What would you want from a new Max Payne game?

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Max Payne 1 and 2 were both very iconic third person shooters that defined a certain era of gaming.

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Years later Rockstar released Max Payne 3 and it was a divisive title where a lot of people weren't happy with the mechanics, the tone, or the story. The removal of New York City which helped to define the titular character was a big deal and Max's drastic change in appearance was not welcome by most. Shooting also diverged from the more arcady roots with a more grounded feel. Admittedly one had to spend a while with the new engine to fully appreciate or even understand how it worked which meant a lot of people bounced off early on. There was weight to all movement that simply wasn't there before.

All that said, lets say hypothetically Rockstar were to release a new Max Payne in 2019, what direction would you want that game to go?

Should they expand on the existing framework from Max Payne 3 and also carry on that narrative? Or should they start from scratch and reboot the series in the way Crystal Dynamics revitalized Tomb Raider by introducing a lot more elements to the core formula?

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#2 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

I liked all the Max Payne games, and I’m a sucker for Remedy...but I think Max Payne 3 was my favorite.

Frankly, I don’t want a new Max Payne. Max should have died, though, and this discussion shouldn’t be happening.

I don’t think another sequel would make a ton of sense, and I’m not quite ready for a reboot.

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Though I really liked MP3, Rockstar's writing doesn't work anymore and I just can't get excited about a MP4 with them in charge. Best case scenario they allow Remedy to buy the IP but if Bethesda bought it and gave it to MachineGames, that would be so sick.

If Rockstar works on it, I say reboot and if MP is bought and made by another studio, continue the narrative. MP games have tonal shifts that's interesting so I liked to see the evolution of that.

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#4 Posted by Humanity (18946 posts) -

@liquiddragon: Do the guys at MachineGames have any experience in third person shooters? Those guys made some real great FPS games although I can't say I was ever in love with the way shooting worked in Wolfestein, but a game like Max Payne seems like a completely different beast.

As far as writing goes, I actually think the redemption story in MP3 is probably one of the better pieces of game writing out there. They show this guy fall from glory and pick himself up from the very bottom, and in the end he is doing it all for himself to prove that he's not a complete waste of space - which all in all is pretty great.

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I really enjoyed Max Payne 3, other than the fact I found it painstakingly hard (and still feel that it's an outlier in the series after re-playing the re-release of the original in the past year) and, given that personal struggle with the game, came to resent some of the longer cutscenes due to their unskipability. In the abstract, I loved Max Payne 3, but in practice it was a bit of a mess for me.

To be honest, about the best thing that could happen for that series would be a REmake style approach to the first Max Payne. That game was fucking rad, but unless you're a PC gamer there is a lot about it that doesn't hold up especially well to modern scrutiny and I'd love a team to get to take a crack at retelling that game with a fuller lens and stronger console design tools.

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#6 Posted by liquiddragon (3526 posts) -

@humanity: I get a lot of ppl have problems with their shooting and I think it partly has to do with how most modern FPS' play. Wolf games are way more frantic and they want you to be in constant motion. I do think the balance could be improved but they'd clicked with me after a few hours.

It's true they haven't down a TPS but I can't really think of a developer I trust more to handle a single player shooter campaign.

I thought the writing in MP3 worked but you kinda know what to expect from Rockstar. I feel like MP4 from them wouldn't have any surprises.

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Honestly, I'd prefer it to stay as a great trilogy. Max's story ended. Remakes are harmless, but I see nowhere a sequel could go that would satisfy me. Where would the location be? Another crime-ridden cesspit? What would the plot be? Another dragged-into-a-bad-situation cliché? I can't see it.

I would happily play a prequel, or a spin-off Mona Sax game, but I don't think the series has the legs to warrant a reboot. It'd just feel like a retelling, probably with a less iconic version of the character. He's not exactly multi-faceted enough for them to take it in a whole different direction, so that's what it'd be, but what do I know.

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#8 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

Max Payne 3 gameplay with Max Payne 1 style and themes.

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#9 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

I’m pleasantly surprised by all the let-it-stay-a-trilogy sentiment in this thread.

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#10 Posted by BoOzak (2645 posts) -

I would like a Sin City esque game that bounced between characters. I feel like Max's story is done (it felt done in 2 honestly) but having him in a smaller role would be fine.

Also no load screens masked by cutscenes every few minutes, that shit killed any desire I had to replay Max Payne 3.

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#11 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

Mona spin-off, I don't know what else could they do with Max's story. I feel like a Mona or other character spin-off would be a breath of fresh air and something interesting. Alternatively a remake of MP1 in the vein or RE2Remake like some posters above mentioned.

