What's got you stoked for 2019?

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#1 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8931 posts) -

Let's end 2018 with a bit of positivity. What games (or anything else, really - go nuts!) are you looking forward to in 2019? This is looking to be an amazing year, just judging from what's coming in the first half of the year or so. I think right now I'm really looking forward to seeing more about Anthem, the new Trials, and Rage 2. Whaddya got?

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#2 Edited by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1681 posts) -

I'm hoping Anthem can provide more to the Destiny type formula with some story and variety with flying and things. I still think we are at a point with that type of game where there will be a breakthrough one soon at some point here that will make the ones before look primitive. Don't mean to overhype it, but it's a genre with a lot of room for growth and I'm pretty optimistic.

I'm going to keep the optimism going and say Mount And Blade II: Bannerlord comes out this year some how.

Otherwise not sure there's a ton jumping out at me to look forward to, but the days of hot anticipation of a bunch of games like that are kind of past.

I really want to check out this game Kenshi I have had my eye on for some time that is 1.0 and apparently very interesting now. It seems to be an open RPG ala Mount and Blade but with more direct control of a lot of RPG aspects. And I also may finally dive into Baldur's Gate II, which I have never played but think I should as an RPG fan. It was a bit before my time and I missed out on it.

For music I know Code Orange is putting out something, Schoolboy Q and Danny Brown are both supposed to put out albums. The Cure is even putting out an album.

I hope it will be time for another Drab Majesty album at some point next year. I got really into them this last year after seeing them live and I am excited for more music from them.

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#3 Edited by Seikenfreak (1540 posts) -

Guess I'll go in chronological order based on current release date lists..

January - I already preordered the Resident Evil 2 remake months ago (to get the old Amazon prime discount). Could be cool. I wouldn't call myself a big Resident Evil fan, but RE2 was very scary for me as a kid when it first came out. Wasn't til years later I somehow got through it, I barely remember it, except parts with Mr.X terrified the shit out of me. Still freaks me out to think about. We'll see how this turns out. Ace Combat 7 could be cool? There was one I rented once or twice and really liked way back when on PS2. I have Unsung War, whichever number that is, and barely played it. I don't have a PSVR either but I'll probably pick this up if word of mouth is good. Onimusha Warlords remaster.. I own the original and think I beat it? Or got very close to the end and got stuck. May or may not get this. Probably not, but I'm glad they are doing it.

February -Dead or Alive 6.. DoA is the only fighting game series I actually enjoy playing but even then its just briefly and casually. May or may not pick this up. Metro: Exodus could go either way as well. In 2018 I picked up the Metro remaster bundle for $5 and really enjoyed playing through the first game. It felt like a Half Life style narrative driven, crafted, linear experience which felt refreshing. Because of that, I'm curious about Exodus. Anthem could go either way. Seemed so-so up until the Video Game Awards footage they showed which gave it a more interesting look. Dirt Rally 2.0, I'm a big racing game fan and love the racing sim stuff. Dirt Rally was/is great but I didn't play that much of it. Does 2.0 have VR support? If so, then I'll probably get it right away. Might get me to "upgrade" to a overpriced Fanatec wheel setup even though my Logitech still does great. Left Alive is that game I saw on Steam that has the MGS artist? Can't remember anything about it but seemed interesting and had stuck it on my Steam wishlist.

March - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Definitely picking this up. The Souls games have all been fantastic.

April - I bought Mortal Kombat 10 and surprisingly kinda enjoyed it. May or may not get Mortal Kombat 11.

May - Rage 2, didn't play the first one. Gameplay footage seemed alright? Another one I preordered it months ago to get the old Amazon discount.

September - MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries? Could be good or bad. BattleTech is my 2018 GOTY so I have a renewed interest in these Mech games but who knows how this will go.

Unknown - The new Pokemon RPG. Assuming it isn't some crappy mix of gameplay and features from Pokemon Go! and is actually a good, big Pokemon game then it'll be the first reason I have to buy a Switch. Also looking forward to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Seems to be all I've got at the moment. Often some of the best stuff is what comes out of nowhere and I just stumbled upon on Steam.

