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I was wondering what sorts of gaps people have experienced in their gaming careers.

Last September my life kind of flipped upside down. I was laid off from a well paying job, had to sell pretty much everything I owned, except the car I just bought for $1200, and definitely including my Xbox One. I had actually sold my PC a couple months before that after realizing that I was spending as much time at my full time job if not actually less than I was spending gaming on my PC thanks to a pretty intense addiction to milsim ArmA 3. Since then the only electronic device I've had is a very long in the tooth S6 Active, which I didn't use to play any games until about two weeks ago when I checked out PUBG Mobile a few times. Other than that I haven't played anything since Destiny 2. I've kept up on Giant Bomb but it's been bizarre to be sure. And I'm currently closing in on my goal of enlisting in the Army so pretty soon hopefully I'll be stuck out in the Georgian summer and once again will be kept far away from gaming for another few months. Part of me wonders if I'll ever get back to owning a system at that point. Maybe I'll pick up a switch!

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At the moment I have no gaming pc and no ps4, and have been playing mobile games almost exclusively for about six months. A change in my employment and living situation is just around the corner though so I will be regaining my gaming sanity once more.

Pros: I have a new appreciation for decent mobile games. Also playing a lot of hearthstone, which is still fun. And I have a nice backlog of ps4 games to come, which is great!

Cons: not playing games that I really want to play :( I miss first person shooting.

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I went travelling at 18 years old, at the height of my Xbox 360 years. Didn't touch a video game for about 4-5 months and didn't think about it or miss it in the slightest.

In fact, when I came back, I was cured of my 'addiction' and barely played a game again whilst I lived with friends and enjoyed my early 20s, until I bought a house with my girlfriend at 23. Then I had 5 years of games to catch up on, including Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2.

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@the_greg: I suspect I will experience something similar, especially co sidering how much of my gaming tastes before i stopped playing were just stand ins for what I really want to do. When I get a taste of infantry training I'm not sure gaming will hold the same value as it did before. I've honestly been grateful for this break because it meant doing things like tackling a mountain with the absolute wrong gear and still beating those with the right stuff up. Part of me definitely feels a draw to gaming but the rest of me is enjoying everything else life has to offer.

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Just a couple of days; more or less depending on what important things I have to do during a given week.

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About a year-ish? Or two? It's hard to say definitively, because I was on a cocktail of medications that did a number on my memory from that period. It's weird to look back on, as it was the one time in my life when I had very little idea what was going on as far as game releases and such went. This was from around 2002-2004. I remember finally picking up a gaming magazine and seeing Half Life 2 screenshots, and just thinking "holy shit, it's good to get back on the hype train".

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This is one I think I could jump in on. I had a 20 year gap (more or less). Back in the day, when I graduated college and got a job, I bought both a SNES and a Genesis and played them into the ground. Yes, I'm old. Then I got married, had kids, worked for a living and, while I still played the occasional PC game, there were no "gaming weekends" or long hours in front of the tv.

Cut to about 2012 when my son was 15 and I got him a 360. It was a slippery slope from there. We got a PS4 the year after and now I'm playing 10-20 hours/week. Hell, about a month ago I stayed up all freaking night playing Persona 5. Then went to work in the morning. I'm in deep...

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I stopped MOST gaming as a teenager and came back after getting engaged and calming down socially.

I still played some Genesis NHL games here and there, or some N64 AKI wrestling games, but I completely missed out on most of two generations of hardware.

Last summer I don’t think I played at all. Spent most of the summer on DIY home renovations.

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Didn't have much time to play during college with a brutal schedule of classes and work and fell back into it after graduating. Since I then had more time and money than I had ever had before I got back in HARD.

10 years later I'm now a father and I can end up easily having 3 to 6 month stretches without finding time to play. Even then it's not like I'm getting whole days or anything.

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@opusofthemagnum: You know that gaming shouldn't take over your life, and that's basically what matters.

I love video games but they have to be a last resort when there's nothing productive or more beneficial left to do. It's so easy to fall completely into the hole where you're addicted and miserable.

I wish I could combine video games and work in a way that would stay fun and rewarding. Obviously I don't know their personal circumstances but from my point of view the Giant Bomb crew are living the dream.

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I haven't had to go without gaming since I got my first console, an SNES, at 5 or 6 years old. But two years ago I did start dating a girl that I enjoyed so much I basically lived at her place from the moment we started dating, and I didn't bring my PS4 over until nearly 5 months into the relationship. I have no real recollection of staying at my place to play games at all during that period, and if I did it was brief moments before asking to spend the night at hers instead.

Going off some of the conversation in this thread, though, I do connect our eventual break-up to my bringing gaming back into my life. I don't play anything competitively or online, but I really enjoy being part of the conversation around new games and I can't resist numbers ticking up, so once I brought the console over it slowly became a "you go to bed and then I stay up until 3AM playing games" sort of thing until eventually I was just playing games whenever she wasn't asking to do something else.

I still dwell on all of that, and I know I'm less happy now than I was in that period when I was not playing games, but I also recognize it is something deeper than enjoying video games that causes that lesser happiness. It's mostly sports games that cause issues for me, especially now that they have these card collecting modes; I buy the same number of games as I have for the past two decades, about seven or eight per year, but it's always been a single sports game (NBA 2K for several years, MLB The Show for the past two) that completely distract me from normal life. In the case of 2K it was Franchise modes, in the case of The Show the ultimate team/card collection mode.

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On my three month long trip across Eurasia a couple of years ago all I played was a bit of Motorsport Manager on my phone in Russia. I guess that's the longest non-gaming period in my life since the age of 8 or so.