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So Thursday I had my gallbladder and appendix out at the same time, and I've got two weeks off work for recovery. While I don't feel good enough to do much, I feel plenty good enough to play video games.

If you had two weeks off work and couldn't do much more than play video games, what would you play?

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I would plan a bunch of stuff to play and then somehow end up playing nothing, wasting all of my time on Giant Bomb.

But I would plan on playing:

Project Reality

A Souls game


A long puzzle game like The Witness or The Talos Principle

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What types of games do you like? That's a pretty important element here. I also don't know what games you've already played so it's ujnclear what your backlog is.

If I had 2 weeks to play games I would clear out some of the classics from my backlog. I would play Bioshock, finally finish Darksiders (started in 2012 and on the backburner since then, with a few more dungeons completed in intervening years.) and dig into a meaty RPG like Final Fantasy XV. I would also play some smaller stuff that I've been putting off like Virginia.

But that's me. I don't know what your story is, I don't even know what systems you have. Have you played L.A. Noire? That's a great game to play when not feeling well because it's (mostly) not action, has a gripping story, and is very very long, especially with all the DLC. Have you played Stardew Valley? It might be fun to grind away the hours playing something super chill. What about Forza Horizon 3? That game is massive, tons of fun, and has a super-fun upbeat vibe.

One thing I would keep in mind is that if you're recovering from surgery you may not be sleeping well and may be on medication, so super-twitchy games or online competition might not be good choices. If you try and play Overwatch and find you can't compete then maybe you should consider backing off to something less intense like a Telltale game.

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I asked for a week off the week persona 5 comes out so that

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I just started a week off work and I fired up METAL GEAR SOLID 5 and am determined to finish the damn thing.

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I recently played through Bioshock Collection. It was so great. Played Bioshcok, Bioshock Infinite and the DLC. Did not play Bioshock 2, but might get back to that too. Those Levine games are so freaking great though. Some of the best ever, no doubt.

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I would finish Doom, master the next area I'm at in Hitman, finish my current two old games of Resident Evil 4 and Mario Sunshine, play some FTL, and if I was feeling up to it crack open Darkest Dungeon.

I would also read a lot.

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Catch up on old games I never got around to playing. I had about two weeks off during Christmas and I spent it playing through Uncharted 4, Firewatch, Inside and a bit of DOOM and Watch Dogs 2.

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Either replay the KOTOR games (dat KOTOR 2 mod expansion), or get back into Skyrim in a serious way.

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If I had that kind of uninterrupted time I'd play one of the dense, long RPGs that lurk in my backlog.

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If I got any unplayed Open World games or RPG , that are big and beefy but not dependent on super intense concentration/timing I'd dive into that . Like a Saints Row or Final fantasy or Persona..

I would not play a multiplayer game if I'm on the mend.

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The waiting game.

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If I had just had an organ removed, I'd probably watch more anime/Youtube/Giantbomb videos than play games.

But I'd seriously entertain the idea of playing lots of stuff beforehand!

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Thanks for the replies. My problem is I feel like I've already played everything. Witcher 3 would be the obvious choice but I just did a complete Death March playthrough of the game and both DLCs a couple months ago. No more mountains to climb there.

And yeah, as a couple people have mentioned, recovering, not sleeping, and being on pain meds fills your reaction time. I was going strong in Nioh but had to put that on pause because it's hard to keep up with.

Over the weekend I just poked around at stuff. Played a little Skyrim, Mass Effect, Stardew Valley, and Darkest Dungeon.

I just thought it'd be fun to see how other Giant Bomb peeps would spend their two weeks. I'd give ANYTHING to have Persona 5 right now.

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I'd probably play a JRPG. I have Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky sitting in my Steam library that I have never gotten around to.

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@magmamud: I'd definitely recommend it. I played through that and SC a few months ago and loved it. I also just finished Trails of Cold Steel just a couple weeks ago at about 110 hours. Those games are great.

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I'd recommend going through all 3 Souls games (demons doesn't count!) and if you rage quit somewhere along the line then witcher 3 or mgs5.

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I finally play Europa Universalis.

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Right now my plate is like 40% For Honor, 20% Nioh, 20% SFV and 20% Rainbow Six: Siege. So yeah that's pretty much what it looks like.

EDIT: If removing my appendix negatively affected my reactions and gameplay to the degree that those games aren't fun... I'd probably be bored to tears. More likely to be watching TV series or read than play games at that point, but I do have a stack of Jrpgs i never get to. So maybe I'd pick one of those up.

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Half a game of Civilization

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@figurehead00: I'm kind of in the same boat at the minute (apart from the whole surgery bit) as I've got a week and a half off between finishing my old job and starting my new one. Some people are suggesting longer games, but I'd recommend mixing that up with some shorter experiences too, so you can feel like you've really accomplished something during your sick leave. I played Abzu last week, which was a relaxed affair and might work well for you as you recuperate. I also picked up Firewatch the other day, which I hear is short and not reaction sensitive, so maybe that'd be a good option? Hope you feel better soon.

