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For me it was the Quick Look of the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands. On another site someone posted the link to the Quick Look and, at the time, it was the longest gameplay footage of the game, so of course I checked it out. I liked the style how they handled to show the game and the personalities in general. After that video, I went to this site and watched the other Quick Looks, started to differentiate the guys from each other, listened to the latest bombcast and little by little I was consumed by GB.

Your turn.

P.S.: Congratulations for me for my first thread.

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My friend forcing me to sit down and watch all the current Persona Endurance Runs, about 40 or so at that time. All at one time.

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I'd known about this site for quite a while before finally giving a serious visit. I remember getting on and seeing the FEAR 3 Quick Look, then going to buy FEAR 3 (I thought it looked fun... and it was!), and then seeing some more Quick Looks, and then joining the site. I went back to the Escapist when my suspension from there was up, then a few months later got myself banned for too short a post, and then came here.

True, I came here because I couldn't go back and post on the Escapist, but after peeking at the topics they have going on every now and then I see that it's starting to get more and more full of trolls, idiots, and assholes. Yeah, I think it was high time I left there anyway when I got banned. It looks like the idiots and trolls are taking over what used to be a really good forum. And the banhammer on that site is fucking nuts now - when I went back to peek at their forums, it seemed like each thread got at least one person banned.

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I typed into google search "AK-47 in video games" and there it was, the glorious site and the glorious wiki page.

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My old flatmate/cousin used to have the Bombcast on in his room sometimes, & I remember asking what it was. And then saying I could never imagine listening to such a long podcast. Ended up checking out the site myself & yeah, it was the Quick Looks which meant I had to keep coming back. That must be a couple of years ago.

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Persona 4 ER. Right around the time Modern Warfare 2 was released.

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The quick look for Dragon Age (PC). Those sparkling personalities really got me!

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@BulletproofMonk said:

Persona 4 ER.
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I found out about them from a friend when they were doing their Game of the Year stuff for 2009 I believe. The Shadow Complex video was the first thing I saw and I've been drawn to their personalities ever since.

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Friend showing me video of metal gear solid 4 review, and me shouting 'OMG WHAT IS BRAD SHOEMAKER DOING HERE?' . I then watched some QL's and thus began this unhealthy relationship.

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Reading the blog that was established prior to the official site launch.

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I've been here since this...

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The Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo quick look.

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Persona 4 endurance run. Not even sure how I got here those years ago, but I did!

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it was either a Borderlands quick look, a DSiXL unboxing/mailbag or a random video review I don't remember.

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The arrow pointing down podcast.

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Towards the end of 2009 I came across the Condemned 2 review. From there began to watch Quick Looks here and there. Started watching the Persona 4 ER and was hooked to all things Giant Bomb from then on.

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I was a casual reader of Gamespot and a casual gamer really and than the whole Jeff getting fired thing happened and I decided to follow him after those events. That sounds really creepy but when I say follow I mean keeping up with his activity through the blog before Giant Bomb than jumping in Giant Bomb once it started. I remember the old layout too and sometimes I miss it :P

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Probably this. I'm not entirely sure. I just know it was most likely the first day or so.

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Watching 'Points!' being recorded in Jeff's bedroom, then arrow pointing down podcast and so on. I really thought more people were here from day one, especially after the whole firing thing.

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Someone linked the Persona 4 Endurance Run on the Something Awful forums, and I followed.

I read about the exodus from Gamespot back when the scandal was in the news, but I didn't really follow games journalism so it took me ages to piece together that "Jeff" was that Jeff.

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@kidman said:

Watching 'Points!' being recorded in Jeff's bedroom, then arrow pointing down podcast and so on. I really thought more people were here from day one, especially after the whole firing thing.

same here...i had been visiting Gamespot for years already, and was familiar with our crew, and then just followed Jeff's underground vids and now have been a proud Bomber since the beginning...still miss the drink tests

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Arrow Pointing Down #hipster

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I used to follow Jeff and the guys on Gamespot (since 2002). I loved tuning into On The Spot (The video show hosted by Rich Gallup alongwith co-hosts Jeff & Ryan) every week and listening to the Hotspot podcast, watching video reviews etc. Jeff being fired and a whole dirge of other staffers leaving left, right and centre...I felt like the heart and soul of Gamespot had been torn asunder. I never felt bitter towards Gamespot itself, it was the fault of the clueless management at the time. Anyway, Jeff then took to doing occassional "Achievement update" videos. He would talk about what games he was playing in relation to achievement points and what his current total was. This, of course, then led to the Arrow Pointing Down podcast and I think you know the rest. I love this site. More so than when I used to regularly visit Gamespot (and I did love doing so). I think this new episode in Giant Bomb's journey will be awesome.

