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Seeing the original grand theft auto on the PS classic made me realize how similar it was to hotline Miami mixing cutesy 2D violence with a bad ass Tarantino-esque attitude and aesthetic.

Makes me wonder, could they make a polygonal 3D sequel that takes the series mainstream like GTA3? What would they need to do to make it happen? Can it translate that well? Who’d have thunk GTA could have anyway?

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I guess it would be sorta like Manhunt with more emphasis on action rather than sneaking.

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Pretty sure the devs have said that they’re done with HM and that their next game is something completely new.

But if they would be making a 3D Hotline Miami? I’m gonna say that they would need plenty of money and a team bigger than just two people. But if we skip that part? Well, others have already said it better.

HM2 was so disappointing to me, that I welcome something completely new next.

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@humanity: I was thinking more like Super Hot.

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Retro City Rampage?

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@jonny_anonymous: yah my first gut reaction was the gore but Hotline is defined a lot more by that frantic action that doesn’t slow down for a second. Super Hot is a perfect example of that - just add a different graphic style but they definitely would need to keep it moving fast with zero animation priority and one hit equaling one kill.

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For me, Hotline Miami is:

Fast, frantic action


Music (never stops, never restarts on death)

At least somewhat difficult, but with INSTANT and unlimited retries

Keep those in mind and, sure, why not jump to 3D. And yeah, Superhot as a baseline sounds about right.

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I don't see why it couldn't translate very well to 3d, aside from the stuff that would have to carry over from the original I could see the collision for the weapons requiring some consideration as swinging and missing attacks would presumably be more of an issue in 3d. As has been said they don't seem interested in continuing the series and they'd need a bigger team / budget etc. but I'd love to see it. HM is one of my absolute favourite games.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins, but less spooky and more fast-paced would basically be 3D Hotline Miami.

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I don't think it would translate too well to be honest. The top down perspective is crucial to Hotline Miami's gameplay. A first or third person perspective just would give enough information, and adding a 3d element would require a significantly higher degree of precision, so the gameplay would probably have to slow down a fair amount and lost the instant kills on the player. It would end up being a pretty different thing that might somewhat evoke Hotline Miami at best.

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honestly i kinda hope it never 'evolves' into something resembling GTA. i'm down for a perspective or stylistic shift- but anything that moves in the direction of 'realism' or a more accurate portrayal of violence will be be hard for me to stomach.

i love the game and all it's drug-fueled mania- but there's a lot of disturbing shit in there, and the retro-pixel vibe abstracts it just enough for me to handle it. if the game was just photo-real adventures of a psychopath braining people with a baseball bat- it would lose it's appeal for me.