What's the last game that made you wish you played it sooner?

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Hey, I'm not talking about games that came out earlier in the year that you got to a few month later or recently. I'm mostly talking about older games you heard good things about for years and years or something you were interested in and had wanted to get to for a long time or maybe something that went kinda under your radar at the time.

What was the last game you played you liked so much, it made you wish you played it sooner?

I played through Rez this week and it was one of those games. It was so up my alley and it really spoke to me and it's existed for so long. There is so much good stuff already out there ready to be played so I was wondering, what games lived up to the hype for you or really took you by surprised when you finally got to it?

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I just played Undertale for the first time a few weeks ago. I'm glad I was able to play it on Switch portable, but I was put off of that game by uts fans for years just to become a big fan of it myself years later.

Undertale's soundtrack jams and it's a crime I only know that now.

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I finally played Ori and the Blind Forest this year and loved it. Great platformer with Metroid-ish area gating via abilities. Also it's challenging in just the right way and their unique system of player controlled checkpointing lets you control the action in a really clever and enjoyable way.

Also finally got to play Sunset Overdrive since it came out for PC and had a total blast with that game as well.

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I guess the most recent example would be finally playing Transistor last year, when it happened to become a PS+ game. I had already decided to play both it and Bastion in preparation for Pyre to come out. Transistor ended up as my favourite title from Supergiant Games, while before playing it had seemed too slow and complicated to me from some videos I had seen.

The other older example would probably be Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath. Didn't own a console of any type back in 2005 and had only read about it in magazines and seen a few commercials. It got some glowing reviews and I was interested, but I really didn't have the kind of money needed for an Xbox to spare. In 2012 it obviously wasn't on the top of my list of "Games I should play" anymore, but then my eyes caught some praising comments of it and I decided to grab the HD remaster for PS3. I can't say how it would've felt to play on the original console, but the remaster felt great in just about every aspect. Really didn't expect to get a shooter that felt so creative and fun, together with an enjoyable story.

...and now I was reminded of that fact that Stranger's Wrath is coming to Switch. Definitely going to play it again.

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I didn’t play Overwatch until my son got a copy Chrstmas the year of its release...well, I think I played a beta weekend, but it was just Bastions mowing everything down and I kinda bounced off it. It’s one of my favorites, now.

Basically, I like to play games before GOTY so I have context. I don’t mind missing out on the conversation around games outside of that.

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The most recent one was probably Tales of Symphonia, which I enjoyed enough to start looking at the rest of the Tales series...starting with Symphonia's terrible sequel. That was maybe a game I could've gone my entire life without playing.

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@arbitrarywater: Snap. Symphonia was my first Tales game and I got into them pretty late (post Xillia iirc), still possibly my favourite (Vesperia is the only one that competes imo) and definitely one of my favourite JRPGS.

Not much in the way of surprise finds since then.

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I wish I had played Finfal Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, and Super Metroid. The SNES was the first console my parents got for me, but I didn’t even know about the Metroid franchise until Prime released. Final Fantasy X was the first FF game I had seen, and I didn’t play Chrono Trigger until the DS release.

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I think that's Dark Souls. I waited 3 years after its release to start playing. Since then I never missed a release day one (even day - 7 for Dark Souls 3 with the japanese release).

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Dark Souls and Demons' Souls had to wait for a long while, 'cause little sounds less appealing on its face to me than a punishingly difficult game with a limited healing pool and a lack of checkpoints. But ultimately, I had to spend time watching people play Dark Souls before I would've got it. I wouldn't be able to get into it on my own.

Phoenix Wright is also a franchise I dismissed for years, 'cause again, little sounds less appealing than a court procedural text adventure. Nobody told me it was well written wacky anime hijinks. Same for Metal Gear Solid really, I thought it was just AmericaN military bullshit for years until I caught a Psycho Mantis video and realized what I had missed.

The commonality here is that these games all offered things I knew I liked, but I either didn't have the endurance to make it past the learning curve or knew those things were there because of the games' public image at the time.

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The most recent one is probably Metroid: Zero Mission. I'd always been interested in the franchise, buying the Prime games and Super Metroid because I thought they looked cool, but they never stuck with me because they were too large and intimidating for my 'level-to-level' younger self. So I'd always get bored with how long the game was taking to beat and stop. I even gave away all 3 Prime games to a buddy of mine, a mistake I definitely regretted when I had to track down a copy of Prime Trilogy years later.

I didn't actually beat my first Metroid game until I was in college (Prime on Wii, which I adored so much I immediately started a second playthrough on the hardest difficulty, something I never do), and I just remembered this year that I had a copy of Zero Mission that a buddy had given to me years earlier (high school?) that I hadn't touched. Luckily, my girlfriend had a GBA SP for me to borrow and I tore through that thing with glee. The reason that this sucks is that I know my younger self tore through GBA games like nothing else, and the game is easy and short enough that I could've demolished it as a kid. I probably would've become a Metroid fan much earlier if I had gotten a copy back then. I would've become a more well-rounded gamer as well, which means I probably wouldn't have wasted so much cash on games I didn't finish due to lack of patience, and my backlog wouldn't be as large today as a result of that XD

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Titanfall 2. I'm not sure exactly how DOA it was due to the asinine window in which EA released it (which was what caused me to skip getting it for a while), but I probably would have put some time into the multiplayer had I played it earlier.

Prior to that, Wolfenstein: The New Order was one I should have played earlier than I did.

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I'm going to narrow this question down for myself by only applying it to just this year and with that in mind, my answer would have to be Celeste. Having just finished it I may still be in the honeymoon period but man that game is fantastic. There isn't a single thing I can pick out that I dislike about it. The visuals, music, gameplay, level design, even the story is all fantastic. That's not to say it's for everyone but if you remotely like the "tough as nails platformer" genre Celeste is a no-brainer.