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#4 Posted by ShaggE (9302 posts) -

MK11 and Doom Eternal. RE2Make and Rage 2 are both wait-and-sees, but I'm tentatively looking forward to those too.

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#5 Posted by Creigz (235 posts) -

Doom Eternal, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Cyberpunk 2077 if it actually comes out this year. Those are my front runners at this time.

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#6 Posted by FacelessVixen (2667 posts) -

Gaming answer: Anime Dark Souls, and Cyberpunk 2077 if that will, 1. actually come out next year and, 2. not make me have to upgrade my PC.

Real answer: Finally buying a guitar, specifically an Ibanez GRX20 and Fender Champion amp after contemplating taking up music as a hobby for god knows how many years at this point, and also finally getting my BFA in painting at the end of next year, assuming that I actually only have seven classes left.

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#7 Posted by TheWildCard (700 posts) -

Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and Monster Hunter World Expansion. Year of Capcom baby!

Also maybe the mainline Pokemon title, which might be the thing that gets me to buy a Switch (and depending on the hardware refresh).

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#8 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1646 posts) -

Resident Evil 2 and Sekiro currently top my list. TLOU 2, Death Stranding, and CyberPunk are have me hyped although who knows when we will see those.

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#9 Edited by Ares42 (4366 posts) -

Things I'm excited about: Ori and the Will of the Wisps, MHW: Iceborne, Slay the Spire leaving Early Access, Grim Dawn: Forgottten Gods, Desperados 3, WoW Classic, Doom Eternal and Path of Exile (PS4).

Things I hope beat expectations: Crackdown 3, Anthem, Anno 1800, DMC 5, Sekiro, Division 2, Skull and Bones, Dauntless (console), Civ 6: Rising Storm, Torchlight Frontiers and Rage 2.

Things I'm curious about: Total War: Three Kingdoms, MK 11, The Settlers, The Surge 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Warhammer: Chaosbane and Far Cry New Dawn.

Things I hope turn up unexpectedly: Borderlands 3, Total War: Warhammer 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Bayonetta 3, God of War/RDR2 expansion and PS5 announcement.

I was planning to finally make the jump to 4k this year, but with the talk about G-sync/Freesync during E3 I decided to the hold off until I know which one to go for for next gen. I'm also thinking about getting a new PC next year, so getting some PS5 specs would be really nice to help me pick my new setup.

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#10 Edited by Nodima (2636 posts) -

I'm holding off on the hype of Forsaken in the hopes Anthem can provide that sort of low-level high Destiny 1 and the first month of Destiny 2 did. If it doesn't, I'm excited to dive in to this "new" Destiny. Otherwise, I have some hope Into the Breach can be ported to consoles and I can figure out what makes people so excited there.

I'm very excited to re-experience Resident Evil 2 through new eyes, as bland as that sounds. Capcom did such justice to the original Resident Evil I have to have something to hold on to.

And then, of course, if The Last of Us 2 comes out, I feel very good about that one.

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#11 Posted by ArbitraryWater (15746 posts) -

I'm very excited to see how that Resident Evil 2 remake turns out. After a decade and a half of Capcom mercilessly milking RE2 nostalgia and about a decade of them having zero idea what to do with Resident Evil as a franchise, what I've seen of this remake looks way more confident than it has any right to be. Obviously, RE7's success probably has something to do with their willingness to skew harder towards survival horror over action, but take a look at the stuff involving Mr. X and tell me that isn't terrifying. I just hope the puzzle/adventure game end of things is a little more involved than RE7.

On a similar front, very much looking forward to Devil May Cry 5. There hasn't really been a *great* character action game since Bayonetta 2 more than four years ago, so it's great to see them taking an honest shot at it (after, once again, a decade.) Capcom in general seems like they've started emerging from the long, dark wilderness that they fell into during the later years of the PS3/360 generation. Now all I need from them is a Dragon's Dogma sequel and I'll be golden.

Finally, I dunno. There's a new Fire Emblem coming out for Switch, and I really hope it's good. Fates doubled down on some of Awakening's more pander-y aspects in a way I wasn't really fond of, and so I hope they take a step back from that.

