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#101 Posted by clutch414 (84 posts) -

The first Silent Hill. So atmospheric and creepy at the time.

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#102 Posted by bybeach (6354 posts) -

The only game that scares me into even not playing it, is the teenagers-get-brutally-murdered game...Dusk till Dawn? No, that was a movie...

Every other game that has monsters and such, Dead Space, System Shock 2 etc. I thought totally cool, mostly. Perhaps I don't like primal suffering as the main focus. Though I loved The Suffering as a video game. I haven't played much Japanese horror.

It's my gut recognition that horrible things happen in the world, and I don't like rubbing shoulders with it for it's own sake.

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#103 Posted by zombievac (492 posts) -

The original resident evil on PlayStation. I was 12 and that game is legitimately scary for adults. What a great game.

I'd be inclined to agree, except I think there is a big difference between "scary" and "tense/suspenseful". What I consider "scary" leaves me thinking about it afterward, and when younger usually, would even give me nightmares or I'd be afraid of the dark alone outdoors for a couple days. But most of the genre in video games are jump scares and the like, which to me, resident evil did very well, especially when I was younger, but it wasn't impactfully scary or leaving an impression beyond "this is really intense at times, I can only take so many "BOOs!").

I can't think of a videogame that did that to me, but other stuff did (like Blair Witch Project for some reason, because when it FIRST released, at the age I was at, I was naive enough to think the "rumors" of it being true were possibly real). Or learning of scary real-life shit. But I can't think of a game, and I really gravitated toward the intense and violent games as a kid, they were the cool ones with everyone I knew - Mortal Kombat and the like. But I never found Resident Evil "scary", nor did I amnesia even, which I couldn't play alone in the dark at 2AM for very long because it would literally tire me out I was so tensed up and jumpy. But not scared, like I turned it off and still had any worry at all or something. Wish I did though!

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#104 Edited by mcbisquick (54 posts) -
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Shadowgate on the NES. Specifically when you died and this guy showed up. And I've associated his creepy ass with punishment for failure ever since.

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#105 Posted by TheHT (15858 posts) -

Clive Barker's Undying Demo.

First time I played a horror game with headphones on and by myself. I made it a few steps when a creepy girl monster turned the corner and I nope'd so hard and immediately uninstalled the demo.

Only thing I can think of before that is probably the mud dolls ("ReDead" apparently) from Ocarina, but Undying was the first time I got legit freaked out. Like, when you're so spooked it makes you start looking around your actual room n shit.

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#106 Posted by GERALTITUDE (5990 posts) -

I definitely forgot about the redeads in OoT....

Incredibly scary at the time. The sharp wail and the way the camera would freeze / shift.. spooky!

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#107 Posted by golguin (5469 posts) -

Fatal Frame 2. I had avoided scary games for most of my life (had never been a horror movie guy), but for some reason I was browsing something to rent on Blockbuster and saw the Fatal Frame 2 cover for the PS2 and thought it was time to dive in.

I specifically recall the first chapter taking me several hours to complete because I was too afraid to progress. It was my gateway game into the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series so I'm extremely glad I had the impulse to rent (and eventually purchase) Fatal Frame 2.

I'll even go so far as to say that Fatal Frame 2 is responsible for my relatively strong mental state when it comes to fear. I felt such extreme terror playing the game that every subsequent horror game would have less of an effect. That resilience carried into my normal every day life where situations that rattle most people have a weaker effect on me.

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#108 Posted by HTC (70 posts) -

Definitely Colonel Campbell in MGS2. It's stuck with me for years, there were a few lines I found absolutely chilling.

"Raiden something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home. I had a couple of miles to go - I looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the sky, to the east! It was moving very irregularly... suddenly there was intense light all around me - and when I came to, I was home. What do you think happened to me?"

That, and the fact Rose appears with blank eyes - pretty scary for a youngster.

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#109 Posted by Pierre42 (454 posts) -

There was an old NES game called Solstice which terrified me as a child. Whenever you died your little wizard guy let out a super high-pitched scream and then sank to the ground as just a hat ala the Wicked Witch of Wizard of Oz fame.

Terrified me, think I used to run out of the room if I heard someone else playing it.

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#110 Posted by GiantLizardKing (1144 posts) -

@zombievac: I wasn’t just the jump scares for me. The entire experience filled me with dread. I would consider something that is still on my mind after I’m done playing to be “disturbing” rather than scary, but that’s more of a semantic difference. Games don’t really do that to me at this point, but at 12 I feel like resident evil still fit that criteria for me.

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#111 Posted by jaMaxwell (2 posts) -

of-course at my childhood

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#112 Edited by whitegreyblack (1964 posts) -

The scream from Friday the 13th for C-64 can take you by surprise, plus the game can jump to a gory screen (like one with a person with a hatchet in their head) along with the blood-curdling screen if you happen upon a victim.

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#113 Posted by chobobot (233 posts) -

Resident Evil on the original PS. That game was creepy and quiet.

