makes me say "ah fuck."

I think some combination of all these things happen constantly but because I've been doing it for so long it feels seamless.

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Sandwiches. Mostly sandwiches.

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When I'm playing a normal game, I'm usually pretty invested and think about how things are gonna go. When i'm playing a card game, like Hearthstone, Gwent or Magic Arena I'm usually thinking the same thing, that I really like playing card games but I'm the unluckiest son of a bitch in the known universe haha. RNGesus wants to see me suffer. I should not play card games is the lesson here, it irrationally angers me unlike anything else, it's silly.

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For me, it all depends on the game. For example, If I'm playing something like AC series or the Witcher, something that has a great storyline - then I like to be focused as much as possible. On the other hand, while playing racing games and such - then I like to go places if you know what I mean :D

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"Don't let dinner burn."

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I'm usually thinking about the games qualities, focused on noticing all the details lovingly crafted by talented people, and likewise being critical of things that aren't so great (doing this a lot with Total War: Three Kingdoms and the UI issues the series continues to have).
Also optimization, thinking about what i can do to improve a games stability.
I am paying attention to story content, but i'm much more technically minded.