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#12 Posted by devise22 (744 posts) -

I'd love to see more of a reboot and then some refocus on what you do in the game. I think there is enough ground made on the "detective skills" gameplay from Batman to AC and things like LA Noire that they could really sit down and think about something to do on that front. I do think it could still have shooting and slow down and some of the staples of the franchise as well. I also wouldn't mind a smaller in scope game. It doesn't need to be this huge large open world for me. I wouldn't mind even just a small town or a smaller city and that is it.

If it's not a re-imagining then I'd want to be a character who isn't Max personally.

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Max Payne 4 needs Mark "It's ok Hollywood doesn't care I was convicted for racially aggravated assault" Wahlberg in it.

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I too would desire a remake of Max Payne, even Max Payne 2.

But for developer I would much prefer someone like Machine Games, rather than Rock Star.

Rock Star went for the jugular, they could be counted on to do that. To a fault. But the nuance and Noire seemed rather lacking.

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#15 Posted by uhtaree (951 posts) -

Slow motion and taking pills.

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#16 Posted by Humanity (18946 posts) -

I have to say I’m warming up to the idea of a Mona themed game in the Max Payne universe. Reboot it like the new Tomb Raider and give her some unique new abilities apart from bullet time and it could be really cool.

As long as she shaves her head halfway through the game.

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#17 Posted by shivermetimbers (1721 posts) -

Him to have a son and to escort the son while questioning his violent nature, even while he kills countless people on screen. Oh, and a battle royale mode while slow motion mechanic would unironically be interesting to pull off.

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In terms of feel, I would say give it a healthy mix between 2 and 3. Make the shooting lose and snappy akin to 1/2 but also add in the awesome dynamic animation that was in 3. As far as tone goes I would like it to go back to the noir dark comedy that made 1 and 2 so enjoyable for me. I like 3 and actually, think it nailed the action movie tone but I really did miss how 1 and 2 felt in this regard. Maybe don't go as dark and overly pessimistic but I don't know that is a big part of what makes Max Payne.

I'm into the idea of a story focusing on Mona or even a new character altogether. It obviously has to be related to Max in some way but I think something like that could work quite well. I would actually like to see Max pull himself together a bit. I know that's not really "the point" but that dudes been through a lot of shit at this point lets give the poor guy a break.

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#19 Posted by cikame (2911 posts) -

I love the Max Payne trilogy, if anyone else made the 3rd game it wouldn't have been anywhere near as bold or impressive as Rockstar's attempt.
In its current state the franchise has ended on a really high note, i always want sequels for my favourite games but maybe we shouldn't make a Max Payne 4... or maybe there should be a spiritual successor with a different title.

However that would require the industry to stop making open world loot driven always online grind-fests.

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#20 Posted by BradBrains (2274 posts) -

Make it fast like max payne 1 but without the weird dream sequences. 3 was too heavy handed and not nior enough

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#21 Posted by Cure_Optimism (85 posts) -

In terms of gameplay I can't think of anything I'd want. Max Payne has had stellar gunplay since day 1, so the only thing I can think of is to bring back the Noir story-telling and graphic novel-esque cutscenes to give Max Payne more of its own identity. One of the issues with Max Payne 3 was that it kinda turned into a linear GTA game in terms of style and writing. Other than that, just give us more guns and more interesting backdrops for killin'.

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#22 Posted by Slag (8159 posts) -

I wouldn't. I'd like the series to be done. And Max's character arc went on a lot longer than what really worked. Heck I'd say that story was basically over 1/2 through the 1st game, let alone the sequels. A new character and premise is probably needed.

Now if Remedy wanted to do a spiritual sequel, cool.

but get rid of the supernatural elements and those craptastic dream sequences, heck even maybe bullet time. A noir crime shooter would be just fine. The atmosphere and style is what made Max Payne special (besides the novelty of Bullet Time back then)

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#23 Posted by MrPlatitude (207 posts) -

@slag said:

Now if Remedy wanted to do a spiritual sequel, cool. but get rid of the supernatural elements and those craptastic dream sequences, heck even maybe bullet time. A noir crime shooter would be just fine. The atmosphere and style is what made Max Payne special (besides the novelty of Bullet Time back then)

Agreed. Something like Max Payne could be neat, but we don't need to bring that character back again.

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#24 Posted by cheburashka (26 posts) -

Honestly, I'd prefer it to stay as a great trilogy. Max's story ended. Remakes are harmless, but I see nowhere a sequel could go that would satisfy me. Where would the location be? Another crime-ridden cesspit? What would the plot be? Another dragged-into-a-bad-situation cliché? I can't see it.