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#114 Posted by JohnLocke (753 posts) -

Bioshock with the moment all the lights go off and the nurse splicer.

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#115 Edited by cikame (2824 posts) -
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This hallway.

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#116 Edited by beforet (3470 posts) -

For some reason that giant dragon head in the first hub world of Spyro The Dragon scared the shit out of me as a young child.

Edit: This big boy

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#117 Edited by shivermetimbers (1710 posts) -

I honestly don't know why, but the title screen from the Jurassic Park NES game used to scare me as a kid. Watching the movie gave me my first memorable nightmare, so I think that had something to do with it.

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#118 Posted by Ketta (109 posts) -

Dead Hand in Ocarina of Time got me. Also Redeads in the adult timeline castle town.

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#119 Edited by zombievac (492 posts) -

@giantlizardking said:

@zombievac: I wasn’t just the jump scares for me. The entire experience filled me with dread. I would consider something that is still on my mind after I’m done playing to be “disturbing” rather than scary, but that’s more of a semantic difference. Games don’t really do that to me at this point, but at 12 I feel like resident evil still fit that criteria for me.

I can see that, sure. It surprises me the things that freak out my 6yo nephew sometimes, all they have to be is an image of something monsterish, and sometimes he thinks it's awesome, and sometimes he will have nothing to do with it.

Scary games (ones that actually were scary to any real extent) just didn't quite exist yet, or I didn't know of them, until I was old enough to have already been freaked out by "worse" things - including movies - it seems.

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#120 Posted by deactivated-5ba968afc02e5 (75 posts) -

Watched my uncle play Resident Evil when I was a young'un and lost my shit when the zombie dogs jump at you when your character opens the front door.

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#121 Posted by BradBrains (2269 posts) -

The title music to friday the 13th creeped me out as a kid.

I remember phantasmagoria scaring me as well when my parents played through it.

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#122 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -
@bybeach said:

The only game that scares me into even not playing it, is the teenagers-get-brutally-murdered game...Dusk till Dawn? No, that was a movie...

Close. Until Dawn. Peter Stormare will do it!

I enjoyed the Play Date of that game. When it came on PS+ I attempted to play through it with a friend making the choices and me with the controller. Wish we finished it.

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#123 Edited by KillEm_Dafoe (2636 posts) -

I would probably say it was DOOM or even Duke Nukem 3D. I liked playing those games, but they made me nervous as a child, especially when the music cuts out and you can just hear the monsters growling from some other area. The idea of being scared by those today is laughable, especially for Duke, but that game has good creature design.

Resident Evil 2 changed the game for me. It was my first PS1 game, first truly 3D game I had ever played (or seen, rather. I couldn't figure out the controls at age 9 and watched my brother and dad play most of it), but the giant spiders in the sewers, and the licker jumping through the interrogation room window really did it for me. I was terrified.

Then Silent Hill came along soon after and that filled me with a new kind of fear again. Sure, it has its jumpy moments, but it's the impending dread created by the brilliant soundtrack, the simple but extremely unsettling enemy design, the grimy look of everything, and the knowledge that literally anything could happen in this game at any moment. It's such a bizarre, twisted mindfuck of a game, and still my favorite in the series, hands down.

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#124 Posted by DodoBasse (109 posts) -

Earliest I recall is the first Tomb Raider. Once I got to the water levels I realized I was never going to finish that game.

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#126 Posted by huntad (2407 posts) -

Resident evil 1 or 2 when the birds bust through the window.

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#127 Posted by Nick (1039 posts) -

Definitely Doom. I was around 6 or 7 when I first played it, and the dark areas where you could hear monsters nearby were particularly scary as a child. After that it would be Diablo when i was 11 or 12, which was a mix of the creepy audio and medieval vibe and opening that door early on and hearing "fresh meat".

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#128 Posted by sadistic_greyfox (50 posts) -

I was a pretty big wimp when it came to Horror in general for a long time. First real experience was MGS2. Got it and a PS2 for Christmas and nooo memory card. When Colonel's AI started freaking out I freaked out more. Thought my game was bugged REAL BAD. For actual fright it definitely Happened during Fatal Frame 2. I put that game down and didn't touch it for years. Ive played SH and RE since but nothing has actually made me uneasy about returning to a game like FF2. Like others have said I credit it for desensitizing me toward the horror genre.

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#129 Posted by Purdy8TV (2 posts) -

Metal gear solid 2 on Xbox

Colonel started going insane late at night and the fourth wall stuff really freaked me out, granted I was probably like 11

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#130 Posted by Doofcake (43 posts) -

Silent Hill, with the damn monsters crawling out from under cars with incredible speed.

Besides jumpscares though, Amnesia The Dark Descent was the first game that I was too scared to play purely because of how discomforting the whole atmosphere was.

