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After watching the Fifa 13 and NSMB's U quick looks I got the impression they weren't too keen on the console or its controller. What were the impressions for other QL's for launch titles and who was vocal in the positives/negatives. I'm curious since I havn't watched all of them yet.

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They seem to be really disappointed in it and a lot of the decisions Nintendo has made over the console. Some criticism more deserving than others but they have also admitted that they have been pretty hard on it.

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Mostly, they feel pretty meh about it all. Load times are crazy bad and the lock-ups are pretty ridiculous (three total from the live show and Funky Barn QL).

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@Rebel_Scum: Listen to Jeff's Jartime this week. He definitely seems to give the impression that they're not too hot on it. They definitely seem to think it will survive and even do fine, but they aren't particularly positive about whether it will appeal to them. Unfortunately, I have to share a similar impression of the Wii U; though, I do hope it gets some great games and does well in its own way.

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Listen to the last 2 Podcasts.

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I think they're fair and honest about it. Zombi U seems cool and Brad and everyone else seemed pretty positive toward Nintendo Land (dat music), but the lock-ups and terrible load times are hard to ignore.

Also Funky Barn ain't funky.

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Thanks guys, yeah I'll give last weeks jar a go and those podcasts. I'm sure there are more positives but that'll probably happen when more games get released by the end of next year.