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Hey denizens of the giant bomb forums. This is my first post so I went with something basic. What was your guys first game console? Or if you're a pc gamer when did you build your first pc? My first was the gamecube. I was born in 2001 so I wasn't really around during the 64 bit era.

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#2 Posted by White_Silhouette (517 posts) -

Mine was the intellivision. Was a great little console me and my dad would sit and play together. Game that I remember playing the most was Burger Time.

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#3 Posted by dr_monocle (391 posts) -

My parents had an Atari 2600 that I messed around with when I was real young so technically that. The first console that was all mine was the SNES though. Still one of my favorites. As it happens I also built my first PC last year (Best Value!) but we've had a few non-gaming PCs growing up that I managed to run a few games on. Had a gorgeous and monstrous IBM Aptiva that I played a ton of Mechwarrior 2 on.

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#4 Posted by BigSocrates (1966 posts) -

Oh you missed the "64-bit era" (not really a thing because only 1 console claimed to be 64 bits). Let me tell you what it was like. We had to push the analog stick uphill both ways through the snow. We didn't have games larger than 8 megabytes or so and we LIKED IT THAT WAY! We paid $80 in 1997 dollars for games like Mace:the Dark Age and WE THOUGHT IT WAS A BARGAIN!!!!

My first console was the old-school NES with Rob the Robot and I got it so early that that was the only way it was sold. I played gyromite for hours and I loved it!

Now let me tell you about a game called Final Fantasy and how when it was released we thought "oh this is the Final Fantasy. Guess there won't be any more in THIS series so I better enjot it..."

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#5 Edited by Onemanarmyy (4411 posts) -

First consoles i played was a Atari & PS1. First i owned was a ps2. We had a PC since i was 3 though.

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#6 Posted by PeteyCoco (280 posts) -

First console I owned was an Xbox 360. Spent most of my childhood up til the end of high school on PC

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#7 Posted by Naoiko (1676 posts) -

The first one that was mine would be a super nintendo. I played the NES a lot but it was shared with my sister and parents.

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#8 Posted by csl316 (14968 posts) -

The 2600, we also had a Nintendo in the other room that seemed too intense to me. I enjoyed it a whole lot, but had no idea it'd become one of my primary hobbies eventually.

First one I bought myself was the PS2. Starting with last-gen, I buy every damn thing that comes out.

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#9 Edited by ShaggE (9273 posts) -

First thing I used for gaming was the family 386 PC. I think I could navigate DOS before I could write. I was almost entirely PC throughout the 90s, although I wanted a console badly.

First console I played was the NES. First I owned was the N64 (if you don't count the Game Boy and Virtual Boy, or a pile of Tiger LCD games).

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#10 Posted by liquiddragon (3383 posts) -

I was born in China so it was a bootleg NES/SNES thing. First real console was the Genesis or I guess it was called the Mega Drive model 2.

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#11 Posted by Justin258 (15661 posts) -

I got a Game Boy, then a Super Nintendo a few months later.

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#12 Posted by Relkin (1185 posts) -

SNES. I know most people look back at their first console fondly, but the SNES has always been the most disappointing console to me. No other game I ever played on it was as good as the game that came packed in with it (Super Mario World). A fairly good catalog overall, but it was a shame that the best was likely the first thing you played.

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#13 Edited by BoOzak (2595 posts) -

Had a Game Boy then got a Megadrive. I think the first console I played on was an Amiga though.

EDIT: Scratch that, it was an Amstrad not an Amiga. Always get those two mixed up.

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Mom got me an OG Game Boy and Super Mario Land 2 when I was...7 or 8, for my birthday, so this was the early 90s. It was a big deal. I still remember it.

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#15 Posted by citizencoffeecake (1544 posts) -

NES but I was just too young when my parents got it, they ended up playing it more than me for a while. I eventually got into it. I remember being very excited for the SNES and got it for my 5th birthday.

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#16 Posted by TyCobb (2036 posts) -

Atari 2600. But didn't play a whole lot of it since I was a little too young. NES is what I remember the most.

