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@mctangle said:

I miss Vinny just reading this thread.

Come back Vinny.

Come back

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I don't wanna think about it, I just want to enjoy it while it lasts. You know living in the now and all that.

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I think a great number of users would likely complain and leave. However, it wouldn't affect me so greatly. While Vinny is definitely a great member of the bomb staff, he's not the only one. I don't think too many people come to this site solely for one person, although I could be wrong. It would definitely mess with the synergy a bit, but I have a weird feeling that Vinny has a lot more invested in the site than Patrick has, so the chances are far slimmer. Patrick is also much younger, so this sort of move is much more common than someone who is older and has most likely found the spot he enjoys.

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@slag: He hasn't bought, he's only renting (I presume) as he was talking about not being able to do certain things and how its nice Ryan and Jeff have their own place. (Are we in too deep when we know about their living arrangements?)

oh my bad

It's a little creepy yeah, but hey it's kind of impossible not to know if your listen to the bombcast since that is what they talk about.

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@slag: He hasn't bought, he's only renting (I presume) as he was talking about not being able to do certain things and how its nice Ryan and Jeff have their own place. (Are we in too deep when we know about their living arrangements?)

Always in too deep around here. But hey, they bring it on themselves, yabbering on about anything and everything on the podcast.

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If Vinny left then someone else on the staff would have to step up and ask hilariously bad questions. And I mean that in a good way.

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@lackingsaint: Patrick is according to you ' by far the least-liked of the main GB Crew' wow rude. The fact is anybody joining late like he did was going to get hate no matter what. I don't think the majority don't like him, just a vocal minority, big difference.

Yeah, I mean even in his comment he hints towards a vocal minority with the outcry of support and love. Patrick is great, I honestly hope he still creates video content I mean without him, how pissed off would the community be? i feel like Patrick is really driving the content ship the last 6 months. The only good thing that comes from Patrick leaving is we have 4 person podcasts back hopefully. With 5 people their is just too much talking from too many different people, and this isn't a slight against Patrick, last episode without Jeff felt great because everyone had some room to breathe with only 4 people in the room.

If any of the core bombcasters left (Jeff, Ryan, Brad, Vinny) I would probably lose a ton of interest. I would still follow them along their respective careers, but this place wouldn't feel the same.

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That's like asking how you'll go on living if you lose both your arms. Sure, you'll live. You'll find a way to keep on trucking. But it won't be the same. It'd never be the same, or as good.

Edit: I don't mean those comments to diminish the input of any of the other members of the crew at all. The site hasn't been the same since Dave left (where's the flight sim Quick Looks?!), and it won't be the same after Patrick leaves, even if he is still writing stuff and doing solo videos.

It's just that Giant Bomb is like a horse drawn carriage, and without the Italian Stallion, it won't move along as well as it had been.

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I would continue watching Giant Bomb. That is what I would do. To me, Jeff is the one who holds the whole site together.

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Vinny is the Randy Rhoads to Jeff and Ryan's Ozzy Osbourne. Things will carry on but it will never, ever, be the same again. :(

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I don't think I could handle that.

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I already miss Vinny.

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He would take all the joy with him...

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They'd hire another video engineering guy and we'd like him too, probably.

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I think that would really suck since vinny is hilarious. But, like dave, he doesn't do a ton that isn't behind the scenes. I'd notice every time they did a big site wide video thing, but otherwise I wouldn't notice, how could I? Except for his occasional video antics, but those have pretty much stopped since it seems like andy or someone else is in control of the tricaster for most of those videos. Jeff ryan and brad though, man. That would be a huge part of the site just gone.

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apparently Dave leaving was kept so low-key I find out a half a month later :|

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#70 Posted by Maajin (1171 posts) -

Giant Bomb is doomed.

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@mystyr_e said:

apparently Dave leaving was kept so low-key I find out a half a month later :|

Oh, there was much ballyhoo about that on the forums at the time. Dave taking off to be full-time dad for a while, Rorie welcomed back into the fold all announced on the same day. :)

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What if Vinny turned into a horrible crab monster and started rampaging through the city?

My hypothetical is way better than your dumb "omg if patrick leaves vinny could too?! internet abandonment issues!"

Vinny is the one who KEEPS the horrible crab monsters from rampaging through all the cities

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To do what? Being employed at Giant Bomb seems like the best job one could have.

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I would be very upset. I already miss Dave.

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@shagge: After Rich Gallup left gamespot, Jeff took up hosting the podcast, then after he got fired Vinny hosted the podcast. I really loved it when vinny hosted the Hotspot, he was really good at it.

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Might just have to bite into a cyanide capsule. Okay, so thats a bit extreme but I'd most likely at least kick a puppy in anger.

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I feel depressed just thinking about it.

If Giant Bomb/Whiskey Media has taught me anything over the last couple of years it's that getting married and especially having kids is not something I ever want to do.

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#78 Posted by Darson (529 posts) -

Well let's be honest here. We can never go on without the Italian Stallion, nor can we make it without Dr. Tracksuit, but Ryan Davis? Fuck that guy. Brad and Patrick have already left.

