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Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: What should I play next from my absurd backlog of games? (290 votes)

1. Axiom Verge 3%
2. Undertale 14%
3. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider 6%
4. Dust: An Elysian Tale 6%
5. Hollow Knight 8%
6. Metal Gear Rising 14%
7. Salt and Sanctuary 4%
8. Sleeping Dogs 30%
9. Vanquish 8%
10. No, but seriously...you haven't played <insert game> from your Steam Library...you seriously need to play that. 5%

I made a New Year's Resolution to not buy more than 3 games for the entirety of the year, and will be keeping track of my progress via blog entries each week. As I complete games, I'm letting the community of duders chime in to help me pick what I should play next!

With Pyre successfully completed, it's time to find something to replace it. So I leave it to you, fellow duders. What should I tackle next from my backlog?

Note, if you are looking to pick option 10:

  • Here's a link to my Steam profile .
  • If you do go for that option, just know that I'm purposely avoiding longer RPGs while I focus on Divinity: OS 2, so try to avoid those.
  • Post what game you think I should play in your message
  • Try to make a compelling argument since you may be going against many votes for one of the other games listed (unless many people happen to pick the same game) :)
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#1 Posted by cubidog (96 posts) -

Hollow Knight without a doubt. It's one of the most well made Metroidvanias ever created. Honestly if Zelda didn't come out last year, it probably would have been my GOTY. The only problem I have is that the first two or so hours were kinda boring. But man once it got going, I was entranced. Also, this is the one game where Dark Souls comparisons are actually apt.

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#2 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

Wowzers, sleeping dogs is surging back with a vengeance!

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#3 Posted by Eroq (89 posts) -

Your steam profile says you haven't played Superhot. You should play Superhot.

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#4 Posted by Toastburner_B (470 posts) -

Dust is a great game that a lot of people overlooked. I highly recommend it.

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#5 Posted by Rejizzle (1104 posts) -

All excellent games. I chose Vanquish because on top of being an absolute banger, you can plow through it in 6 hours or so if memory serves.

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#6 Posted by clagnaught (2117 posts) -

@eroq said:

Your steam profile says you haven't played Superhot. You should play Superhot.

I second this. Superhot is not only great, but it's also short and sweet. If you got an afternoon to play it this weekend, you should play Superhot.

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#7 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

@clagnaught: I played the shit out of Superhot VR. How different is it? Worth playing the normal version as well?

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#8 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

@clagnaught: And yes...it just so happens that the wife is away all Saturday and Sunday. So it's gonna be one of those weekends (You know, the kind where you lose all self-respect and any meaningful schedule and wake up surrounded by pizza boxes and beer cans at 3 pm the following day wondering what the fuck happened...Those kind of weekends).

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#9 Posted by Eroq (89 posts) -

@big_denim: I've played both and I'd say it's different enough to warrant checking out. If you're not feeling it, Undertale is similarly short and sweet, and you'll know pretty quickly if it's your thing or not.

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#10 Posted by clagnaught (2117 posts) -

@clagnaught: I played the shit out of Superhot VR. How different is it? Worth playing the normal version as well?

It is probably still worth it. From what I've seen of Superhot VR, regular Superhot has more unique levels. The story is fun to see if you have any interest in what's really going on in the world of Superhot. We're also talking 2-4 hours, so it's less of commitment than the other games you have on the main list.

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#11 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -


It's short and if by some chance you still don't know much about it, it's really worth going in as blind as possible. It's best to have that game spoiled as little as possible.

Bang it out and then move onto something else off the list.

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#12 Posted by OurSin_360 (6158 posts) -

Metal gear, it's like 8-10 hours and extremely fun then you can move on to your next game.

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#13 Posted by packerman120 (114 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs 100%. That game is pure excellence. One of my favorite games of the decade.

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#14 Posted by Kodo_Beast (147 posts) -

Undertale's something like 6 hours for first play-through, so I'd start with that. The soundtrack alone makes it worth playing.

Hollow Knight's an amazing game but it's something like 20-30 hours. There's also one last big update they're working on, so it might be worth it to wait.