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#12 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8931 posts) -

@arbitrarywater: Jesus, that’s some real It Follows kinda dread. And the music is just... brrr. Horror games got way too real for me to play, but that looks amazing for something I never want to touch.

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#13 Edited by glots (4382 posts) -

I'm definitely going to buy Resident Evil 2 Remake as soon as it comes out, as it's been a very long time since I played a good (please be good) third-person shooter with a spooky setting. Otherwise people have already listed all the games I'm also interested in, so I don't really have anything new to add. Obviously it'd be sweet to get some surprise releases not yet announced.

Or actually, I'm going to grab Stranger's Wrath HD when it comes out on Switch next year.

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#14 Edited by NeverGameOver (902 posts) -

It's really just Sekiro and Last of Us Part 2 at this point for me. I will play literaly anything that From Software releases and TLOU Part 1 was the game of the generation for me during the last era.

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#15 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2101 posts) -

Season 2 of The Overwatch League. I can not fricking wait. C'MON DALLAS FUEL!

Oh, and hopefully Pillars of Eternity 2 released on console/switch.

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#16 Posted by doctordonkey (1854 posts) -

In order,

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3
  2. Anthem
  3. Devil May Cry 5
  4. Sekiro

There's plenty more I'm excited for in 2019, but that's what immediately comes to mind without googling it. It's a stacked year, in contrast to the relative sparsity of 2018. Outside of MHW, Spider-Man, God of War and RDR2, I really didn't play much of anything that actually came out this year.

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#17 Posted by Superharman (306 posts) -

I pre-ordered the special edition of Sekiro, so you could say I'm excited about that one.

Other than that, I'm playing a wait and see approach with a lot of games. Usually Polygon does a pretty good list breaking down the games to be released next year so I'll rely on that.

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#18 Posted by cikame (2911 posts) -

The potential for a decent version of Dead or Alive on a PC.

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#19 Posted by Panfoot (333 posts) -

Super excited for Resident Evil 2, I never did end up playing the original version, I wasn't old enough when it released but I got a lot of glimpses of it through older friends at the time. Also really excited for Ace Combat 7, it's been so long since the last Ace Combat game(let's just pretend Assault Horizon never happened). This is probably the first time in a long time, if ever, that i've had multiple games pre-orderred.

Otherwise, I haven't given it much thought yet but Metro: Exodus is an instant buy for me, 2033 and Last Light are some of my favorite games of the last decade. Dunno if they will be day one buys but I know I'm gonna check out Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Devil May Cry 5, and Jump Force at some point. Also interested to see how Biomutant and Left Alive turn out(though I don't expect much from Left Alive). I'm sure there are a lot of other games i'm forgetting, and a bunch of indie ones that will just pop up out of nowhere too.

...Oh and Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, if it actually comes out.

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#20 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7649 posts) -

Ace Combat 7 (Namco) - This truly seems to be the return of the good games like Ace Combat 2 or AC 4.

Control (Remedy Entertainment ) An action-adventure third-person shooter that has some interesting promise if Remedy can just pll it together.

Skull & Bones (Ubisoft) This was always the pirate game I was thinking would be good, all you backing thos other ones see what you got from them - jack squat.

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#21 Posted by pweidman (2867 posts) -

Gonna play in 2019: Doom Eternal, The Division 2, Crackdown 3, and The Outer Worlds. Perhaps Anthem(fingers crossed). LoU2 and Cyberpunk for sure, but only if they actually release this coming year. Keeping an eye on that RE2 remake, and Into the Breach if it comes to consoles.

It'd make me very happy if we get some concrete news about Borderlands 3 in 2019. Maybe at E3. Beyond Good and Evil 2 as well.

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#22 Posted by Creigz (235 posts) -

@glots: I'm not sure if you should qualify it as a shooter really. You spend a lot of time trying to manage how little ammunition you have. RE2 was the first horror game I ever played and I remember spending a lot of time out of ammo trying to get out of situations.

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#23 Posted by glots (4382 posts) -

@creigz said:

@glots: I'm not sure if you should qualify it as a shooter really. You spend a lot of time trying to manage how little ammunition you have. RE2 was the first horror game I ever played and I remember spending a lot of time out of ammo trying to get out of situations.