We're doomed.

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Would sad thing make you sad? How sad? Feed me your tears.

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If Vinny leaves, all I wanna say is...

No tears, only dreams...

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I don't think they keep Vinny locked in the office. He probably leaves every night.

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Well I've watched low quality streams of Ryan and Jeff driving home and streams of Jeff playing whatever random nonsense from his house, and neither of those feature Vinny, so I imagine I'm in deep enough that I'd find a way to go on living.

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The fuck kind of question is this? Do you ask yourself when you wake up in the morning if everything you know and loved suddenly disappeared? No, you don't. You enjoy the little time you have on this World because that's all you can do. Now don't ever talk put such vile thoughts into our heads again, LackingSaint.

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#84 Posted by ShaggE (8398 posts) -

@redroach said:

@shagge: After Rich Gallup left gamespot, Jeff took up hosting the podcast, then after he got fired Vinny hosted the podcast. I really loved it when vinny hosted the Hotspot, he was really good at it.

Yeah, I know. I was joking; I don't truly believe that Vinny doesn't exist.

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I think if vinny left I would stop or slowly stop following GB. Probably same for Jeff.

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@dethfish said:

I don't think they keep Vinny locked in the office. He probably leaves every night.

Heh! I laughed...

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First Alex. Then Brad. Then Dave. Then Patrick. Knowing his luck, Giant Bomb will be closed down in a couple of weeks and Rorie will be left unemployed again :(

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Meh, whatever. Never really cared for Vinny.

... FUCK, I LIED! I can't even joke like that for more than 5 seconds.

Honestly though, I would be really bummed out. I would still come to the site from time to time, but it wouldn't be the same without him. He's a core member of the GB experience as far as I'm concerned. Not only that, he remains to be the most entertaining, loveable, and genuine duders on the site.

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This thread bums me out...

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@yothatlimp: Yeah totally agree Patrick's output over the last year has really been refreshing for the site, his articles and videos are great and i hope it continues when he moves.

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I would believe a better question would be: What would happen if two Vinny(s) showed up at the office? How would anyone tell the difference between the real one and the evil twin?

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CBS secretly strapped proximity-range explosives to Vinny's butt cheeks, just increase he decides to leave town (unless authorized to). Knowing that, I'm not too concern of this question.

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Vinny is too valuable from a production standpoint, let alone in terms of being the heart/soul/lovable-one. The site would no doubt be different, but if the hypothetical were to happen I'd still give the site a chance, but wouldnt expect much at all.

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Vinny Can't ever leave i will not allow it I don't know if I could go on living.

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It'd probably go something like this.

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I would probably have the same reaction that I would with any of the main crew leaving: FUCKING SADNESS. He is truly unique and indispensable. But, I would mourn Vinny in a way appropriate for his stature (e.g. the loss of one's king).

Now, if a majority of the main crew, or all of Giant Bomb, ceased to be, and I no longer had any more Bombcasts, I don't even know what I would do. When dealing with chronic illness, there aren't many things that can cheer you up or distract you. The Bombcast (as well as some of GB's excellent video features) is what does it for me. I listen to it everyday, old and new. The Giant Bombcast truly is an all-natural remedy for the ails and aches of man. And, to anyone who thinks they could just throw in new people and keep going, Giant Bomb is what it is because of these guys. So I would just like to give a heartfelt thanks to the crew at Giant Bomb (even the behind-the-scenes guys *WE MISS YOU DAVE!*) for their hard work and their making life a little more pleasant. You guys rock.

P.S. I wish Patrick the best of luck with his move. He really grew into his place at GB. I've always felt that he had the most to contribute in the written form, so I'm glad he'll at least still be able to do that.

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I don't know if I could take it. I'd stick around for a bit longer to see what would happen, but damn... Vinny is an integral part of what I love about Giantbomb.

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#98 Posted by AlexanderSheen (5150 posts) -

Might as well shut the site down and burn down the CBS building.

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I feel like crying just thinking about this imaginary scenario.

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As I think anyone is willing to admit, Patrick was a controversial figure at GiantBomb. Even as somebody who greatly enjoyed his addition to the group dynamic, and the level of enthusiasm he had for the industry, I can say with some certainty that there was a firm vein of dislike for him. This is why to me it was all the more heartwarming and eye-opening to see the level of support and sorrow when he revealed he'd be moving back to Chicago. Despite likely being by far the least-liked of the main GB Crew, Patrick's announcement revealed that many, many people felt a great loss by his absence.

With that in mind, look at Vinny. EVERYONE loves Vinny. The livestream chats explode in glee whenever that guy does some crazy shit or even just shows up. His Quick Looks are almost always the most enjoyed of the week, and the content he is tied to is usually held in the highest esteem. In reflection to Patrick, Vinny almost never had venom thrown his way, and love for him is basically unanimous.

So what if Vinny left? With the outcry even after Patrick's announcement, what if probably the most beloved member of the staff went off-site? Do you think a noticable chunk of the audience would drop off? Do you think things would go on as usual? I think there's an interesting discussion to be made here on the value of certain personalities on-staff.