What speaking habits have you picked up from the GB crew?

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#1 Posted by Fram (1862 posts) -

I linked a friend of mine to a best of GB video recently and asked him what he thought. He came back with an unexpected reply, "They sound like you."

I'm Australian, so he clearly wasn't talking about the accents (Brad Shoemaker aside) so I thought about it and realised I have definitely incorporated a bunch of little ticks and habits into my dialogue. Two major ones - the rising two-syllable "uuu-uuummm" (you know the one) when thinking about something, and a good solid "huh" upon hearing something interesting. New recruit Austin Walker is a fantastic proponent of "huh". HUH.

Has anyone else noticed something like this? Surely YEARS of listening to these folks talk has rubbed off on a few others?

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#2 Posted by TobbRobb (6585 posts) -

They have added heavily to my random assortment of english phrases and mannerisms. It's super weird to live so distanced from where these actually originate, because I jump from west coast slang, to glasgow slang to new york slang... All of that just by osmosis from american media and english speaking friends on VOIP.

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#3 Posted by edgaras1103 (796 posts) -

There are more but few that comes to mind are : "Hot garbage" , "..... you guys!", "Opinions how do they work?", "Sure".

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#4 Posted by Sdoots (503 posts) -

"Hot garbage" gets used a lot.

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#5 Posted by MikeW1980UK (133 posts) -

When Ass Cree 3 came out, I said to someone "Oh, the third Ass Cree game"

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#6 Posted by Bollard (8180 posts) -


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#7 Edited by CaLe (4799 posts) -

I say garbage a lot more than I used to. That's about it really. Oh, I do also now say sWord and robit (robot) like Ryan would.

Hey since you are Australian can you (or others) give me feedback on my Australian accent? (I'm Irish originally). 5 second clip: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1ZtQgyOvER8

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#8 Posted by DookieRope (303 posts) -

Oh, hey, hi.

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#9 Posted by Naoiko (1676 posts) -

Does Brad have an accent? O_o I guess I never noticed. I'm from the same part of the world as him (about 2 states south of his haha) so maybe thats why. I've found myself saying twister as 'tweester' as a joke sometimes after hearing Dan at the most recent Mario party party live.

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#10 Edited by Brodehouse (10812 posts) -

Jeff and Ryan taught me a bunch of classic NorCal sass.

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#11 Posted by redyoshi (1426 posts) -

Describing something as "super ___". I try to catch myself before doing it as I'm not much a fan of it, but it slips out.

I definitely throw out a "Huh." every now and then as well.

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#12 Edited by Honkalot (1042 posts) -

Most recently I say hot minute ostensibly every hot minute.

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#13 Posted by Dixavd (2904 posts) -

I still use the word Dumb as an affectionate adjective for something with charm but less serious significance - I got this from Ryan.

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#14 Posted by kagato (1161 posts) -

@tobbrobb said:

They have added heavily to my random assortment of english phrases and mannerisms. It's super weird to live so distanced from where these actually originate, because I jump from west coast slang, to glasgow slang to new york slang... All of that just by osmosis from american media and english speaking friends on VOIP.

Hah! Me too, it must be really weird hearing us Glasgow folks saying yeah instead of aye constantly ^_^ I use the word super too often when trying to highlight stuff and use the words jank and jankey a lot. I probably use more than i realise but im not concious of anything until people point it out.

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#15 Posted by SketchAEtch (55 posts) -

"Hot garbage" is forever in my lexicon.

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#16 Edited by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

I used the term "hot garbage" before I ever heard it on Giant Bomb (it's a music thing I think) but I'm pretty sure I use it more now. Jeff just enunciates it so well.

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#17 Posted by Justin258 (15676 posts) -

They have increased my use of the word "ostensibly" by quite a lot.

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#18 Edited by terminallychill (100 posts) -

Using "you're not wrong" to agree with people. I also picked up hot minute from Austin as well, but I had to google it to realize it meant a long time as opposed to short haha

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#19 Edited by Fram (1862 posts) -

@cale:That's pretty good! Almost goes into New Zealand for a moment, but passable for sure. Regarding Brad, I was referencing this beautiful thing:

Loading Video...