I would play happily play a prequel, or a spin-off Mona Sax game, but I don't think the series has the legs to warrant a reboot. It'd just feel like a retelling, probably with a less iconic version of the character. He's not exactly multi-faceted enough for them to take it in a whole different direction, so that's what it'd be, but what do I know.

I enjoyed MP3, and him walking off into the sunset would be an appropriate trilogy finale. I don't think there's enough there for a "reboot", since Max Payne is just layers of genre cliches, but a Mona Sax game, there's something there to be explored.

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#25 Posted by lovcol (67 posts) -

I'd like a new MP from Rockstar - with SKIPPABLE cutscenes, because this is the only thing that keeps me from replaying MP3.

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#26 Posted by NPCDi (583 posts) -

I've never played a Max Payne game. Is it worth going back and playing them?

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#27 Posted by The_Greg (548 posts) -

I thought Max Payne 3 was fantastic, but I'd love to see a return to the dark, cold underworld of New York. That setting is a major factor in what sucked me into the first two games.

I wouldn't mind a prequel, or just something set in the same period as the first couple of games. I like those characters.

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#29 Posted by glots (4383 posts) -


@npcdi said:

I've never played a Max Payne game. Is it worth going back and playing them?

The first game probably feels a tad stiff/dated at parts, but the sequel should still work like a charm, at least on pc. Third one isn’t even that old and (ignoring the cutscenes covering up loading) was a blast to play on both PS3 and PC for me, though it feels a little different to play and the style is way less noir.

In regards to the original question, I’d prefer a spiritual successor more than anything. Let Max rest.

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#30 Posted by Sahalarious (796 posts) -

3 was a great shooter but not a great Max Payne game. Max's story has been told, no more please. I fucking LOVE MP1 and 2 but the time has come and gone

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#31 Posted by Rich666 (428 posts) -

For Remedy to develop it. That is all.

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#32 Posted by Notkcots (113 posts) -

MP 2 and 3 are both masterpieces of their style of TPS. I think a lot of people were bummed that 3 diverged from 2's fast, loose combat, but 3's shooting is easily the best combat engine Rockstar has ever made, and the animations are incredible. I think the story also worked really well as kind of a deconstruction of the sad-sack loose cannon action hero, and HEALTH's soundtrack was killer. The unskippable cutscenes which lie to you about background loading is one of the most infuriating design decisions of all time, however.

For as much as I loved 3, I really don't think there's anywhere else for Max's story to go. It wrapped up really well, and honestly Max was kind of a nonsensical (but lovable) collection of noir cliches and flowery monologue to begin with. What made the stories of 1 and 2 fun was how totally self-serious all of the characters were while total absurdity transpired all around them. I was shocked that 3 actually told a cohesive and thematically effective story with the character, but I think it's the sort of thing you can only really do once. I do wish that Rockstar took a page from MP3's storytelling for Red Dead 2 and the GTAs moving forward, though; the edgy satire thing they've been doing for the past 20 years has grown really, really tiresome.

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#33 Posted by WheresDerrick (326 posts) -

More of the same to be honest.

The only major thing I want less of from Max Payne 3 is cut scenes. They were so frequent and so many it would take me out of the stellar shooting mechanics.

That, and the game constantly changing what weapon I had equipped after a cut scene ended.

Otherwise, just gimme more.

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#36 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7649 posts) -

1) Druggz

2) John Woo flying backwards 'bullet time'

3) Voice acting and scene capture by Dean Winters from the Allstate "Mayhem" commercials.

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#37 Posted by hans_maulwurf (642 posts) -

They haven't been and won't be able to recapture the magic of Max Payne 2 for me. Plus I love Rockstar and I love Remedy, but I'd want both studios to rather do something else.

The only thing I can really think of is another weird spin-off/alternate version like the isometric gba Max Payne 1. That could be cool.

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#38 Edited by JohnyMyko (1895 posts) -

I would like them to recapture the feel of the first game. The third game was great but it felt like playing a completely different game from a different franchise.

They need to recapture the noir, the grit, the cinematic feeling, the drugs, nightmares, bullet time, etc. But with better and modernized gameplay. It should also stay a linear story without any open-world or rpg elements (no skilltree, no loot,...). Basically, it should feel like an old school game from Max Payne's era but play like a modern game. They should also find a really good reason to get back to Max's story, kinda like Naughty Dog managed to do with Nathan Drake on Uncharted.