Since I have my PC Master Race membership card, first computer was a 386. First PC I dumped all of my meager savings into was in 2004 so I could build a rig to handle Doom 3 and HL2 as they were right around the corner at the time.

Man, I feel old now and I'm only 32..... thanks.

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#17 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (6353 posts) -

First console played was an Atari 2600 that my parents owned. An NES was my first console, and a 286 PC was my first PC.

Yep, I'm old. Welcome to the forum, btw.

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#18 Posted by ajamafalous (13817 posts) -


My family didn't have a computer in the house until like 1994/1995.

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#19 Posted by The_Last_Starfighter (510 posts) -


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#20 Posted by cannedstingray (518 posts) -

my parents had a Pong console I barely remember when I was young. My first console was an Intellivision II, Burger Time got the most play. Night Stalker and there was like an air land sea battle game (that had biplanes and tanks and boats or subs) were the next most played.

After that I got a Commodore 64 that I remember playing text adventure games, DR. J vs Larry Bird, Transformers, an Aliens game of some sort, and a ton of others. Got a NES after that. Played the first two Zelda games to completion (still the only two that I have beaten) O.G. Metroid, Final Fantasy, Star Tropics, Ninja Gaiden, Karate,

Next was a Genesis, Then Playstation, Then Xbox, 360, Ps3,wii, PC, 3ds,vita, wii u, xbox one, Ps4,

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#21 Posted by Colonel_Pockets (1315 posts) -

Welcome! My first home console was the Playstation 2 and my first handheld was the gameboy advance. The GameCube was awesome! So many classic games on it.

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#22 Posted by MajorMitch (1162 posts) -

SNES kid here. Though I played plenty of NES and Atari 2600 that various family had before we got our SNES.

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#23 Edited by deactivated-5a0917a2494ce (1350 posts) -

NES and then got an IBM 286 when I was about 7.

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#24 Posted by thebeardedfellow (94 posts) -

First console was a 2600. First PC was a Windows 3.1 Pentium machine. And i built my first PC last May and it was such an experience that I can never not build my own again.

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#25 Posted by Dispossession (158 posts) -

The Nintendo with Super Mario and Duck Hunt packaged in, then a Sega Genesis. The first console I actually bought was a N64.

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#26 Edited by Motorcycle (32 posts) -

Sega Master System. I was an idiot.

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#27 Posted by FacelessVixen (2613 posts) -

First played: Atari 5200.

First owned: Nintendo 64.

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#28 Posted by isomeri (3122 posts) -

The Nintendo Entertainment System, unless you count Game & Watch.

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#29 Posted by Shindig (4944 posts) -

First computer: Vic-20.

First console: Playstation.

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#30 Posted by spencer_ (5 posts) -


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With this:

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5 year old me loved it :)

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#31 Posted by ButcherfromOZ (3 posts) -

C64 and play Snake.

First console was a PSX!

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#32 Edited by SakuraSuzuhara (4 posts) -

Either NES or the Commodore 64, I can't remember.

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#33 Posted by ATastySlurpee (671 posts) -

The first console I ever owned was the SNES.

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#34 Posted by Sinusoidal (3608 posts) -

The first console I played was probably my parents' pong machine. Though I might have played the woody Atari 2600 first and found the Pong machine in the attic later. My memory is a bit hazy. The first console that was officially "mine" was a Sega Master System I got for my birthday along with the disappointing Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars which was horribly inferior to the first Alex Kidd game I had played at my babysitter's house. I loved it anyway.

@spencer: You came into video gaming with a bang. Wonder Boy III The Dragon's Trap is still one of my favorite games ever. It's probably the best Metroidvania released in the 80s. Better than Metroid even. It holds up really well. Too bad Westone went bankrupt a few years back, we'll probably never see another with the weird licensing issues with the Wonder Boy name and the main developer being gone.

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#35 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7837 posts) -

Pretty sure the first console I owned was a Sega Genesis. The only games I ever played on it were frogger and some racing game I will never remember the name of. I was super young; like 4 or 5. Also, the first handheld I owned was a Gameboy color. Pretty sure I got that before the genesis.

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#36 Edited by Bollard (8178 posts) -

Home console was my parent's SNES, handheld was their GameBoy. Damn the SNES is a great console.

