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Posted by NTM (11570 posts) 1 year, 16 days ago

Poll: What system are you playing the most this gen? (509 votes)

Xbox One 7%
PS4 33%
Switch 9%
PC 44%
I play more on handhelds (Vita, 3DS [as opposed to Switch]) than the others. 1%
About equally with some of the above. 5%

I wasn't sure if I should add the Wii U because technically it's the same generation as Xbox One and PS4, but I'll skip to the Switch. As for me, I play the Xbox One and PS4 about the same. I don't play the Switch much; it's been a while since I last played it. I think it was in December when the Zelda DLC came out. My PC isn't very good, so while I keep Steam on my PC I don't play on it much. I rarely, rarely play anything on the Vita or 3DS. The last time I played anything on one of those was when I went through Uncharted: Golden Abyss the day Uncharted 4 came out. So yeah, for me it's mostly Xbox One and PS4.

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#1 Posted by Dude_Dudenstein (37 posts) -

Honestly the Xbox One because most of my friends are on that platform.

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#2 Posted by Panfoot (315 posts) -

I made the jump to PC in the late 360 era and haven't looked back since, the only game so far that's made me consider getting a console again is Shadow of the Colossus.

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#3 Posted by nicksmi56 (829 posts) -

3DS easily. Between its monster of a library, its convenience and just how much more playtime I can squeeze out of it than a console, especially during long commutes, it's completely outstripped everything else. Though once I catch up with my backlog and turn my attention to the Switch, I can easily see it overtaking its predecessor.

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#4 Edited by mikewhy (323 posts) -

I switch to PC this gen, but ended up picking up a PS4 pro for the exclusives. Couldn't be happier.

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#5 Posted by cikame (2707 posts) -

I've always been primarily PC but have always had consoles for the exclusives, during the 360 era PC gaming nearly died, but since Valve saved the platform and console manufacturers decided that absurd and developer unfriendly designs were expensive and pointless, there are now PC ports for most releases, and if there arn't then a year or two later there usually is.
I have less time than i used to so the console exclusives tend to take a back seat, so far i've played 1 game on modern consoles and that's Gravity Rush HD, which i still haven't finished.

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#6 Posted by someoneproud (486 posts) -

About equal between PC, PS4 and Wii U atm but generally mostly PS4 (The Wii U mostly for myriad Zelda games and VC, no switch yet)

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#7 Posted by BoOzak (2521 posts) -

PS4 probably as that's where I play my single player games. I've spent a fair amount of time playing multiplayer games on the XBO though. I only really play emulated games on my PC since my graphics card died awhile back and I had to downgrade to my last one (which is shit) and i'm not paying inflated prices for a new one. (thanks miners)

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#8 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7089 posts) -

Started off XB1, then mostly PS4 these past few years, and now I'm slowly starting to play my XB1 more and more again. Microsoft has slowly been making a bunch of moves that appeal to me. If they had stronger exclusives and could get FFXIV on the platform, I would hardly touch my PS4 which is nuts because if you had asked me just like early last year, I would've said something about how much I love my PS4 for all the JRPGs.

Sadly, a lot of JRPGs don't appeal to me anymore for reasons I won't bother anyone with so my interest in the genre and their primary platform has taken a big hit.

3DS still puttin out bangers every now and then and my back catalog for it is pretty huge, so I've still been playing that a bunch too.

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#9 Posted by hacksword (91 posts) -

I play PC almost exclusively. The only other gaming I do is Threes and chess on my Android phone.

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#10 Posted by nutter (1894 posts) -

Xbox One. I have a PS4, Switch, and PC, but my current circle has just mainly gravitated towards Xbox since Ghost Recon/Rainbow Six 3.

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#11 Posted by Justin258 (15590 posts) -

PC is probably correct, but I'm not actually sure. There have been long stretches of time where I don't even play games on my PC, and long stretches of time where I don't touch any of the consoles. It really just depends on when you ask me.

I will say this much - if my Xbox One or PS4 were to break, I wouldn't be terribly concerned about replacing them anytime soon. If my PC were to break, I'd probably start brainstorming ways to come up with replacement money. I haven't played a console exclusive this generation that I've wanted to constantly go back to, unlike PC where I've randomly fired up Doom 2016 and The Witcher 3 and a handful of other games over and over since release.

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#12 Posted by MrPlatitude (207 posts) -

Do most of my game playing on PC.. Use my PS4 a lot if you count Blu-rays and streaming apps, but for gaming less and less these days.