Also, they should use other engine instead of Rockstar's RAGE. I will throw a party when they finally get rid of RAGE and replace it for something better (or at least get rid of Euphoria)

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#39 Posted by CreepingDeath0 (421 posts) -

I've actually replayed all 3 over the past week, so with that in mind here are things I wouldn't want in a new Max Payne

  • A cover system
  • 2 weapon limit
  • Rockstar's storytelling (and overuse of gore)
  • The Kane and Lynch 2 visuals
  • Excessive length (Seriously, Max Payne 1 and 2 are 5 hour stories. 3 was 10 and felt like 15.)
  • The lack of a jump
  • No quicksave

In a weird way, with the limited guns and cover system, Max Payne 3 has actually aged much worse than 2. I'm a little surprised they didn't tack a regenerating life system on it.

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#40 Posted by gamb1t (1067 posts) -

just a REmake

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#41 Posted by MeierTheRed (5975 posts) -

I think that series ended well with the third game. I don't think a new one is needed.

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#42 Posted by CreepyUncleBrad (229 posts) -

I suppose I would just want Max Payne 3 but every aspect bumped up a notch or two. If they were to bring it back I wouldn't want them to do anything radical gameplay-wise. (Though if they did and it was cool I wouldn't mind at all)

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#43 Posted by JonDo (207 posts) -

I really liked 3, huge fan of 2 -- made a mod, i cant find a copy of, called Dead Man Walking -- and really enjoyed both the single and multiplayer.

1) More really actually surprisingly good edgelord stuff about walking the razors edge between a bullet and a hard place

2) I really liked max quitting drinking in 3 would like to see him get clean off pills. (what would you use instead of painkillers?)

3) Perhaps developing a sidekick and killing max in order to move on but in a good way

4) A bit more thought into the multi than just deathmatch and no "buy the new DLC" weapon power creep. The good thing about that was that in non-lockon free aim mode it was all about pistols with no armor... which you didnt need the dlc for.

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#44 Posted by Whitestripes09 (918 posts) -

Max's story feels finished after 3. They would have to pull some sort of bullshit to pull him back in and I don't like the idea of that.

I actually really liked the style of 3? It feels like a more contemporary game and story compared to the more obvious noir inspiration of the first two games. But I still have a weird hate/love relationship with it. I like the more grounded in reality story, but I hate how it translated to gameplay. That could also be a Rockstar thing since I generally hate how shooting works in their games. It felt so stiff and on rails throughout each level that it makes the game not really worth playing through multiple times. While with 2, the shooting in particular felt more like it was tied to the players imagination and skill on how to clear a room of enemies. Half the time in 3, I felt like it was just sheer luck that I survived an encounter and it got worse as you increased the difficulty.

In terms of a sequel and gameplay, I would love to see another story done in the style of 3 just with more creative gameplay and not with Max. Mona would be an awesome way to reintroduce the series and as a nod back to 2.

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#45 Edited by Ericjasonwade (377 posts) -

I always see this sentiment that people don't like the weighty and stiff feel to Rockstar games but idk, I'm definitely an outlier but I just love that feel. Like when GTA IV came out i was just entranced at the weight of the cars, the movement, and the shooting mechanics. I get that it doesn't lend itself to gameplay all that well but I definitely feel more connected to the protagonist that way. In MP 3 the man literally could only carry two guns and when you dove and slammed yourself in to a wall or the ground you felt that shit.

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#46 Posted by Cagliostro88 (1240 posts) -

The atmosphere of the first game. No need to have Max himself in the game, just re-evoke the first game thematically.

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#47 Posted by frymillstrum (1324 posts) -

I'd like a return to New York too because they were the parts of 3 that I enjoyed the most, but having said that there would probably be a been there done that feel if they set a whole game in NYC again. Also bring back quick saves and fix the loading times. Haven't played MP3 in a couple of years but I feel like I remember there being 2 or 3 long ass load times(via unskippable cutscens) per each 15 chapters, at least on 360 anyway and they really slowed the pace of the game, espiecially if you wanted to play New York Minute or arcade.

It's always been one of my favourite series so I'd be happy to see it come back in whatever form, despite Max's story seeming final by the end of the trilogy.

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#49 Edited by soulcake (2818 posts) -

I wanna see Max Payne in some East block country preferable might be Albania. How did he get there ? no idea he wanted to buy cheap painkillers ???

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#50 Posted by dudeglove (13779 posts) -

People seem to forget that Max Payne 3 was Rockstar's proof of concept for the shooting mechanics of GTAV.

I would not like to see another MP game in that style, but perhaps in another format (turn based strategy? clicker?). I would like to see something like Max Payne being assassinated in Hitman, though.