@redyoshi: Oh man, I totally missed super. I use that all the time! I think Idle Thumbs got me saying super too.

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#20 Posted by Mister_V (2443 posts) -

A few over the years

Recently, "Hot minute" Thanks Austin.

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#21 Posted by s10129107 (1508 posts) -

I've regrettably picked up some of Rykert's sayings. Profound phrases like do a thing. Or do an "adjectivey" thing. I've also been partial to "hot garbage". My favorite that i use is "dark business".

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#22 Posted by RetroMetal (871 posts) -


Saying "Fuck" all the time?

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#23 Posted by gatehouse (933 posts) -

I use 'rad' a lot more than I used to and have caught myself often describing things as 'dumb' in a very Jeff-esque way.

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#24 Edited by tackystuff (22 posts) -

From Jeff, which he says probably once every five minutes: "It's one of those things where..."

From Dan: "Do a thing."

From Austin, and my favorite phrase: "<Subject> got dunked on."

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#25 Edited by glots (4362 posts) -

"Who knows? No one ever." I don't know if that has been uttered more than once, but it really stuck to my mind.

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#26 Edited by Carryboy (1098 posts) -

Whenever I hear someone say Huh very pronounced I tend to automatically assume they are a nobhead

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#27 Edited by WelshCleats (123 posts) -

I work with a lot of people who I often have to speak to quick in person. "Duder" has slowly creeped in to replace "buddy" much of the time (I had inherited "buddy" from some of previous cooks).

"Hot garbage" definitely gets thrown around, interesting to see so many other people have picked it up.

"Broken,"or at least the parlance of it - i.e. "that shit is broken" in the way of Jeff or Ryan gets thrown around a lot. I'm sure there's at least a couple more examples than this..

On a somewhat related note, I feel I've gotten better about listening to people and then forming a response by listening to the duders so much - Drew and Vinny are especially good in this regard. Austin as well.

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#28 Posted by Capum15 (6010 posts) -

Oh god, I don't even know at this point. Reading responses from others here all I can say is I didn't even know I picked most of these up from here. Well, except Hot Garbage. That one is pretty rad.

Ryan definitely got me to use 'dumb' to be affectionate. Like Just Cause or similar games, they're the best kind of dumb. The kind of thing where you see something real dumb happen and can't help but grin with happiness, like shooting a propane tank and then grappling onto it before it flies off in the air, riding it up until you parachute away. I really think Ryan did a lot to make me just enjoy video games almost no matter what.

Maybe jank, too? Like Open-World jank specifically. I think GB (and Jeff in particular) might have been the first place I heard that used in such a way. I also use 'Huh.' a good amount as well. And while not really the same, speaking with some friends I met through GB over Teamspeak or something will usually get me compared to Brad (deep-ish, mono-tone-y voice).

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#29 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4446 posts) -

I don't know how I've already managed to pick this up but Austin has got me to say "Yo," before exclamatory sentences. Egh.

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#30 Posted by BillyMaysRIP (731 posts) -


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#31 Edited by atomicoldman (831 posts) -

I am starting to pick up Dan's "to where" habit, or at least I'm starting to notice how much I say it already. Like others, "hot garbage" or "hot trash" has worked its way into my vocabulary.

Because my job involves a tremendous amount of listening to others speak, I've begun to notice (and as a consequence, get infuriated by) the phrase "you know." Jeff says "you know" a LOT and it is slowly inching me towards madness. It's the opposite of this thread in that I've tried to ease "you know" out of my vocabulary as much as possible.

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#32 Posted by JohnyMyko (1893 posts) -

I actually thought about this recently. I'm not from an english speaking country and I don't speak english regularly but I have noticed that my tone when describing something or having an argument about why something is good or bad has changed lately. In those situations I speak a lot more like they do on the Bombcast and, in some cases, I use expressions similar to theirs but in my native language. I've also noticed that most of the new mannerisms I got (both verbal and physical) came from Jeff, probably because he has a stronger presence but also because I feel like my personality is kinda similar to his (and also similar to Alex's).