Sure, didn't really think of it on that level when writing. Let's say a third-person action game, but way less frantic as something like Uncharted. Last "spooky" one I played was The Evil Within 2 and that failed to grab me almost completely.

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#24 Posted by Creigz (235 posts) -

@glots: Yeah I figured but didn't want you or others to get into it with the wrong expectation is all. It's definitely a game that takes a specific level of patience considering how slow and clunky it is too haha.

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#25 Edited by Vortextk (944 posts) -
Loading Video...

I mean...Granblue Fantasy Relink still. I fucking live for platinum games, and while I agree with a lot of games mentioned here, it's kinda more of what I expect. I know what a resident evil or DMC game is, even if I'm really looking forward to them.

The party based action jrpg is common but so...I dunno, generic? Budget? And most I've seen/played just feel only ok. I'm looking forward to what platinum does best.

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#26 Posted by Rejizzle (1136 posts) -

2019 looks hype. We got Anthem, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Devil May Cry 5, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Animal Crossing Switch, Luigi's Mansion 3, maybe Bayonetta 3 or Metroid Prime 4 or Ghost of Tsushima (probably not), Anno 1800, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Town (that GameFreak RPG), The Outer Worlds, Doom Eternal, the continuation of Life is Strange 2, Daemon Ex Machina, In the Valley of the Gods, Indivisible, probably an absolute f-ton of indies. 2019 is gonna be amazing!

TL;DR: I'm cautiously optimistic about 2019.

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#27 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

Hmm, let's see:

  • Resident Evil 2
  • Sekiro
  • DMC5
  • Doom Eternal
  • Ace Combat 7
  • Team Sonic Racing
  • MediEval
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#28 Posted by wollywoo (302 posts) -

Miegakure. Or has that disappeared forever? Crossing fingers.

Also, Super Mario Maker for Switch. (that has to happen, right?)

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#29 Edited by MalibuProfen (129 posts) -

What excites me most about video games in 2019 is the fact that of my top 3 games of this year [2018] I had not heard of any of them before the year began. (The games being Into the Breach, Celeste and Return of the Obra Dinn.) There are potentially so many interesting new games being developed and published that I will almost inevitably be pleasantly surprised of at least couple of them in the upcoming year.

Other than that, I wish that Rocket League continues to keep its steady playerbase for another year.

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#30 Posted by Vortextk (944 posts) -

@wollywoo: Never heard of it, looks neat. Found an article from some youtuber, Patrick Klepek: https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/9kmknd/what-happened-to-miegakure-the-game-that-promised-the-4th-dimension

So sounds like it's still coming and is just a forever long game in development.

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#31 Posted by ltcolumbo (177 posts) -

Outer Worlds is on my only for-sure purchase, if it comes out in 2019. For me that is a game where I will schedule a day or two off work just to sit down and play it.

I’d love to see some info on the new Metroid this year, too.

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#32 Posted by S0mewh4tD4m4ged (456 posts) -

I currently have Resident Evil 2 (PC) and The Division 2 (Xbox One) pre-ordered. I'm hopeful that Anthem will be a big hit but I refuse to purchase until I see reviews. I'm also hopeful in The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding, and Cyberpunk release in 2019.

Other Games on My Radar:

  • Borderlands Sequel
  • Outer Worlds
  • Scavengers
  • Dying Light 2
  • Gears 5
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#33 Edited by ripelivejam (13226 posts) -

Neither the time or finances and I still got plenty frim 2018 2017 2016 2015 etc to take up my free time.

But honestly nothing really compelling to me unless Metroid Prime 4 comes out this year and I've cleared enough of my backlog.

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#34 Posted by deckard (364 posts) -

1. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

2. Trials Rising

3. Athem

4. The Division 2

5. Biomutant

6. Rage 2

7. Yoshi's Crafted World

8. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

9. Outer Worlds

10. Town (The Game Freak RPG)

The Division 2 is by far my most anticipated game that has an actual release date right now. I'd put Doom Eternal on there but that's probably not until October. And Cyberpunk's high on my list too, but come on - that shit's not coming out any time soon.