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#131 Posted by oopprraahh (289 posts) -

Hunt the Wumpus freaked me out as a kid. A neighbor kid had the game and freaked me out so much playing it I was scared to go over to his house for awhile.

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#132 Posted by ramagamma (35 posts) -

The dogs and the window in the original Resident Evil that's the first effective jump scare I remember, really an iconic moment for the series and early 3d games

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#133 Posted by Stupacabra (3 posts) -

Kitty Horrorshow's astonishing game Anatomy scared me senseless.

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#134 Posted by Sydle (22 posts) -

I think it was when I first encountered a Baron of Hell (or are they called Hell Knights?) in the original Doom. I remember running in the other direction.

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#135 Posted by fatalbanana (1106 posts) -

Blood a 1997 PC FPS

There was freaky stuff in this game that I was far too young to see. There were severed heads on pikes that would twitch and blink, when a bad guy caught on fire they would hauntingly run around a scream, not to mention all the blood and gore. I still played the game multiple times and think fondly of it all these years later. Looking back on it now the violence seems cartoony but as a 7 year old it freaked me the hell out.

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#136 Edited by Bicycle_Repairman (681 posts) -

As joke answer i would like to contribute those 4 or 5 times as a small kid i got stuck again in the second water temple of ocarina of time and couldn't continue. Still never got past it, although i haven't tried the last 15 years.

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#137 Edited by captain_max707 (674 posts) -

I remember playing Myst with my dad when I was very young (first game I ever really played) and getting scared in the Metal Age. The music is ominous and there are a bunch of weapons and torture devices which was pretty unsettling.

The game that truly freaked me out when I was younger though was Star Wars Droidworks. I loved that game but the final 5 missions introduced assassin droids that would chase you while you tried to solve the puzzles (and deal with your constantly draining battery, which was already kind of stressful). Those assassin droids terrified me so much that I never actually finished the game, I'd be interested to go back now but I don't really have the means to play it anymore.

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The stuff of nightmares...

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#138 Posted by Tophar01 (244 posts) -

Probably has to be Resident Evil

But Amnesia definitely took it a whole new level and scared me way more than any game had previously

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#139 Posted by Tophar01 (244 posts) -
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#140 Posted by witness0783 (7 posts) -

Ghost houses in Super Mario World scared the shit out of me as a 10 year old.

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#141 Posted by IVDAMKE (1823 posts) -
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#142 Posted by Mupod (45 posts) -

I think I was super scared of Berzerk on the Atari.

Oldest specific memory was Boos in SMB3. Thank god for the game genie and hammer suit letting me kill them.

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#143 Posted by jakoo_P (31 posts) -

Probably Drakken on the SNES. I was so young when my parents got it for me, that I had no idea (and still don't) on how to plan. I thought the atmospheric music was very eerie at the time, and I found myself consistently dying over and over again in really dumb ways (like drowning, or having a dragon spawn out of no where and destroy my party).

Having been groomed on friendly Nintendo games til that point, the mystery (at the time), obtuseness and brutality of Drakken scared a younger version of me quite a bit.

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#144 Posted by KittenTactics (102 posts) -

Dead Space 2 - but I'm not a fan of horror media. I just remember watching the quick looking at thinking the game looked amazing. And it was! I'm just too much of a scaredy cat for it, but I loved what I played.

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#145 Posted by MagicFlounder (46 posts) -

Kirby 64, Scarfy. When I accidentally made it transform I did not deal with it well.

Runner ups are Andross at the end of Star Fox 64, I just hit the power button as soon as I saw him and lost my save. Bowsers laugh when you enter the castle in SM64 made sure I never played the game past that point. I was easily frightened as a kid, to say the least.

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#146 Posted by Blastr85 (36 posts) -

Seeing that first zombie in Resident Evil on Playstation, followed shortly thereafter by that fucking dog blasting through the window. Holy cow, my 12 year old self was freaked out and loving it.

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#147 Edited by peffy (42 posts) -

This is the earliest one I remember. I was around 13-14, and I had borrowed a PS1 and a stack of games from somebody. I set it up with another friend, and we were randomly trying out games. Eventually we got to Silent Hill. We had no idea what kind of game it was. So I was walking through some deserted, snowy/foggy town, getting increasingly bored, and then suddenly these huge dogs (or were they birds..?) came out of nowhere and killed me. We both freaked the hell out and I shut off the PS1 immediately.

And that was the last time I attempted to play a horror game.

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#148 Posted by captainharlock (1 posts) -

Mos def the Nes Friday the 13th! I was just a wee lad back then, and when Jason popped out, it scared the crap outta me. I would hide that damn game tape so my cousins wouldn't play it to scare me.

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#149 Posted by foxhound421 (86 posts) -

Probably the original Resident Evil when you get your first look at a zombie slowly turning around. Since then, Silent Hill 2 was scary as hell.

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#150 Posted by Will_M (375 posts) -

Somewhere between Resident Evil and Silent Hill. RE was campy scary but Silent Hill took it to another level.