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#13 Posted by deactivated-5c26fd6917af0 (487 posts) -

PC, though I'm really enjoying my Switch as well.

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#14 Posted by TheWildCard (693 posts) -

PS4 I guess. Although I've put a lot of mileage on my Vita, especially with podcast/youtube-ing believe it or not.

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#15 Posted by Sweep (10564 posts) -

Depends on the social context. I play PC when I'm alone at home, switch when i'm travelling, and ps4 is my local multiplayer console (Gang beasts, dragon ball, street fighter, etc)

But that will also change depending on what the newest game is, so I'll go through temporary periods of time where I'm smashing out hours on the switch if there's an exclusive title on there that I can't get anywhere else. Also if there's a game that I know I want to chill with on the sofa instead of at my desk then I'll get it on PS4 instead. Destiny is a good example of this: I knew that game was going to get a lot of hours but it's never been as tight as other shooters so I didn't feel I was losing much by forgoing a mouse and keyboard.

Videogame neutrality is great.

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#16 Posted by fnrslvr (579 posts) -

PC. I've also probably put ~500hrs into Switch (mainly BotW, but also Odyssey and MK8D) in the past year, and I'm in front of an Xbox One with no gaming PC in sight often enough that I get to appreciate Play Anywhere. There's still some stuff in the Xbox ecosystem in my backlog that I intend on getting back to, as well, like some 360 games, Sunset Overdrive DLC, my Witcher 3 save, etc.

There's still not really a PS4 exclusive that has me really motivated to pull the trigger on a PS4, and as far as I can tell exclusives and player base are the only reasons to even think of getting a PS4.

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#17 Edited by SMTDante89 (2936 posts) -

PS4 by far. Pre-ordered and picked up at launch so I've had much more time with it compared to the One and Switch on the console front and I'll get to PC in a moment. It's also what the vast majority of my friends have so that keeps me buying a lot of multiplatform games on the PS4 when compared to the One in particular, and in general I at least like if not love most of the exclusives on this system.

I swore that if they ever announced Rock Band 4 on now current gen consoles and we could get (the vast majority) of our DLC purchases from past games transferred over at little to no cost I would buy an Xbox One right then and there. I ate my words when I got my tax return that year and they announced just that, so an Xbox One was purchased that weekend. The most unfortunate thing about that is I can't use my old Guitar Hero II Xplorer guitar that I've grown so accustomed to over a decade now so that kneecapped my use of the One HARD and finding an older GH guitar controller that is compatible at a reasonable price isn't happening anytime soon. Besides RB4, it's basically a Killer Instinct machine for me and there hasn't been any exclusives that have really caught my eye. Backwards compatibility is a huge plus though.

Just bought a Switch not even a month ago so there's not much to say about it right now since money's a bit tight so I haven't picked up much for it just yet (Fire Emblem Warriors, that's it and that's only because the Special Edition was on sale for less than $50) Can't wait to get into some of the exclusives on this system as well as a few other games I can play while on the go.

PC hasn't been a big thing for me for a few years because my last laptop was on its last legs for years I felt and it finally kicked the bucket last year and until last week I didn't have the funds for a new laptop so I was out of the PC gaming market for about a year.

Last time I really played much on handhelds (specifically the 3DS) was when Pokemon Sun and Moon came out. That was a blast, but nothing else has really come out that makes me want to play anything on them.

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#18 Edited by TheHT (15797 posts) -

I been playin a fuckton of PS4. I played a lot of PS3 but don't remember having quite as consistently great a time with it, though my memory may be coloured some by hardware woes I experienced. Also last couple years the diminished amount of new games that my PC could run made focusing on that platform not very... enticing. I got a backlog of old games, but I'd rather get around to those whenever I'm feelin them, not just cause they're there and I can run 'em.

So yeah, it's not cause I "side" with Sony or anything. If I could get all the other consoles and a super duper PC I would.

I'd probably get a PS4 Pro and a Switch though before getting a brand spankin new PC, much as I miss m+kb stuff. As for Xbox, there's nothin much there atm to make it worth the investment, personally.

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#19 Edited by ozzdog12 (1164 posts) -

As someone would owns all, PS4 by a lot. Steam for indies, then Switch for exclusives. I rarely touch my XBO ( last game was Wolfenstein 2) & 3DS (last game was Samus Returns) *both when they came out. I don’t even know where my Vita is. I don’t really play games on my phone anymore.

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#20 Edited by Craigieboy (114 posts) -

Up until a year or so ago it'd been PS4 but I treated myself with a new PC build (just before the bitcoin mining thing kicked off thankfully) and thats been my prefered choice of platform.

