What is your biggest gripe about an otherwise great game?

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#1 Posted by Standby2Standby (17 posts) -

What is all of your biggest gripes about otherwise great games?

I was thinking about this earlier today while playing Skyrim. Now, just to preface, I love Skyrim - I have bought it several times over, and am currently on my billionth stealthy archer on the switch version.

Skyrim is freaking deserted. It's supposed to be a province in a huge country, but it probably has about, what, 500 people in it? The cities have 30 buildings? The scale of it is all off. I noticed it too in Oblivion, when the final climactic battle for all space and time occurs, and the troops mass by my side... all like, 7 of them.

I'm wondering what has thrown this idea into my brain, and I think the biggest culprit is that the Witcher 3 spoiled me with its grandiosity. All of that aside, still love the game (and series, really), but I do hope the next installment feels a bit bigger.

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#2 Posted by HeelBill (159 posts) -

If you have access to the PC version of Skyrim, there are mods that make the towns more dense and lively.

For me, It's the item management of Witcher 3. Loved it to death but hated having to go to my inventory to apply sword oils and drink potions i didn't have in my quick item select which is limited to only 4 I think.

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#3 Edited by Indiana_Jenkins (459 posts) -

Climbing in the rain in BOTW is, without a doubt, the worst part of that game.

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#4 Edited by doctordonkey (1854 posts) -

The health system in Breath of the Wild. Being able to pause the action and not only heal to full, but overheal by like 20 extra hearts breaks any sort of tension the combat could possibly have. Especially bad when you discover how absurd adding durians is recipes is. I'd rather they fixed this in Master Mode instead of just raising the enemy tiers by 1 and allowing them to regen health.

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#5 Edited by Justin258 (15689 posts) -

I've also been playing the Switch version of Skyrim and you know what I hate about vanilla Skyrim? Poor fucking merchants. Surely a wretched greedy bastard like Belethor has more than 750 gold with which to buy all of my valuable brand-new, freshly enchanted leather gloves, golden rings, and iron daggers, among other tchotchkes nicked from tombs, caves, ruins, and asshole bandits.

Edit: Worth noting, Skyrim is freaking deserted because of CPU limitations on the 360 and PS3. I really wish Bethesda would have changed up a lot of things in vanilla Skyrim for the modern re release - they could have implemented SkyUI, for instance, because the UI sucks. Still, that's a really good version of Skyrim that I can play in my bed or anywhere else.

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#6 Posted by Captain_Insano (3532 posts) -

@heelbill: Item management in The Witcher 3 would be one of mine too. That is my favourite game ever, but thw inventory system really sucks.

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#7 Posted by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

Instant death in almost any character action game. If I die, I want it to be because I was defeated, not because I failed to learn about and dodge the one-hit-kill attack. I've run into this with NieR: Automata, Nioh, and the God of War remaster recently. Oddly enough, I still love those games. Well... except the God of War remaster. The camera angles are driving me mad.

Deus Ex is one of my all-time top 3 games, but those Hong Kong voices. Yeesh.

Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines is Deus Ex with vampires, relevant character select, and better voice acting... yet that sewer level. Has there ever been a good sewer level in a video game? I know it's cliché at this point, but just avoid sewer levels. Oh, and it had a lot of bugs that kept anyone from enjoying this masterpiece at launch, but the unofficial patch has removed almost all of them.

Rain in Breath of the Wild. Weapon durability as well. I didn't hate it, but it was set to low. It could have easily been double or tripled. Yet even with those problems it's such an amazing game.

I can go on for a while, but that solo fight against Wiegraf in Final Fantasy Tactics. There are known ways to cheese that fight now, due to a very particular AI bug, but when that game came out, that fight was a run killer. You either had a solo Ramza build that could take him on, or you restarted your game. I think the first time I played the game I build Ramza as a calculator, and I had to restart and build Ramza into a ninja to win that fight.

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#8 Posted by The_Greg (548 posts) -

Any Borderlands game. I can't get past the dialogue and humour. It's funny if you're 9 years old, otherwise it's totally cringe-worthy and irritaring.