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#35 Posted by styx971 (66 posts) -

i'm a little iffy on a few games release dates so its hard to say but honestly i'm looking forward to shenmue 3. i've been waiting half my lifetime for it at this point and i helped back it not cause i think it'll be amazing the way 2 was (imo) when i played it years ago but i wanna see the story and what Yu does with it even on a limited budget after all these years. my hopes/expectations aren't high but i'm looking forward to it all the same.

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#36 Posted by Bonbonetti (108 posts) -

Firstly, the possibility of getting the remainder of the early Yakuza games on my PS4. It's a series I certainly wouldn't mind re-buying for my PS4 if the price is right. Also, the MediEvil remake for sure.

GTR 3. A sim-racing game made the Simbin developers. It will release on all major platforms. I'm not sure yet if I will buy it for my PS4 or my PC, probably the former. I expect it to play, and feel, rather similar to RaceRoomRacingExperience. Assetto Corsa Competizione, will also release in 2019. The first game was very impressive, especially for such a small studio.

Days Gone. I'm still waiting for 'that' zombie game that makes me feel as if I'm in a Romero film. Some games have come somewhat close to what I'm looking for, like Dead Island and Dying Light, but I'm not a big fan of FPS, so gameplay-wise it's not what I want and enjoy. State of Decay also came close, but I wanted a stronger storyline or narrative from it. From what I've seen of Days Gone however, it's very close to what I imagine in my mind, to what I seek.

The Sinking City. I love adventure games, and it's the perfect genre for any game inspired by Lovecraft's books. I thoroughly enjoyed this year's Call of Cthulhu game, to get another Mythos-based game so soon (relatively) is just great. It looks very interesting, and fun to play.

Journey to the Savage Planet. A first-person adventure game that looks rather quirky. I haven't seen any actual gameplay, but the trailer has definitely sparked an interest in me.

Other games I'm excited for: Xenonauts 2,Desperados III, Wasteland 3, The Guild 3. Again, I have't seen that much of the actual gameplay, but I've played the other games in these series.

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#37 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2971 posts) -

Sekiro, Devil May Cry 5 and RE2 top the list for me.

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#38 Posted by conmulligan (1946 posts) -

I'm cautiously optimistic about Anthem and The Division 2 but I tend to play those games solo which may not be their strength. Sekiro looks like it could be really cool, even though I'm still a little bummed it's not just Tenchu. Other than that, the first half of the year seems kind of barren.

Later in the year looks like it could have some bangers, though. I enjoy pretty much everything Remedy puts out — even Quantum Break — so I'm excited for Control and, assuming either of them hit this year, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima are both very promising. I've been a little iffy on what they've shown so far, but I hope MechWarrior 5 comes together. The Outer Worlds looks good. Seems like it could be a great year if the stars align.

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#39 Posted by kmj2318 (42 posts) -


Animal Crossing


Death Stranding (I hope)

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#40 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (3675 posts) -

A whole bunch but at the top of the list is:

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition goddammit.

And Saor has a new album out in February

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#41 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8931 posts) -

@bonbonetti: You know, I'm cautiously optimistic about Days Gone too. I know the coverage of it hasn't been received highly, but that sort of thing might hit at just the right time. Been a while since we've had a good Dead Rising or a zombie shoot-em-up, and that kinda seems to fit that bill.

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#42 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1442 posts) -

The last night, looks fantastic although I'm not sure of the game play but I'm kinda hoping its like a Flashback/Another World type of game.

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#43 Posted by Goboard (293 posts) -

KRZ Act 5 is really the only thing I'm stoked for. Hoping Judges Eye will get a US release this year as well as playing my first Animal Crossing when the switch version comes out.

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#44 Posted by fnrslvr (579 posts) -

Bethesda's advertising push for Rage 2 has actually been very effective on me, so I'm pretty stoked for that. The bits and pieces of worldbuilding I've seen for Doom Eternal have me interested; the combat walkthrough was comparatively dull, but I suspect that's just the nature of that kind of presentation.

