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So when you start a new world in minecraft whats the first thing you do, get seeds, punch trees, beat up pigs?

i get some wood for a sword and go get some food... damn hunger bar goes down fast.

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Get wood since it is the thing that leads to getting everything else. Then I run around till I find a place that I like. If I don't find a place by night time I dig a hole in the ground to hide in and continue on the next day. It sucks that I didn't back up my favourite level properly when I last formatted my hard drive. I had a wicked location and I haven't found anything nearly as majestic since. I don't think the terrain is generated in such a way to make something like it anymore.

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@mosespippy: i dont like the way the game generates terrain, i cant find a good place to live anymore not to mention they abolished beaches from the game.

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Well, I first try to find a suitable location to start off my first night cycle on. Once I locate a spot that has plenty of resources (wood, primarily) and decent elevation (to see landscape around me), I get to punching trees and collecting wood.

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We are supposed to keep minecraft talk in the minecraft forums. But I think a mod would move it. Anyways I look for a flat plain but nearby a forest. I would have plenty of free space to do stuff. I make a small hut and start mining. Branch mine for a bit then go up and start upgrading my house.

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I'm too far into my world now to restart, but when I used to just make new games all the time, I collected a bunch of dirt to make a temporary house.

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Punch trees. 
Use wood to make base. 
Make tools. 

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@living4theday258: Terrain generation and the way flint works are the two things I don't like that have changed. I used to like minecraft classic since you could see the entire level and you could easily find many caves in seconds just by digging. And of course you could flood them since fluids flowed so differently and often you'd find caves above you that were full. Then in the beta I didn't like that you couldn't find a cave just by digging but eventually I got used to running around and finding existing caves that open to the surface and it's not so bad.

But now I can't easily clear an entire forest with the click of some flint so even landscaping large areas is a pain. I spent 3 hours looking for a tall mountain once and couldn't find anything over 85 on the Y axis till I found a narrow one. And all the deep surface caves are all the same long narrow crevices like someone drew the topology with a pencil then swiped the drawing with an eraser to make the cave.

I used to have a mountain that reached the clouds, was hollowed out like an amphitheatre that reached down to sea level and was next to a cave that was basically a cylinder down from sea level to bed rock with 2 caves doing a double helix around the cylinder. None of those would ever be generated by the current minecraft and the current minecraft can't do anything nearly as interesting.

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I asked my roommate what the fuck I do, he told me anything....I didn't like him much

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Get wood, aw giggity.

After making all the different tools, I just start going down until I find an open cavity (aw giggity x2) and make my moleperson home.

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I start to cut down a tree. After about five seconds I remember that I don't like Minecraft and hit ALT-F4.

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Regenerate the world until I get a nice looking place for a fort.

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Find a mountain, get wood, make a pickaxe, create the beginnings of a fortress within the mountain.

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I start out with a basic wood hut near a good source of food and in/on the edge of a forest, and always close to stone, so I can make decent tools and more importantly now, a furnace for cooking. A mine/cave is best because coal is an excellent fuel for cooking, and early on food can be a real time sink. After I've built a more permanent residence and torn down my shack, I like to focus on making things sustainable: planting crops, herding animals into pens, and perhaps making some simple trench traps. At this stage I plan out my major build and get to work gathering resources. Common ones are various species of wood, wool is a huge one for me, as is squid ink to make dark wool for a nice carpet. Stone for reinforcement is a big one. I usually don't build terribly big (with one exception) but I'd like to start some more impressive projects, whenever I end up being able to play again. With W8 Minecraft doesn't run for me, so I'm shit out of luck unfortunately.

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Mine. Craft. Title of the game speaks for itself.

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Wood > Wood Pick > Cobble > Cobble Tools. Then I either get seeds or go kill animals. The only wood tool I ever tend to make is that first pick, and using it until it breaks and switching to cobble or higher.

Then more wood unless I find coal. And then I go do random stuff.

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I also subscribe to working the wood.

After working the wood, setting up a base of operations (likely from digging into a hill or something and walling it off with wood I acquired) I start digging down for better materials for better tools. From there, the possibilities are endless. I once built a village and a mine cart system that brought riders to a nearby beach getaway area. It was pretty awesome.

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Punch trees.

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I get wood and make a pickaxe so that I can begin building a house and digging a mine.

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i digged and got stuck of the floor

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Run in one direction until I find somewhere cool looking to start my Minecraft life. Do the item duplication trick to get a lot of diamond, coal, silver, etc. and then start building a sky bridge only to fall to my death losing everything, because you "forgot" to craft a bed. Then spend the next few hours frantically trying to find the skybridge and everything I lost, carrying a bed in my inventory. Finally finding one of those NPC villages and watching the villagers get stuck in the well.

That's the first thing(s) I do in Minecraft.