Dark Souls. These games are really good, but I just don't have the spare time to keep replaying the same section of game over and over. Too hard in a non-fun way.

Half Life 2. The weapons suck balls. They feel bad and it ruins the game.

Portal. That cake song.

99% of Japanese games. You play as children who have usually overslept.

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#9 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

With the talk of fantasy RPG's, I'll bring up Dragon Age: Inquisition. The biggest issue I have with it is its mundane side tasks, it's also partially why The Witcher 3 is better in my opinion when both are otherwise almost on the same level to me personally.

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#10 Posted by The_Greg (548 posts) -

@ntm: The side quests in Dragon Age: Inquisition are some of the most mundane I've seen, whereas the Witcher 3's always seem to have an interesting little story to them, or at least add some context to the world.

Speaking of Witcher 3. The ridiculous armour designs were almost a deal-breaker for me. Such a silly little thing, but playing as a puffy cushion doesn't really help the ruthless anti-hero vibe.

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#11 Posted by NTM (11872 posts) -

@the_greg: A friend of mine said a similar thing about The Witcher 3 armor. I can agree that they're not the best where they made me say 'now Geralt looks cool!', but I don't really mind them. Also, as for your previous post, I felt the same way originally about the Souls games if you're meaning that you had to grind, but eventually when I went back in 2016 to beat them all, I found out that it's not true at all. You go through the environments and see new things pretty rapidly and it's not all that hard, the only time you might want to do it is if you want to farm souls so you can confidently defeat a boss. Maybe I don't know what you mean by 'replaying the same section of game over and over' though.

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#12 Posted by Sahalarious (796 posts) -

The scale in Elder Scrolls games is my biggest one as well, Skyrim especially. Fallout 3 was perfect because it made sense for things to be sparse. Otherwise its the lack of story in MGSV, or the fact that they were so focused on online play that GTAV single player has nothing to fucking do at all other than mainlining the story.

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#13 Edited by Daiphyer (1531 posts) -

Holding that damn medallion in Witcher 3 and chasing foot prints. Literally 50% of the side quests had you doing this.

Level-Scaling of DLC for Borderlands 2. I was either way too over-leveled or way under-leveled for all of them. I just wish they'd scaled to your level instead of being set like that.

That dumb invisible platforms section of Dark Souls.

The same "ice dude" at the end of every cave in Skyrim. (Saints Row the Third Game of the Year)

Edit: Oh, and any game that just remixes the levels and gives it to you as "new content" --- e.g. Metal Gear Solid 5.

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#14 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

I stopped playing Dead Space at the asteroid-shooting turret sequence. I died one too many times and moved on to another game.

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#15 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

I generally like regions having set difficulty, but with DLC you figure it needs to be very high level, assuming folks are leveled-up already.

Trivial difficulty just...trivializes the entire experience.

Too much of that all at once makes a game boring.

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#16 Posted by RubberFactory (332 posts) -

Far Cry 2 would have been a great game if the guard outposts weren't manned by revenants hellbent on killing you. That game was the FPS equivalent of a side scroller with respawning enemies.

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#19 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

I replayed Far Cry 4 recently, and I love that game, but it's so stupid that a supposedly "open world" game has half of the map closed off until late in the story, so you have this huge area that you only get to explore when you're at the point that you're completely upgraded with no more skins to collect, and you're just rushing to the ending. Also, the faction aspect of the main story can eat a dick.

I've also been dipping my toes into Fire Pro Wrestling World, and I have a bunch of gripes about the design and the presentation of that game. My biggest design complaint is that it doesn't feel enough like pro wrestling, it feels more like a fighting game; I understand that Japanese wrestling is much more serious and sport-like, and I adore puroresu, but when you give me a wrestling game that includes no way of telling stories or feuds or even arranging whole shows rather than individual matches or a big tournament, it makes me feel like there's something missing. On the presentation side, there are a lot of things that the game could do a much better job of explaining, and I'd really like for the game to have a better translation, or for there to be a version for the English-speaking market. Basically, Fire Pro Wrestling World is mad janky, and I understand that part of the appeal is how bootsy it is, but that's still something I find myself bumping up against.

