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#1 Posted by Shotgunblast97 (195 posts) -

In this gaming generation it has became more normal for video games to have a 25 Million budget, which to me seems to be quite a lot of money. Remember that game too human ? No ,it's okay no one does that ended up costing 60 Million to make. So my question is what are your favorite budget games right now I'm liking Europa universailes 3 and sins of a solar empire ( Which I count as a low budget game even though I have heard some debate on it)

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#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

FTL! Granted, they were Kickstarted by several orders of magnitude more cash than they asked for, but it's still a fantastic game by any standard, let alone a two-man studio.

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#3 Posted by ProfessorEss (7957 posts) -

@Shotgunblast97 said:

Remember that game too human ?

Ummm, I think EVERYONE remembers Too Human, to the point that it will be one of the more remembered games of this generation (for the wrong reasons sure, but remembered nonetheless).

But I digress. I don't keep track of game budgets, how much did Jetpack Joyride cost to make?

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#4 Posted by laserbolts (5506 posts) -

Probably minecraft. I don't know the numbers at all but I'm assuming the budget was pretty small on it.

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#5 Edited by Cloudenvy (5893 posts) -

Audiosurf. That game is still super awesome and everytime I get some new music almost the first thing I do is shove it into Audiosurf.

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#6 Posted by Justin258 (14374 posts) -

Super Meat Boy

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#7 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

FTL. I got sick of it pretty quick once I beat it, but until I did I was playing it all the time for a good few days.

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#8 Posted by Ben_H (3930 posts) -

FTL. It was like $10. I've spent more time with it than I have most full priced games. I think I'm at like 42 hours or something now?

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#9 Posted by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

Terraria, just an infinitely more enjoyable Minecraft for me.

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#10 Posted by Kerned (1185 posts) -

Can I narrow it down to just this year? FTL for sure. I had more fun with that than almost anything else I played this year.

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#11 Posted by Sayishere (1854 posts) -

Probably the Binding of Isaac

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#12 Posted by plaintomato (616 posts) -

Test Drive Unlimited 1 & 2 - but really I'm just always bummed if I think what they could have been with AAA budgets.

What qualifies here anyway? Anything without a monster budget? Atari published these, I'm pretty sure anything Atari would qualify.

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#13 Posted by Rayeth (1169 posts) -

FTL and Barkley, Shut up and Jam!: Gaiden. If anyone needs help with that last one, ITS FREE!

Barkley is maybe the silliest game I have ever played. So silly, but pretty darn funny. FTL though is probably the better of the two, but not really the same kind of game at all.

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#14 Posted by Shotgunblast97 (195 posts) -

@plaintomato I didn't know there was a test drive 2, Is it free roam like the 1st one.

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#15 Posted by ryvythed (36 posts) -

Way of the Samurai 4 has been a blast. The screen tears like a bastard, but the gameplay is still there. Also really loved Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes from Capybara.

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#16 Posted by Silvergun (298 posts) -

EDF 2017 all the way. That game is the best example of a B-movie in game form. It looks like ass, the animations are horrific, and it recycles assets like nobody's business, but that game is just loads of fun and has its own strange charm to it. There is no game out there that does a better job of letting you take on a swarm of hundreds of giant ants with a MLRS!

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#17 Posted by BisonHero (10501 posts) -

FTL this year. The Binding of Isaac last year. VVVVVV the year before that (the more I think about it, the more I realize that game is one of the best games I've ever played).

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#18 Posted by indieslaw (525 posts) -

VVVVVV for sure. Kicked me down a wicked indie path.

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#19 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -

Me and my friends had a blast in Terraria for a few days, a deal at $2.50 when we bought it over a year ago.

I am just now getting into League of Legends.

Hawken is dope, but it's not out yet.

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#20 Posted by JaredA (852 posts) -

Deadly Premonition was pretty damn good

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#21 Posted by Mystyr_E (1457 posts) -

Cave Story

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#22 Posted by Bane122 (964 posts) -

Deadly Premonition, EDF 2017, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Kairosoft games.

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#23 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -


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#24 Edited by SpaceRunaway (935 posts) -

In the age of indie gaming and 99 cent games, I wonder if the definition of low budget games has changed. Retail budget games may have a bigger budget than indies, but I personally enjoy seeing how a developer has to deal with time and hardware constraints in shipping a retail product. Both the Earth Defense Force series and games like Cave Story, Dust, or Retro City Rampage would all be considered low budget, but they're very different from one another. Alternately, I also like low budget games that are just plain bad. For this reason Cauldron is one of my favorite developers. That they keep getting to make the Cabela's games makes me very, very happy inside.