If I would have played it when it came out earlier in the year I would have had more time to sit with it and really pick it apart. With that said it's easily in my top 5 this year and for a game that at first blush seems like just another indie platformer, that's saying a lot. Play Celeste!

I don't have a lot to say about much else but I'll just add that I also just got around to playing God of War and I'm liking it well enough. I haven't gotten to a point where it's blowing me away but I'm enjoying my time with it. After that, I think my backlog for the year is cleaned up for the most part.

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Definitely Tetris - I always lumped it in with games like Bejeweled, which I never liked, so I never gave it a chance. Finally tried the Tetris Effect demo and enjoyed the flow between tension and release way more than I thought I would. When the demo ended I started playing the NES version of Tetris and still had a really good time with it so it's safe to say any future Tetris releases will be on my radar.

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Dark Souls always scared the hell out of me and sounded like something I wouldn't at all be interested in so I didn't end up trying it till the start of 2014. I have no issue in calling it my favourite game ever.

I also didn't play Demon's Souls until way later, after Dark Souls 3 came out actually as I was concerned about going back. While it certainly had its frustrations, it's a great game.

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Devil May Cry 1, 3 and 4. Played the crap out of all of them in 2016, left me wondering why the hell I didn't play them sooner, considering they are right up my alley. Same thing with Ninja Gaiden Black, NG2 and NG3: Razor's Edge the year before that.

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I can't really think of any game that made me feel like I wished I finished it earlier because it was just so good that I wish I experienced it sooner.

I know there are games I can't get into or wish I would have played earlier so I could have been involved in the huge amount of discourse and mystique when it just came out and everyone was playing it. Once the zeitgeist of a game like that is over sometimes the game is over too for me.

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Vanquish on PC.

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@nickhead said:
@atastyslurpee said:


Same. I feel this was crazy underrated.

Seriously one of THE best gaming experiences I've ever had. It was supremely underrated. Bethesda did a piss poor job marketing it and the demo wasn't great either. I understand why it had the Prey name, but they could've ( maybe should've) called it something else. Dont think it would've done much worse in sales with a different name. Its a shame this game wasn't/isn't talked about more.

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I had 3 of these "why didn't I try it out earlier" moments this year:

- Yakuza 0: Picked it up from Steam expecting a smaller budget Japanese GTA. Boy was I wrong - the game has so much charm and manages to be serious, silly, quirky all at the same time.

- Monster Hunter World: Didn't play any MH game before but once it was available on PC I gave it a try. Probably the single most epic gaming moments I experienced all year happened in MHW.

- Destiny 2: Added it to my BN account while it was free with no real intention to play it anytime soon. During one of the dull late autumn weekends I installed it and fell in love with the moment to moment gameplay - as others claimed before the shooting feels so enjoyable, it's hard to put in words.

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Dark Souls which I am playing now for the first time. I am enjoying it so much that I went and bought 2 and 3 as well.

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I played the first phantasy star this year and had a damn blast with it. I did use a guide for some of the last parts which makes me think how much a younger me with tons of time on their hands would have loved this game when it was newer. Its tough and its simple in some ways but It looks good, sounds good and I think might be the best 8 bit jrpg.

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I think the last game I got really into years after release was Torchlight 2. Looking back I have a history with isometric aRPGs and being lttp. I did the same thing for both Grim Dawn and Path of Exile.

More recently though was Total Warhammer, both 1 and 2. Although that was only a few months/a year before I jumped in. But they both have climbed up to be in my top 5 all time go-to games.

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The most recent would probably be playing through Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward which was made available for PC and consoles just last year. I'm not even sure if that should even count as the only reason I didn't play it sooner was because I never owned a 3DS nor Vita. The Nonary Games for that reason alone is a great package of story-driven games, even if it is weird to view these older art assets from portable hardware on a big TV.

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@jonny_anonymous: how I envy you playing dark souls for the first time right now!

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I got my hands on F-Zero GX and holy shit, this game is badass. F-Zero X is one of my favs from that era and it's crazy it's taken this long for me to play F-Zero GX. I know how notoriously hard GX is suppose to be but right now I'm loving it.

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Prey 2017, played it over winter break last year. I was totally entranced for four days straight, had no idea what I was getting myself into.

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Undertale. I didn't play it until it launched on PS4 and I loved it. The community around Undertale is one of the worst I've ever seen, or at least it was when it first came out; its the only gaming community you can be assaulted by while not actually playing with them. If I want to experience the toxicity of a MOBA community or fighting game community then I normally have to actually engage in the game with them...not the case with Undertale, at least not with me. That said, I loved Undertale.

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I just booted up Path of Exile for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and hot DAMN is that game fun.

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I never played Star Tropics and holy crap is that a great Nintendo game!!

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I bought Donkey Kong '94 (GB) on the 3DS Virtual Console immediately after I saw Jeff play it on a show. Definitely in the top 5 puzzle-platformers I've played.

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Earthbound. Playing it atm on 3DS. Loving it, but I forgot how grindy a lot of older RPGs are. Wish I'd played this when I had more free time.

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Another World!

What a fucking fantastic little game! Genuinely one of the most enjoyable and memorable little game experiences I've had.

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Aw man I’ve been playing a few things in the last couple days.

Instead of sticking with Risky’s Revenge and its replays I moved on to the next game and Pirate’s Curse is already far and away the best in the series! I really miss the transformation dances and forms, but man! Gear upgrades were a great idea to kick this franchise into overdrive, is great. Is great. Great.

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