I work from home as a freelancer in a very small and somewhat remote town, so in days with a heavy load of work where I don't leave home or don't go to the city, I don't hear or see much people besides the Giant Bomb crew, I think that also helps in the influence they have on me. I've read somewhere that our own personalities are a mix of the people we're in contact with or something like that, that's probably what's happening in these situations.

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#33 Posted by Superkenon (1704 posts) -

Probably a lot more than I realize. At this point I'm saying "sWord" pretty unironically, respond to things with "oh, word" and describe a lot of questionably-endearing things I'm into as "suuuuper duuuumb." In video game contexts, I'm pretty inclined to throw out phrases like "smoke that fool," which I'm entirely certain I picked up from Jeff. Shockingly though, I seem to be among the few here who hasn't added HOT GARBAGE to their rotation, even though I really enjoy that term.

I end a lot things with "...you guys!" too, but I'm pretty sure I was doing that long before Giant Bomb.

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#34 Posted by Cloudleet (206 posts) -

"Do a thing".

I refer to things as "PIMP" much more often now.

"Hot garbage"

Freakily enough, I've started murmuring "Do you wanna ride the rollercoaster" way to often...

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#35 Edited by The_Nubster (4233 posts) -

Like others have said, "garbage" and variations on it sneak into my phrases a lot. And calling things "stupid" or "dumb" but in a good way, as well. Dan saying "Do a [noun]/[verb]-y thingy/thing" has also rubbed off on me in a big way, but that's probably because I used that very specific terminology before and hearing him use it so much has just brought it up. Do a drivy thingy, do a worky thingy, go to a fast food thingy, etc.

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#36 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2713 posts) -

To the point where I wonder if it could be considered a dialect of English

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#37 Posted by chilibean_3 (2375 posts) -

I kinda love the term "janky" which I heard first from the guys.

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#38 Posted by Nux (2890 posts) -

I say "garbage" and "hot garbage" a lot because of them. Back in 2009 when I first joined GB I started saying "that's bananas" a lot back when they were saying that at the time.

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#39 Posted by m2thek (108 posts) -

(Hot) Garbage


Hey hi

(Very unenthusiastically) Great


It's preeeeeetty good

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#40 Edited by TwoLines (3654 posts) -

@sdoots said:

"Hot garbage" gets used a lot.

Yup, same here.

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#41 Posted by steevl (548 posts) -

I also have found myself using "You're not wrong!" from time to time, although I last remember Jeff using that phrase during one podcast years ago. It just really stuck with me for some reason.

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#42 Posted by Colt45 (91 posts) -


1) Hot garbage

2) Yang

3) Dog (in the Molyneux voice)

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#43 Posted by ratamero (387 posts) -

"in this day and age"

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#44 Edited by SeanFoster (985 posts) -

"Man, you throw dark."

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#45 Edited by mrblobby64 (166 posts) -

There's this one time in a podcast where they're talking about Longmont Potion Castle and Ryan just keeps saying "It's the best. It's the best" and every now and then I find myself talking about stuff I'm excited about in that exact way.

That and the obligatory "Hot garbage" and using the word "dumb" a lot.

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#46 Posted by GValo (633 posts) -

I wish I could remember which podcast it was but Jeff was ranting about a game and called it Ba-Dumb. it cracked ryan up and I've caught myself using it to describe shit.

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#47 Posted by iambeaker (15 posts) -

I subconsciously picked up Jeff's nodding his head up and down, saying "That's how its supposed to work." when a game breaks or glitches out.

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#49 Posted by MeierTheRed (5951 posts) -

Janky and hot garbage, i think thats it. Both very solid.

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#50 Posted by gabha (406 posts) -

I don't say it out loud, but I always think "That's an x ass x right there."