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Hey duders, so most of us do some form of gaming while on the go either to just keep us pre-occupied during a long boring flight or to keep us busy cause the stranger sitting next to you on the bus is inclined to start a converstion with you abou nyaah cat. What is your go to game of choice that you know will keep you entertained till you get to your destination? Mine is tetris ds for my ds and geospark and drop 7 on my android phone. I think for the simple reason they are games that never end and don't require all your attention to play, just in case I might miss my stop.

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Usually a Jrpg. I don't really have a specific one, but Pokemon is good to zone out to and grind.

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Solitaire more often than not lately. But occasionally I'll just sit and stare like a creep. As long as I have something playing in my earholes, I'm good.

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Zoo Keeper Battle, all day everyday.

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