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#20 Posted by meteora3255 (681 posts) -

Inventory management in Mass Effect comes to mind. They just threw way too much vendor trash at you.

Ammo in Sunset Overdrive also annoyed me. Having to leave a fight or break a combo because you ran out of ammo was annoying and at least when I played ammo was a concern in the larger fights.

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#21 Posted by The_Greg (548 posts) -

@rubberfactory: And that malaria nonsense. This might actually be #1 for me. I love Far Cry 2 but that f**king malaria adds nothing but frustration to the game.

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#22 Posted by ATastySlurpee (679 posts) -

I'm sure there is a great game in there somewhere and I'm trying like hell to enjoy it WITHOUT buying a $70 PRO controller, but man the base controls in BotW are beyond awful. I'm 15 hours or so in and I just cant get over how unnatural and cumbersome they feel.

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#23 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8931 posts) -

Fallout 4 is an amazing game with amazingly boring scope in terms of its story and factions. I don’t know how you make the Institute any more boring than they managed, and it’s a shame, because they were, conceptually, a neat faction.

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#24 Edited by ll_Exile_ll (3017 posts) -

This is more of a nitpick rather than a "biggest grip," but the lack of analog locomotion in The Witcher 3 is a bummer. Having Geralt be locked to 3 gears (walk, jog, or run) feels really limited and dated. Considering I prefer playing W3 on a gamepad, even on PC, it feels quite bad to feather the analog stick and not have Geralt move appropriately. He will continue to walk at the same speed until you hit an arbitrary threshold, which will then trigger him to immediately accelerate to jogging speed. Comparing the way the movement feels in The Witcher 3 to games like Uncharted, Tomb Raider, or Assassin's Creed, it feels way worse.

I'm the type of person that often likes to move through areas like I'm putting on an E3 demo, so it's frustrating to be limited to really slow walking or too fast jogging.

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#25 Posted by RonnieBarzel (493 posts) -

The way “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” handles its difficulty curve. Rather than introduce tougher and tougher enemies as the game progresses, it relatively early on rolls out the last of the 5-6 enemy types and then decides to make later fights tougher by just making you fight more and more of them. Once you’ve cracked their weaknesses — jump over this one, wall-dive into that one, etc. — it becomes more tiresome than fun.

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#26 Posted by BoOzak (2647 posts) -

@daiphyer said:

Holding that damn medallion in Witcher 3 and chasing foot prints. Literally 50% of the side quests had you doing this.

This, also detective vision in the Arkham game and pinging the enviroment in Tomb Raider. Just make the plot critical stuff stand out, a second mode or vision isnt required.

Also finding tracks in Monster Hunter World to unlock new hunts. 'Enjoyed finding the tracks for Elder Dragons once?! How about tempered Elder Dragons!' fuck.

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#27 Posted by turboman (9924 posts) -

The exploding caskets section in Uncharted 4 is the most un-fun chapter I've ever played in a video game ever.

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#28 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (229 posts) -

Sometimes I have way too hard of a time picking up stuff that's at my feet in The Witcher 3.

I also get really thrown off by rotating mini-maps in games in general. I really appreciate being able to toggle it on and off, which is something Witcher 3 does right!

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#29 Edited by Shiftygism (1066 posts) -

WWE All Stars, a great game that would've been even better with a deeper creation suite.

Animal Crossing New Leaf's lack of no build zoning options is down right infuriating, as is not being able to keep certain townsfolk from moving away if you take an extended break.

No platinum trophy for the complete version of Hitman is a huge bummer.

Great games that require obnoxious multiplayer achievements to unlock their platinum, even more so for ones that no longer support their online content.

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#30 Posted by Sombre (476 posts) -

Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time. But after Anor Londo, the game takes kind of a nosedive

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#31 Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1380 posts) -

The instant death QTE's in Bayonetta. The timing window for them is super tight and it is super annoying to lose a high rating on a level because you weren't fixed to the controller during a cutscene.