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#15 Posted by redwing42 (515 posts) -

I'd go with Dust or Sleepy Dogs.

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#16 Posted by Dan_CiTi (5199 posts) -

Dust or Dishonored

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#17 Posted by WrinklyDinosaur (542 posts) -

Rogue Legacy!

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#18 Edited by imhungry (1115 posts) -

I voted for Sleeping Dogs but then I scrolled down and saw that you haven't played Superhot yet so you should probably play Superhot. You should probably just play Superhot in one sitting then play Sleeping Dogs.

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#19 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

I will let this go until 5 PM tonight when I'm done with work. I'll let you know what ends up winning, but it's seeming like Sleeping Dogs with Superhot on the side are the winners!

If your choice doesn't win by 5 pm, don't worry. I am doing this all year so there's plenty of time for Undertale and Dust fans to get their moment of glory 😊

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#20 Posted by spankingaddict (2977 posts) -

Get on that Dust!

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#21 Posted by MundaneSoul (74 posts) -

Out of your list, the one that really sticks out to me is Sleeping Dogs. I didn't expect to love that game, but I enjoyed it enough that I came back after not completing it when they released the graphically-updated edition and played it through from the beginning to completion. It's pretty fucking rad. It had a vibe that I feel like a lot of open world games are missing. And a lot of great characters. Sure, there's some dumb stuff too, but that's true of most open world games.

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#22 Posted by Y2Ken (2944 posts) -

I voted for Undertale, though I could have also gone with Metal Gear Rising. Both are short, sweet games that I'd recommend to just about anyone.

Drew & Dan played through MGR, though - so you could just watch that if you wanted, but I would still suggest playing it because the gameplay is fantastically satisfying once you get to grips with it. Undertale is definitely well worth your time, however, and it's absolutely a game I'd recommend playing for yourself rather than watching, at least for your first experience with it. The start is a little slow, but once you get into the second area it's packed with great stuff. I don't have any affinity for the old series it draws from (such as Earthbound), nor am I much of a shmup fan (which it takes elements of), but I loved it.

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#23 Posted by dudeglove (13736 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs is an excellent game even without the DLC.

As someone who played and got extremely annoyed by both Axiom Verge and Undertale, I would suggest taking them off your to-do list as you're not missing as much as you think.

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#24 Posted by jaycrockett (857 posts) -

Yep 'open world urban crime' was not a genre I was interested in, but I really loved Sleeping Dogs.

You should also just take a dip into Dust to see how it looks and plays.

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#25 Posted by nutter (2112 posts) -

Metal Gear Rising and Vanquish could be played in no time, and they're both fantastic.

Sleepy Dawgs is pretty dope, too.

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#26 Posted by MeierTheRed (5914 posts) -

Played over half of these, and the one i enjoyed the most of them was Axiom Verge. But really just go with your gut.

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#27 Posted by MillaJ (286 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs. My argument is that it's a fucking great game.

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#28 Posted by BrunoTheThird (830 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs' radio tunes add a lot to that game. Driving around at night in the rain blasting Lorn on the Hong Kong highways is so dope. Play it!

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#29 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

Oh, that reminds me! I think have an extra key to Sleeping Dogs for PC from Humble Monthly. Sadly, yes, that's how out of hand my backlog situation has gotten.

Check back around 5 and I'll post a key for someone to snag!

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#31 Edited by Maxszy (2377 posts) -

I voted <insert here> from your library. Looks like you've only played Bastion for 30 minutes and I would recommend you fix that! Bastion is SO good!

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#32 Posted by LackingSaint (2185 posts) -

Go play Kentucky Route Zero you fucking monster.

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#33 Posted by BaneFireLord (3564 posts) -

If you want some really excellent dumb fun in between Divinity sessions, Just Cause 2 is your boy.

And when you finish Divinity, you should definitely play Fallout New Vegas.

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#34 Posted by foodmonster (130 posts) -

Salt & Sanctuary is a creat couch co op and a lighter experience. Also play persona

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#35 Posted by DarkeyeHails (578 posts) -

@lackingsaint: This guy is right. Though Dust and Axiom Verge deserve your attention in the not too distant furture.