I'm ready for a new Fire Emblem, but I'm not entirely sold on what I've seen of Three Houses. I could be on-board for the next Pokemon.

On the Microsoft front, I might give Crackdown 3 a shot, though it's very hard to tell whether it's going to turn out well even at this point. If I get through my backlog of Gears of War games (i.e. pretty much all of them), I might be keen for Gears 5. Also, I hear Age of Empires is going to be a thing at some point? Is that soon? I'm on-board if that's good.

I look forward to playing Life is Strange 2, though this time round I'll probably wait for the complete package to drop.

Unlike 2017, I failed to build a 2018 GOTY list (there wouldn't be much more than DBFZ, Smash Ultimate, and Forza Horizon 4 on it). I'm cautiously optimistic that 2019 will be less dry, and that I'll have more time to fill out a 2019 list.


Seeing Cyberpunk 2077 in action has made me very hyped to see it eat Deus Ex's lunch, though I don't think it's a 2019 game. Similarly, I think anyone who thinks Metroid Prime 4 is a 2019 game is being overly optimistic.

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#45 Posted by vinone (329 posts) -

I just need to know the level of disappointment Crackdown 3 will bring me. So I'm not stoked to play the game by any means, but I'm stoked for it to finally actually be out. (Which, let's be honest, might not even be in 2019.)

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#46 Edited by militantfreudian (688 posts) -

There are many games I'm tentatively interested in, but the ones I'm "stoked" for are Kentucky Route Zero (TV Edition), In the Valley of the Gods, Doom Eternal, and Sekiro.

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#47 Edited by nicksmi56 (850 posts) -

In terms of games, I'm still trying to cut down on my new game purchases (kinda failed this year), but Metroid Prime 4 and Persona Q2 are both in the "If it comes out this year, they immediately get my money" category. I'm excited to see what gen 8 Pokémon looks like even if I won't be playing it for a while, and New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe is pretty much guaranteed to be awesome so secretly hoping someone gives me it as a present so I don't feel bad. Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition looks great too and would be my very first Tales game. Bloodstained looks right up my alley too if it actually does come out this year.

As for stuff I'm planning to play, I want to finally dive into the Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid franchises on my PS3 (planning to play FF6 and the original MGS) as well as the Fallout franchise with 3 if the mood strikes me. I also look forward to many more hours of Smash and getting through at least one more Zelda game on my journey to Breath of the Wild. Should finally knock Prime 2 or Super Metroid off the list while I'm at it. Resident Evil 4 and Demon's Souls have been staring at me for a while now as my entryways to those series, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is definitely being played at some point.

Finally, it's a fool's hope, but I have to ask: Persona 3 port on the Switch, Atlus? Even if it's just FES. Please?

As for other things, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far from Home and Detective Pikachu are probably my most anticipated movies. I'm pretty much obligated to see Star Wars Episode 9 to see how the story ends even though I thought Last Jedi was only ok, and I REALLY hope Toy Story 4 somehow manages to be good, but I doubt it. Live-action Aladdin will be interesting and I'm actually VERY curious to see how people react to the live-action Sonic movie.

I'll be looking for a new job in a little while so excited to see where that leads, and I'm going to be putting more energy into the gym and my other hobbies in general. Heard about a fencing club nearby so may get back into that (enjoyed it in college but the club shut down), and may even join a D&D campaign or something. Who knows?

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#48 Posted by splodge (2786 posts) -

New job, new apartment, new city, new PS4, new laptop, new games, new life basically. Just waiting around on the ol Government to call me and give me my start date for training. The last few years have been a shit-storm in more ways than one, and I finally feel like I am coming out the other side. Hell, I am probably gonna make yall jelly coz in 2019 I will be experiencing all the great games of 2018 for the first time!

Happy new year!

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#49 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

Psychonauts 2!

Hopefully we see Metroid Prime, wondering what's next for Zelda and I'm curious about what Anthem will turn out to be.

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#50 Posted by Justin258 (15689 posts) -

There's quite a bit. Metro Exodus, RE2Make, maybe Kingdom Hearts 3, Bloodstained, Cyberpunk, The Outer Worlds, maybe Rage 2, and Fire Emblem if it comes out.