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#32 Edited by newhaap (512 posts) -

The auto save during boss battles in The Witcher 3 for me was too unforgiving. Some of those battles last a while and have multiple stages, and you have to start from the very beginning if you don't make it through the whole thing.

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#33 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

Oblivion's speechcraft minigame and the auto-leveling enemies.

The Fade section in Dragon Age Origins.

The Yiga Clan quest and the "bring the blue fire from Point A to Point B" quests in Breath of the Wild.

How bloody long it takes to unlock the full Fus Roh Dah shout in Skyrim.

Gavelkind succession being the common default inheritance law and the need to restart the game to switch between single player and multiplayer in Crusader Kings II.

The voiced protagonist in Fallout 4.

The mandatory race missions in Red Dead Redemption.

The lack of mission checkpoints in San Andreas.

The Killer Croc section in Arkham Asylum.

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#34 Posted by Kaivyre (26 posts) -

Having to farm for blood vials in Bloodborne. Huge hassle in the early game, but spend 30 minutes farming and you'll have enough to last until the end of the game.

How terrible Warframe is at explaining any of its 5000 mechanics to you.

The fact that we still don't have a good way to play Jet Set Radio Future outside a OG Xbox.

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#35 Posted by meteora3255 (681 posts) -

@shiftygism: If Animal Crossing allowed you to block people from moving out it would be damaging the core of what that game is. I understand the frustration but the game is about everyone in town living their own lives. Sometimes people move away, it sucks but it's life.

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#36 Posted by Eroq (91 posts) -

The really lackluster AI in Civ VI.

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#37 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7093 posts) -

I love everything about Overwatch except for everything surrounding cosmetics. I just fucking want to buy the exact thing I want. I don't want to be forced to to play an ungodly number of matches or hand over money for the mere chance - there's absolutely zero guarantee, just the mere chance - of getting what I want. I think it's a gross business model that gets away with it because it's "not as bad as can be" and, to be fair, the free content. However, as someone who cares very much about how my characters look in video games, I find the whole thing rather predatory.

Like I've said before, if "cosmetics don't matter" like so many people claim, then fine, let players disable them outside of custom games. But Blizzard won't ever do that because other people showing off skins is essentially free, constant advertising for lootboxes. Sooooo, yeah, cosmetics clearly matter a whole fucking lot and Blizzard knows it or else they wouldn't constantly be shoving them in people's faces. Valve has/had economists and psychologists on staff to make sure they can squeeze out as much money as they possibly could from DotA2 players. You're going to tell me Blizzard hasn't done the same?

Again, great fucking game and yeah, while it could be worse, that doesn't excuse the obviously predatory practices in play. Just my opinion though.

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#38 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

@babychoochoo: You can buy things except event stuff right? I mostly just played Overwatch around launch and remember that being a thing in the early events. Was a way more enjoyable system when you could just buy anything with the in-game credits. I'd go so far as to say that everything being gettable with in-game currency was actually a legit great system, not just "not as bad as it could be." But ya, the event stuff only being available in event loot boxes pretty much ruins it.

If I'm not mistaken, Heroes of the Storm changed over to that system as well, but I don't remember anything being off the table in terms of being gettable with in-game currency.

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#39 Posted by Kidavenger (4417 posts) -

God of War 2, great game up to the final boss, then the difficulty for that one fight is needlessly difficult and finishes with a quicktime sequence that requires split second timing, it honestly felt bugged as the game is full of reasonable timers on all other quicktime events.

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#40 Posted by cubidog (96 posts) -

I'm currently playing the Wii U version of Breath of the Wild and the only things I'm not enjoying are the constant rain, and any shrine that uses the motion control ball puzzles. Both of these are beyond frustrating.

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#41 Edited by OurSin_360 (6197 posts) -

The ui and inventory management in grim dawn. So many different components, weapons, moves and devotions and no easy way to list or cycle through them without 3rd party mods. Still have almost 1000hours into it.