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After invasive surgery I'd firmly avoid anything that requires sharp reflexes. The Witness seems a good suggestion, or anything turn based?

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Fallout 4 with mods. You could get like 10% done with it in that time.

Or just do a full replay of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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@figurehead00: BTW I just wanna add that if you were put under with general anaesthetic, you might feel like shit for about a good week. Take it easy, duder.

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It really depends what you enjoy most. I'd suggest Yakuza 0, which seems to be the hot thing right now.

Alternatively, you could dig into something like Final Fantasy XV, Pokémon Sun/Moon, Civilization VI, or The Witness. None of those should require the reaction time of something like Nioh, so you can just kinda chill with them. Also if you've got two solid weeks I'd probably opt for a couple of different things rather than just sticking to one for the whole time. Throw in a few palette cleansers as well - stuff like Downwell, Fire Emblem Heroes, Spelunky, Euro Truck Sim 2, Duelyst, Picross 3D Round 2 - even the ones which are a little more demanding can be nice as a quick pit-stop between longer sessions.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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Whatever i'm currently playing and then continue to work into my backlog, currently playing For Honor, The Division, Sniper Elite 4, Yakuza 5, Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice, Betrayer and whatever else my friends want me to play, with the intention of getting to Tomb Raider 4 and then whatever i feel like playing next, Final Fantasy 8?

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I wish I had enough time off to play Yakuza 0. Mainly because I play so slowly through that game. I'm over 25 hours in and recently got to chapter 4. Been playing it in my free time since it came out so that tells you how much free time I have. Nice to play a really Japanese game for once.

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i keep forgetting you can live without a gallbladder. man the human body is just filled with so many unneccessary bits!

i mean, get well soon.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn


Halo Wars 2

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Command and conquer collection.

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If I had two weeks off to play video games I would probably do a full play through of FFXV. I'm actually on two weeks vacation right now but my SO refuses to let me play couch potato.

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Thanks for all the well wishes duders! I'm super sore and tired basically all the time but otherwise seems like things are going a-okay.

I had picked up Skyrim for the Xbox One a while ago and ended up getting deep into mods. So much so that I've basically just been researching and downloading them, but not actually playing it. Luckily I think I'm set up now and ready to dive in.

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I was sick for one week and had a vacation for a week last month, I finished the entire Uncharted series.

Now I'll probably play Mass Effect Andromeda non stop or try to finish Tales of Beseria.

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I would recommend Atelier Sophie. I reviewed it here. I think it's extremely good for your situation because not only is it a turn-based RPG weighing in at 60+ hours, but the crafting system (the focus of the game) is so complex you can spend a lot of time plotting how to craft things even while you're not playing. It's a good distraction.

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I'll end up replaying The Witcher 3. Maybe replaying Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 before Andromeda shows up. Fallout 4, 3 or New Vegas. Any long story focused RPG with a lot of stuff to do.

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witcher 3 complete edition

hitman 2016

dark souls 3


battlefield 1

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The Witcher 3 plus DLC

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MGS 1-4 and maybe some Path of Exile.

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I'd probably just paint minis...

But if I were going to play something... probably something chill like City Skylines or Planet Coaster. I haven't looked, but if SKSE64's out in any form, I'd probably spend a week throwing mods onto Skyrim Special Edition. Maybe hammer out the Seasonal stuff in Diablo 3 for the pet.

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@ripelivejam said:

i keep forgetting you can live without a gallbladder. man the human body is just filled with so many unneccessary bits!

i mean, get well soon.

Scientists more recently, as should be obvious, have found out those organs do indeed exist for a good reason, even if they're not necessary for short term survival.

Gallbladder helps process fats, among many other things, if you don't have one you're on pretty rough medication for the rest of your life and on a restrictive diet.

The Appendix actually helps maintain a "Storage space" for your gut bacteria, which is one of the most essential things about health that was ignored until recently. Without one, you're going to have to be careful to keep your gut flora in check or you'll be prone to every disease in the book, practically.

I hope this isn't new news to the OP and doesn't make him feel bad or scare him. But he should know either way, and unfortunately, a lot of doctor's don't know or care enough to explain the importance of the changes that will be required when losing 2 organs at once.

Get well soon OP! Eat well!

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I love turn-based games, and they were a natural fit for me when I had my appendix out. I was too zonked out / uncomfortable to play my usual (at-the-time) CoD or Halo or whatever. The TBSs were perfect; deep enough to hold my attention but requiring no twitch/reflex play at all.

To that end I recommend XCOM(1or2), FTL, Darkest Dungeon (SOOOO GOOD), or some emulated Tactics Ogre or FF Tactics. I think XCOM1 was my go-to for my appendix recovery, as it had just been released.