With that in mind I kind of keep indie games separate from low budget games. Earth Defense Force 2 is probably my favorite "low budget" game, with Sandlot taking the top place as my favorite low budget developer. I'm super excited to see that they're back in charge for EDF 4.

Edit: I feel bad for forgetting to mention Deadly Premonition. Although, I'm pretty convinced that game had an enormous budget, and Swery just spent all of it on hamburgers and driving around Washington State.

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#25 Posted by Little_Socrates (5844 posts) -

Deadly Premonition, and like half the indie games out there.

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#26 Posted by JohnLocke (678 posts) -

I am not sure on the budget, but Splosion Man and Ms Splosion Man spring to mind for games I enjoy that are in the downloadable game category. Also To The Moon, Project Zomboid, Terraria, and many others. Although 90% of these were bought due to comments from sites like Giantbomb where I would not have tried them without a strong community good will for them.

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#27 Edited by Seppli (11232 posts) -

Battlefield 1943 was a grand experiment, and a grand game. I'm quite surprised and disappointed that EA/DICE didn't keep following it up every other year - between big Battlefield releases - because that'd be dope, and they'd be able to be much more experimental with these bite-sized Battlefield iterations - like having ammo & gadgets & explosives refill on cooldown - which was hella neat.

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#28 Posted by sabby_po (15 posts) -

Gaijin's line of combat flight sims for PS3/360 (Birds of Prey, Birds of Steel, Apache Air Assault).

Feels good to fly again. Haven't had a gaming PC in close to a decade.

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#29 Posted by Mahonay (842 posts) -

@Little_Socrates said:

Deadly Premonition, and like half the indie games out there.


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#30 Posted by DystopiaX (5661 posts) -

Barkley Shut up and jam Gaiden, Hotline Miami

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#31 Posted by cruxking (212 posts) -

off the bat i'd say probably mount and blade. picked up hotline Miami last week and it's making a strong case for itself.

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#32 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

too many to list, but let's not forget about Deadly Premonition, Torchlight series, and Legend of Grimrock.

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#33 Posted by TheHumanDove (2520 posts) -

Dear esther

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#34 Posted by Dagbiker (7041 posts) -


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#35 Edited by Gantrathor (295 posts) -

Hmmm, not sure how much they cost to make, but I loved Torchlight 2 and Space Pirates and Zombies. Oh, and Super Meat Boy was awesome.

Edit: D'oh! I forgot about Bastion! Shame on me.

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#36 Posted by Amducious (411 posts) -

Tren.. I mean Iron Brigade was a lot of fun and of course, Bastion. Will be getting FTL soon.

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#37 Posted by BeachThunder (14579 posts) -

¡Binding of Isaac!

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#38 Posted by Clonedzero (4206 posts) -

would mount and blade warband count as low budget? it looks low budget so i'll go with that.

that game is glorious

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#39 Posted by arkadysmile (219 posts) -

20 for Deadly Premonition=best value ever.

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#40 Posted by blessey (23 posts) -

Speed Racer has to be the best Wii Hidden Gem.

Also one of the best F-Zero clone ever.

And was Nier low budget ?

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#41 Posted by Gantrathor (295 posts) -

@Clonedzero: From what I've heard, Mount & Blade was made by only a few people, so I say it counts. And I agree, that game is glorious. Siege battles are awesome.

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#42 Posted by paulwade1984 (493 posts) -

Anything that is not AAA is low budget and a risk really. I think the correct title for this post is favorite Indy game.

The answer is Minecraft by the way.

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#43 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Either Minecraft or Super Meat Boy. Both games are in my top ten.

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#44 Posted by Joeybagad0nutz (1498 posts) -

I really liked Metro 2033.

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#45 Posted by Chontamenti (157 posts) -

Super Meat Boy and Minecraft.

Minecraft is the best way to enjoy an audio book and "do" something while listening. =)

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#46 Posted by HolyHackZack (139 posts) -

All about the Bastion.

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#47 Posted by killacam (1341 posts) -

world of goo and little inferno.


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#48 Posted by overjoyedpants (78 posts) -

My favorite is a free mod created by one guy. Day Z is absolutely fantastic. As good a job as telltale did making a walking dead game, i think Day Z captures the universe even better.The constant desperation created by the lack of supplies is incredible. Its the only game I've ever just hidden and observed someone before revealing myself, knowing that anyone can be hostile in the wrong circumstances. I cant wait for the retail release.

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#49 Posted by TehPickle (669 posts) -

@ervonymous said:

Terraria, just an infinitely more enjoyable Minecraft for me.

This, many many times over.

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#50 Posted by riostarwind (1221 posts) -

I put way to much time into Earth Defense Force 2017 on 360 when it first came out. Indy wise I really liked the Legend of Grimrock. Never really played to many classic dungeon crawlers but I still liked what I played.