Honourable mention to the 3DS for when I go on vacation or out and about and still be able to play Pokemans.

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#21 Posted by steevl (542 posts) -

Definitely my PC. I don't even own a current-gen console system. My TV currently has an Xbox 360, PS3, PS TV, Wii, and even a PS2 after my original fat PS3 crapped out on me a few months ago.

That being said, I'd happily get the newer systems if I felt like I'd gotten my money's worth out of the other systems, but all I really managed to do was get a lot of games that I never finished. I'm trying to correct that, and it's going pretty slowly.

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#22 Edited by FrodoBaggins (1958 posts) -

1000% PS4. I have about 540 hours in Overwatch alone!

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#24 Posted by Tesla (2292 posts) -

Pretty even split between PS4 and Switch.

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#25 Edited by inevpatoria (7423 posts) -

Xbox One by a massive, massive margin.

That's almost entirely a product of my being deeply entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem. My friends list is there, I'm a sucker for Microsoft's handful of exclusives, the X1X is my go-to machine for multiplatform titles, Microsoft has worked extremely hard to bring legacy Xbox releases forward, I still value my achievement score (though even I can acknowledge how categorically meaningless it truly is), and I will likely never find myself dedicating the effort to fully transition over to PC gaming.

I own all three of this generation's major console platforms and have good things to say about all of them. But beyond niche exclusives I almost never play anywhere but my Xbox.

Microsoft deserves some credit here, though, because I think what I've written above implies I'm an Xbox user as the result of luck and circumstance. I'm pretty firmly behind Phil Spencer and Co.'s vision for the future of the gaming landscape. This generation has seen a humbler Microsoft make a number of understated, extremely forward-thinking decisions regarding accessibility and playability. The Xbox brand used to be about Halo, Forza, and gore-slathered chainsaw guns for real gamers. Now, it's about building bridges between game enthusiasts and prospective players, meeting people where their needs are, and cultivating new ways for everyone to play what they want, when they want, together. That's pretty cool.

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#26 Posted by Zeik (5185 posts) -

Kinda depends on when you ask. Right now it's like 99% PS4, but I have played my share of games on my 3DS over its lifespan that intersects with the PS4, and a bit of Vita and PC too. (And a not insignificant number of hours with mobile games.)

I guess if I were to make a blind estimate over the last 5 or so years it would be like 70% PS4, 25% 3DS, 5% Vita/PC.

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#27 Posted by Casepb (598 posts) -

When you say "system" I think of consoles and was about to pick PS4. I don't even really consider PC a system honestly, it has no generation like a console. It's on a whole other level really. Anyway yeah PC. Console wise it would go to the PS4, and then the Switch. I rarely ever even look at my 3DS or Vita.

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#28 Posted by kaletan (6 posts) -

PC because I love RTS games and you get plenty of the titles that are on consoles. It's a shame nowadays companies downgrade the graphics just to match console capabilities.

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#29 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

I have pretty much only been playing on PC for the last couple of years. I may try a new game on the 3DS, or play some old games on the PS2 or PS1, otherwise I'm playing everything on Steam.

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#30 Edited by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

PS4 for sure. I also have an old 6 year old PC that I use for some less demanding games or exclusives that will still run somewhat like Stellaris. PS4 wins though, It's my main platform and I play 90% of stuff on there. Playstation exclusives have always appealed to me the most and I also had a PS3 as my main platform last gen. I choose a platform based on what exclusive games are on there, I don't really care about mid-gen upgrades and games running or looking better on the Pro or X1X, so I'm perfectly fine with my slim. I also got a PS4 because it has a much much larger library of japanese titles than xbox or PC. I am sad at the lack of much BC on PS4 since I love to play older titles or revisit them. Really hope Sony steps up their BC game next-gen. MS is doing an incredible job with BC, it's mindblowingly good.

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#31 Posted by Ares42 (4274 posts) -

I'm always gonna play more PC than console purely because of what kinda games I play on the different platforms, but I've used my PS4 much more frequently than I've ever used other consoles in the past.

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#32 Edited by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

I have them all, but my PC is underpowered, so I'm playing my 3rd party AAA games on PS4. Just this year I've played Wolfenstien, AC:Origins and now Horizon, for that I voted PS4. As for single game I've put the most time into it might be Breath of the Wild on Wii U. The only contender would be WoW, but I haven't played it in a year. Otherwise my PC gaming lately has been Cuphead, Night in the Woods and a handful of short games in the past few months. I don't think I've really played much, if any, Xbox One since Dishonored 2.