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#37 Posted by professionaltwitters (7 posts) -

First console that I ever played was my brother's SNES but I was pretty young at the time and definitely didn't appreciate the greatness of that system until much later through the joys of emulation. So the first console that I really sunk any significant amount of time into was the N64.

Funny enough though, the game that I most associate with that system isn't Mario or Ocarina or even Goldeneye (all of which I played and enjoyed to one degree or another) but freaking Beetle Adventure Racing. I poured god only knows how many hours into that damn game with my brother and will love it to pieces forever because of it. I haven't a clue how it would hold up today (not that well I would imagine) but at the time it blew my mind with how much fun it was.

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#38 Posted by Brendan (9215 posts) -

We got a SNES when I was 5 (born in 1990).

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#39 Edited by WynnDuffy (1289 posts) -

I remember playing the SNES and Mega Drive a lot but I don't think I actually owned either of them. I recall owning a GameBoy and a Game Gear (which I think I broke, oops) and I definitely owned a Nintendo 64, so those seem to have been my first handheld/consoles.

I remember the day we sold my N64 because me and my dad didn't play it much after Goldeneye, Turok & Mario 64. I was more of a Power Rangers toy person until I was around 7 or older, still got those things around somewhere.

Fondest childhood gaming moments were watching my dad play Resident Evils and Tomb Raider on the PlayStation. Who knew watching people play games would take off, we could have made YouTube bucks.

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#40 Posted by jaycrockett (860 posts) -

Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade

First PC was the Commodore 64. Never really got any better than that, if I'm honest.

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#41 Posted by TheWildCard (695 posts) -

A hand-me-down NES

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#42 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

I was mostly playing games on the family computer so I didn't get my own console until pretty late. I had played some NES and Mega Drive before, and my older sister had a SNES, then I got my own PS1.
I guess technically the Game Boy was my first console, though I didn't play it nearly as much as my PS1 which I still have.

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#43 Posted by Drachmalius (661 posts) -

The family had a ColecoVision and Atari 5200 before I was born, and my sister got the NES which was shared among the family.

The first console that truly mine was the SEGA Genesis, that was the best christmas ever!

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#44 Posted by Matticus (60 posts) -

First I remember playing in the house was the ColecoVision, but that was technically my dad's. Then we finally got an NES for Christmas in '88, but had to share with my sister. In between I just played arcade games. First I ever owned myself was a PS1 that I washed dishes part-time to save up for.

Side note on the NES. Instead of getting a version with pack-ins, my dad got the base console and let my sister and I each pick out a game. My sister took the safe pick of Super Mario Bros. I took a gamble and picked Bionic Commando, simply based on the box art and screenshots. Turned out I had a good eye as it's still my favorite NES game to this day. I'm just glad I never came across it in the arcades, because I probably would have written the NES version off.

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#45 Posted by Teddie (2146 posts) -

PS1, my parents bought it for me with credit card reward points alongside Crash Team Racing and Spyro 3 (which are still some of my favourite games ever). I actually didn't especially want it to begin with, and I'm not entirely sure why my parents got it for me specifically as opposed to my brother. It's definitely the best gift I've ever received.

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#46 Edited by iowcatalyst (116 posts) -

First console was a master system 2, but first computer before that was a spectrum 128k.

Gaming device list in roughly order of first to last.

Spectrum 128k

Master system 2

Game gear



Amiga 1200







XBOX 360




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#47 Posted by Bill_P (304 posts) -

Master System 2 with built in Alex The Kid. It wasn't great to be honest, but my next console, a MegaDrive, was.

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#48 Posted by Urmoff (26 posts) -

We had a Pong console when I was a kid with the most amazing light gun attachment I've even seen. The gun could be completely broken apart like it was a sniper rifle. I would play the Atari 2600 at my cousins and the Intellivision at a friend's place. The first console I could truly call my own though was a Colecovision.

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#49 Posted by SinGulaR (2555 posts) -

I got a Atari 2600 when I was 7. I got my first Homecomputer (A Commodore 64) when I was 11 and my first PC (A 486dx/2) when I was 16.

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