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#51 Edited by mellotronrules (2496 posts) -

the last of us 2, nothing else compares.

but i’m hopeful for anthem and nintendo’s 1st party titles. i think i’m going to finally do a new pc build this year too (it’s been 9yrs since my current i7 930 was built), so here’s hoping these forthcoming ryzen chips have some pep!

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#52 Posted by matheusknf (8 posts) -

For now,i most excited for Q1 games like: RE 2 Remake, Kingdom Hearts, new Metro, DMCV and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. But of course,this only the beginning and i have no doubt tha 2019 reserves a lot surprises, with tons of wonderfull indies coming of nowhere.

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#53 Posted by mortonan (60 posts) -

Off the top of my head, Resident Evil 2 remake, Untitled Goose Game, and Luigi's Mansion 3.

I also might have to get a second Switch for my wife when Animal Crossing comes out.

I'd love for Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima to be 2019 games but I'm not convinced that they will be.

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#54 Posted by JadeGL (1404 posts) -

Against all logic, Kingdom Hearts III.

I played the first game when it first came out, and the second game, then I fell off the series hard. I don't even know if I will be able to understand what is going on in KHIII, and I watched a multi-part recap on youtube.

And yet, when I hear that music I just get so hyped I can't help myself. The game can literally not live up to my expectations.

Cyberpunk 2077 also looks very neat. I'm not the biggest Witcher fangirl, but I've always preferred science fiction to fantasy, so this is much more my speed. I need a good RPG to get lost in, and this looks like it will fit the bill.

OH speaking of RPGs, I think The Outer Worlds may be my sleeper GOTY. Fingers crossed it lives up to the trailer.

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#55 Posted by bakithegrappler (4 posts) -

well judge eyes is coming out soon so i got another 100+ hours to sink into that but mostly the prospect of trying to vanish off social media for an entire year and graduating uni both seem pretty sick

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#56 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8728 posts) -

@jadegl: If Outer Worlds is on par with New Vegas, I'm sure it'll be up there for my GOTY too.

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#57 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (7408 posts) -

I actually think what will be interesting is where speculation goes for the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

I think people need tyo put Sony not going to e3 back in their minds....I don't think that is actually a factor or indicator of what will be said this year about new systems. People seem to equate not going to e3 with Sony not having anything to say - that is merely one explanation. They might have a lot to say just much later in the year.

It really seems like Microsoft does want to talk about what comes next. That is to be expected as well, because they are not hitting the numbers they want for this generation. Their sales are fine, money is not really the issue for MS; but it sure seems like Microsoft wants to start paving the way for new consoles.

So, if looked at realistically, Microsoft and SOny will very likely be following the same path as they did with this generation - AMD. [The underlying tech of both systems has been AMD 8-Core Jaguar modules that are custom for each customer. The architure is the same, but the implementation is slightly different- custom. ) We can theorize that PS 5 and Xbox Next will be the same; share a similar basic archecture, but be custom. Moreover, if you follow Jim Adore, there could be some amazing tech coming out of AMD for consoles if his "chiplet theory' is correct. This is existing for all peopel who enjoy consoles, because they BOTH might use the AMD tech. (And, woe unto them that might not use AMD because this is the wrong generation to be switching back to Intel & Nvidia parts.)

So, for sure, I think this year watching what AMD, Sony, and Microsoft say will be very interesting. Hell, if Adore is correct low cost gaming system based as PCs might have some very slick tech coming.

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#58 Posted by Marokai (3704 posts) -

I'm immensely excited for the Resident Evil 2 remake. The new FFXIV expansion sounds like it could continue to shake the game up in interesting ways, too, which is sorely needed.

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I'm excited to see Albert Hammond Jr. live and a new relationship I've gotten myself into. I've got to be honest, not a lot of games are really piquing my interest this year.

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#60 Posted by TreeTrunk (611 posts) -

All Bethesda! Especially Woflenstein Young blood!

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#61 Posted by soulcake (2512 posts) -

Pretty hyped for the new METRO Game, hope it delivers.

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#62 Posted by FacelessVixen (2468 posts) -

Buying a PS4 Pro next Wednesday, because 'fuck it' at this point. I'll have the disposable income and I'm a mile away from a Target. Might as fucking well since I've been wanting a PS4 since 2014.

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#63 Posted by mikewhy (312 posts) -

Nvidia supporting FreeSync monitors.

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#64 Posted by Captain_Insano (3448 posts) -

Imperator Rome by Paradox Games could be excellent - I just hope it has a good tutorial like Stellaris did and not a godawful one like all of their other games.

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#65 Posted by DoubleCakes (28 posts) -

My most-hyped game is BABA IS YOU, a sokoban-styled puzzle game where you manipulate the logic of the game by pushing around words and identifiers.

Also looking forward to Anodyne 2. I love the work the devs put out and this next Anodyne game seems to be an exciting new frontier for them!

Also, I am looking forward to Overland. And if it comes out this year, I am looking forward to Noita, roguelite where every pixel is a fully simulated entity!

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#66 Edited by MightyDuck (1983 posts) -

I am psyched for Crash Team Racing in June. I'm also really looking forward to the Ace Attorney Trilogy being released on PS4 at some point this year. I've always wanted to give those games a shot, but never had a DS to play them on. Outer Worlds looks like a blast as well.

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Not much for me tbh, Rage 2 and Ace Combat 7 are the only ones I have any strong anticipation for & I'm casually interested in Sekiro and Outer Worlds. If Cyberpunk comes out this year that would be top for me but I can't see it happening.

Edit: Forgot about the FFXIV expansion, I will certainly be playing the fuck out of that...

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#68 Posted by billmcneal (1176 posts) -

I will be stoked whenever the next generation of new consoles roll out

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#69 Posted by Teddie (2098 posts) -

Judge(ment) Eyes, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Outer Worlds all have potential to be my GOTY, or my most disappointing GOTY. Here's hoping at least one of them is good.

I'm guessing that HD Yakuza 3 will come out at some point this year too? That was my first entry in that franchise, and I've wanted to revisit it for a while since I've mostly forgotten everything about it, and back then I didn't engage with much of the side stuff, which is arguably the best part of those games.

I'll probably play Crash Team Racing a bunch, especially if I can convince my friend to pick it up for online.

Weirdest one for me though is Sekiro, which I'm sure I'll enjoy when I actually get my hands on it, but man I am not excited for it one bit and I don't know why.

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#71 Posted by Bollard (8109 posts) -

The front of the year is stacked - the rest, less so.

In the next two months I'm considering Ace Combat 7, Anthem, Anno 1800, The Division 2 and Sekiro.

Later in the year, all I can think of is Wargroove, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and maybe The Outer Worlds. I'll be picking up the CTR remaster too, I guess.

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Doom Eternal is what I'm looking forward to most for sure. The RE2 remake is only a week away (thank god) and I'm close to beating the original. Rage 2 has me curious but if it turns out to be a trash fire, I'm not losing any sleep over it.

Psychonauts 2 would be here but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being a 2020 release.

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#73 Posted by shivaa (2 posts) -

Personally I'm waiting for Resident Evil 2 with huge impatience