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#33 Posted by Slag (8155 posts) -

I decided to go PC this gen for primary and then was pleasantly surprised when the Steam Link came into existence.

As a result of that device, I basically use my PC for nearly every game now. PS4/WiiU/3DS for exclusives on those platforms only.

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#34 Posted by sfw44 (273 posts) -

I would say I've played on PC the most, then Xbox second, PS4 third, then Switch last(mostly because it's the newest). I split my multiplats between my PC and X1X, and I mostly use my Nintendo Switch and PS4 for their exclusives.

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#35 Posted by FacelessVixen (2528 posts) -

PC, 'cause consoles can't run Photoshop or Vegas Pro.

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#36 Posted by bybeach (6337 posts) -

PC. But there are a tier of games that are just as worthwhile on PS 4. Or may be exclusive.

It's a combo I like.

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#37 Edited by gamb1t (1067 posts) -

had a 360 and decided to come back to the pc world. no regrats

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#38 Posted by berfunkle (165 posts) -

PC mostly, but that will change if GPU prices continue their sky-high levels. As I see it, if I can't build a PC due to the high component cost of GPUs, I might as well

buy an xbox one.

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#39 Posted by The_Greg (535 posts) -

PC had been my go-to system for years, then I had a baby. Gaming has become much more casual since then, and I'm now 75% Xbox One and 25% PC.

For me, PC will always be the best platform. It's just hard to find the time/feel the desire to huddle over a desk.

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#40 Posted by Nodima (2576 posts) -

Dualshock has felt like the only controller layout that should have ever existed from the moment it landed in my hands, and a huge turnoff for me with the XBox console - besides its exclusives just not speaking to me the way Sony's do - is the misaligned analog sticks. MacOS has similarly always felt like the proper operating system dating all the way back to PowerPCs, so I've been a man of limited gaming means for a while.

The Nintendo Switch interests me more than any Nintendo console has since the Gamecube but any time I think of saving for another console I just think of all the things I already have in my backlog on PS4 and hold off.

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#41 Edited by dagas (3659 posts) -

Vita. It has far better games than 3DS for my tastes and better graphics and screen. I can imagine the Switch might become the new Vita in the future but it is not there yet. I like having B year Japanese games that are abundant on the Vita like JRPS and visual novels and such.

I play PC and PS4 about the same l, maybe slightly more PC. I skipped Xbox this gen.

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#42 Posted by aliveli (7 posts) -

Pc all the way

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#43 Posted by Captain_Insano (3477 posts) -

Has gone through phases.

I started very heavily, pretty much solely on Xbox One (the last time I played that was for Overcooked when it came out). Then I slowly started getting into PS4. I picked one up around the release of MGSV. I still play that occasionally.

Most of my time now is on the PC. I upgraded mid last year. I don't love playing at a desk set up but most games I'm enjoying are there at the moment.

Switch is getting a bit of a run but I find that I play it in shorter bursts.

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#44 Posted by fattony12000 (8514 posts) -

Got em all, but it's 90% PC these days baybee!

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#45 Posted by FLStyle (6591 posts) -

50/50 between PS4 & Switch. More PS4 recently due to DBFZ but the Switch's time will come again later in the year.

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#46 Posted by _Brojangles_ (129 posts) -

PS4, but more PC the last 7-8 months.

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#47 Posted by mems1224 (2497 posts) -

Xbox one for me this gen and it hasn't been close. pretty much use it every single day. PC is probably next, especially since I had to go a month without console games because my tv was fucked. Then Id say Switch, I play a lot of indie games on that in handheld mode. PS4 is easily my least used console. Boot it up from time to time for an exclusive game but they've only had a couple that have interested me this gen.

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#48 Posted by marc (860 posts) -

PS4 gets the most of my time, PC, Xbox, and Switch all pretty well on par in being tied for second. It really all comes down to what I am playing and who I am playing with.

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#49 Posted by Maxszy (2376 posts) -

Primarily for PC. That's definitely my focus and since it gets all (most) cross platform stuff, at least eventually, doesn't ever feel like I'm missing out. Since there's so many more options I never feel I am running out of things to play. More the opposite; overwhelmed with choice!

I do play some on PS4... Played Horizon: Zero Dawn and smaller games like Everybody's golf and so forth.

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#50 Posted by geirr (3739 posts) -

PC and Switch. Fairy happy with this combo.