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#36 Posted by deactivated-5b031d0e868a5 (935 posts) -


That game is incredible and short enough that you can easily get through it quite quickly

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#37 Posted by TheFlamingo352 (337 posts) -

Vanquish is good and short, easy to knock off the list in a day or two if you want.

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#38 Posted by NTM (11755 posts) -

That's a good resolution just in the way of saving money, but heck if I could ever be able to achieve that (that is unless I had a wife and kids that I needed to support), which is unfortunate. I like playing new games, but agree that there are some older games that can probably be finished, but if I don't enjoy them enough the first time I try them, I think I'd rather spend time on something potentially better than wasting it on an old game. Ah, and before I checked, I thought I'd mention just for fun, Alien: Isolation (I've been thinking about Alien and Blade Runner recently). It seems you only played seven hours, which tells me you might not have liked it. It's a great game though and I'll just say that.

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#39 Posted by HoboZero (443 posts) -

Gotta be Sleepy Dawgs!

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#40 Edited by Redhotchilimist (2961 posts) -

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance is a pretty outstanding game in a genre that's gotten really few, proper games in the last few years. They used Bayonetta as a base, and though this game is not as fully featured, they really go for the new mechanics they've added with the blade mode and the parry. I've been rewatching a let's play of it and plan on going through it today - It is not very long, though it depends on how much of the side content you do or codex you listen to. It's the kinda game where you can largely mash your way through and have a good time on Normal, but actually learning to do the parries, cut accurately, entering blade mode whenever the screen tints blue etc makes it an even more fun experience.

Like all Platinum games it's sort of bad at teaching you the game(the tutorials are mostly under VR Missions, the move list is under Help), but it's a really fun and funny experience that should make you giggle happily as Raiden throws giant robots in the air, jumps up after them and cuts them in half, and it probably won't take you more than 10 hours.

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#41 Posted by BasketSnake (1819 posts) -

Five times I've tried to get into Sleeping Dogs. I've played all the GTA games, RDR...love those games. I can't get into it. I've gotten to the karaoke session twice and it's so fucking boring I've uninstalled the game.

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#42 Posted by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

@basketsnake: . That's too bad! I admire did start it a few years back but dropped off after an hour or two of playing. Hopefully it sucks me in once I get passed the tutorials.

I don't remember much of it, other than the fighting being fun and the driving being kind of lousy.

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#43 Edited by bluefish (876 posts) -

Vanquish with a bullet.

Sleepy Dogs is good, nice enough new take on open world standard'ness and a solid pulp story to get you through.


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#44 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2961 posts) -

Having played it today for the first time in a while, I'm just gonna confirm that Revengeance: still pretty great. Bit of a camera issue on the first boss, though. It's just too big.

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#45 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

I would say Hollow Knight, if you enjoy metroidvania style games.

I wish I liked Dust more, but the story, characters and writing was just some of the most grating shit ever. If you can look past how poorly done a lot of that is, the actual gameplay part is really fun and solid and the game looks amazing.

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#46 Edited by Big_Denim (833 posts) -

Thanks for the suggestions folks, but I ended up going with Sleeping Dogs (and some Superhot on the side).

I will post another poll in a couple of weeks when either Sleeping Dogs or Cuphead are complete (doubt I'll finish Divinity OS 2 by then).

Cheers and thanks for so many votes and suggestions. I didn't expect to get more than a handful!

PS...My initial thoughts are very positive. I bought a pork bun, you can ram cars in an almost 'Burnout'-esque fashion, and now I'm thinking about getting this outfit:

What the fuck is this game???
What the fuck is this game???

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#47 Posted by GiboAuja (53 posts) -

@undefined: MGR is a fairly short game and a large shift from your previous game. I find that hard switches in genre keep me more interested.

Following that with Undertale could be a nice chill out game as you come down from the absurdity of MGR.

Sleepy dogs would be my third choice ending on a nice mid-high point. Great story in that one, but very action movie. Honk Kong feels so lived in.