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#42 Edited by BisonHero (11603 posts) -

I think FTL is a near perfect game, but the rebel flagship final boss can eat a dick because it's just bad design. With most other ships in the game, you can engage them in a fair fight; with the final boss, he spams you with missiles so much that you basically need to have a teleporter on your ship so you can just cheese the boss by immediately teleporting to his missile room and disabling it. If your ship doesn't have a teleporter, the fight is like 10 times harder because you just get spammed with infinite missiles at an unreasonable rate for all 3 stages of the fight.

At no other point in the game is it *necessary* to have bought a certain ship system and many of them are valid in their own way, but because the boss is so OP and is always the same fight every time it all but forces you to buy a teleporter to deal with it. The final boss either should've been more randomized so different player builds are viable, or if they kept it as a permanent, always the same way boss fight, it should've been more reasonable so that you don't *have to* cheese it with a teleporter.

It's just not very fun, and feels at odds with the rest of the game. Either the boss cheeses you to death with an unfair missile spam weapon, or you cheese the boss to death by disabling all of his weapons with teleporter attack squads, and there's really no middle ground where it's actually a very interactive fight.

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#43 Posted by bugbarbecue (215 posts) -

@newhaap: I really only had this one time in the Witcher, and looking back on it from having finished the game I can see why. I was underlevelled for one particular ghost and she'd two-shot me if I wasn't exact with my rolls. On reflection I'm not sure why I didn't move on to something else, it's not like that wight was a main story objective or anything.

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#44 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (377 posts) -

@kaivyre: I've tried to get into Warframe three different times now, and even after a couple hours of fun gameplay, I still feel hopelessly lost on what to do and inevitably give up.

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#45 Posted by lylebot (137 posts) -

MGSV is great, but Quiet’s character design is atrocious. I have to be careful playing the game around my wife and daughters, because Quiet is so bad that I feel like it reflects poorly on *me* that I like the game so much. My wife—who has seen Quiet—and my daughters—who haven’t—actually like the game too!

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#46 Posted by jeffrud (717 posts) -

Breath of the Wild's highs are very high for me, but I found three of the four Divine Beast dungeons and their boss fights disappointing. They veered too far into free form territory, such that they lacked the well thought out feel of some of the shrines, and the bosses had only mechanical wobbles to differentiate them. Even those weren't great, I thought. Even so, I will probably replay the entire thing again at some point on my shiny new Switch.

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#47 Posted by meteora3255 (681 posts) -

@babychoochoo: To play devil's advocate Blizzard has supported Overwatch with a ton of free content since launch (new heroes, make, modes, timed events, etc). That money does have to come from somewhere. Most of the cosmetics can be bought with in-game currency as well (although pricing can be a bit high).

I haven't ever spent money on loot boxes in overwatch and I certainly have never felt the need to, regardless of what skins I see in a match. If you are really into that stuff I could see how it's a bummer but I think Blizzard has toed the line pretty well in terms of providing a reasonable path to purchase items while ensuring they can pay for future development on the game.

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#48 Posted by Shiftygism (1066 posts) -

@shiftygism: If Animal Crossing allowed you to block people from moving out it would be damaging the core of what that game is. I understand the frustration but the game is about everyone in town living their own lives. Sometimes people move away, it sucks but it's life.

With the ability to reset the clock to your hearts content and them making titles simply focused on design it's clear Nintendo's aware not everyone plays strictly for those light simulation aspects. I'm mostly in it for the collecting, decorating, and landscaping. You could simply allow players the ability to continue exactly from the point they left off or give those townsfolk incentive for sticking around by giving them jobs/roles within the community.

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#49 Posted by Slasktotten (90 posts) -

Dota 2.

The people who play it.

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#50 Posted by Kaneis (61 posts) -

Everything in Destiny 2 besides the gun play, environments, and art design. All activities in Destiny become trivial, since they all mostly reward gear at relatively the same power level. The best example of what they should do is how they implemented raid-specific rewards and mods; where if you are able to collect and wear raid gear, your damage output is significantly higher.

The game is afraid of empowering its players. Drops from finishing a Public Event weekly milestone are the same as finishing a difficult Prestige Nightfall.

I love this game to bits. But there are a lot of points that need to be addressed.