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One of the early bombcast. Back when they did taste tests. I knew i found gold

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@Canteu said:

The arrow pointing down podcast.

I think that was mine too, either that or the blog. Still miss the drink tests.

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@NTM said:

Probably this. I'm not entirely sure. I just know it was most likely the first day or so.

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Yeah thats pretty much the same for me.
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Their Fable 2 review, I think, or one of their how to build a bomb episodes.

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@fuzzybunny566 said:

@kidman said:

Watching 'Points!' being recorded in Jeff's bedroom, then arrow pointing down podcast and so on. I really thought more people were here from day one, especially after the whole firing thing.

same here...i had been visiting Gamespot for years already, and was familiar with our crew, and then just followed Jeff's underground vids and now have been a proud Bomber since the beginning...still miss the drink tests

I'm currently going through old bombcasts. It made me realise that I really miss listening to the DSi and WiiWare shop music while Jeff or Ryan read those crazy game descriptions. That music is awesome.

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Marathoned the whole P4 Endurance Run a few months ago. I'm pretty new.

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I think that mine was the Demon's Souls Quick Look. Somebody probably linked it on Gamefaqs, and since I was really interested in the game and followed it. But I didn't stick around. I randomly listened to a Bombcast at some other point in my life and that's what really hooked me. The Demon's Souls QL was funny and neat, but the podcast was hilarious.

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Probably one Making a Bomb videos, I joined pretty much after the Jeff's Gamespot thing.

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How to build a Bomb/APD after leaving Gamespot. I just remembered they used a video player that timestamped comments into the video progress bar. Outside of Soundcloud, I've never seen anything like that before or since, is it still around anywhere? I thought it was a cool idea, but I'm not surprised it didn't catch on.

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Downloaded a random Bombcast one day. I get most of my video game info from podcasts because I have a 45-min commute to school and, at the time, I was a pizza delivery driver so I spent a ton of time in my car. It was one of the top ten podcasts on iTunes so I decided to check it out. Sooooo glad I did.

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I came in contact with it when it was a wee little embryo of an idea. Basically after he left Gamespot and started his blog.

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some guy on the Gamefaqs message boards mentioned it, while talking about DAO, saying they did a quick look. i came here to see this.

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I was looking for naked cartoon pussy.

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My friend told me about Giantbomb, and that this team of people are awesome.

The first video I saw on the site was one the last episodes of TANG.

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@Hector said:

I've been here since this...

In retrospect, it's super obvious that Brad's mouth is covered because Brad is incapable of keeping a straight face when something funny is happening.

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@James_Giant_Peach: I hear ya.

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A series of quick looks that pretty much got me hooked. Been attached ever since.

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I followed Patrick here from his work at G4. I always thought he was super knowledge on Feedback. Once he left there and then the place he went to in between (the internet magazine thing), I followed his work here. At the time, I was working a super low human contact cubicle office job and the video on GB wasn't played so all day every day I just watched like everything on Giant Bomb. I am not sure what my first video was (probably whatever was new at the time) but in the matter of a few months I had caught up on almost all of the Quick Looks and most of the other features too. Giant Bomb and the community was there for me when I had a dreadful job in a dreadful place and for that reason, I'll always love it.

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The Dragon Ball movie quick look. Someone I knew posted it on twitter and I was hooked since.

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P4 ER and it was beautiful.

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Just about a year ago today. Me and my friend who both loved Persona 4 were having a conversation about the game. My friend then says she wanted to show me a really funny video on youtube, it was the "best of" the persona 4 endurance run. I thought it was hilarious, so later I tried to find full episodes on youtube, when I found out I couldn't I searched the internet and found Giantbomb. I began to watch the endurance run, all of it. For a long time I only went to those videos as that was the only real reason I was here. But then I began to watch more and more, and now I've listened to so many bombcasts, watched so many quick looks, and seen every single episode of Happy Hour. It's really been a fun year.

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I really can't remember. I joined back in May 2009 but I was watching videos on here long before then. Going through the videos just now I remember watching the QL of You're in the Movies and the QL of the NXE. So maybe from the beginning. Maybe there was some article on Joystiq that was all hey, Jeff is making a new site, check it out.

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@Neurotic: Well! I'll give you a belated "Welcome to the site, duder!".

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The first time I started watching Jeff and Ryan was on GameSpot. I used to watch On the Sot regularly. I also remember buying some GS E3 DVDs (E3 2003 and 20004 I think), and I got to know most of the guys through the video features on those DVDs. I think I still have them around here somewhere. Then Jeff got fired, many of us trolled GS for weeks and started visiting Jeff's website hoping he would start a new website, then Ryan's Arrow Pointing Down blog where he posted the APD podcasts, then the early Giant Bomb blog, then the actual site. So, here I am still visiting the site everyday since then. :)