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#1 Edited by liquiddragon (3375 posts) -

An example is when we can't skip a cutscene after watching it once. There must be some technical issue in some games but it comes across as really indulgent. Plus, dude, I just want to fight this boss again.

One I came across couple weeks ago when I played Bionic Commando Rearmed for the 1st time, which drove me nuts, was the inconsistent checkpointing. I would get to a point and die and it would start me at seemingly random locations. I don't mind if the game is tough about checkpoints but not knowing where I was going to start got me pissed.

A follow up question is, what complaints you here from people annoy you the most?

For me, it's the constant nitpicking of technical stuff like performance and resolution. There are for sure games on certain platforms that need to be flagged but the number of games that've ruined my enjoyment vs. the amount of focus it gets...idk. Maybe it's just the internet culture we live in. It almost seems like people enjoy tearing shit down more than playing them. Or maybe everyone feels like their a critic. I guess I could be like this too sometimes but these days, I try to see what a game does right more than what it does wrong.

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#2 Posted by xanadu (2044 posts) -

I'll tell you what really grinds my gears...It's when there is no way to benchmark FPS or turn on/off subtitles and similar settings before the start of a game.

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#3 Posted by CouldbeRolf (256 posts) -

Colour banding is something that (mildly) annoys me every time I see it.

There also probably an insanely long list of how people treat and talk to other people about and around games, but I've come to realize that's how people are in other communities as well, so it's just people being shitty in general.

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I hate fake choices. If a game presents a choice choose A or B, then I want A or B to have and impact.

  • Change what cutscene you see if you make a choice...at least.
  • Change cost of items in store if I piss owner off
  • Change how NPCs treat me if I'm scary, ugly, or angelic
  • Movement is faster if I'm a dexterity character, or I can carry more if I'm a strength character...BUT NOT BOTH.

I hate fake choices or choices that are just there to act as filler, but really has no effect on the game. I hate false choices, where you don't lose something for choosing another. I hate games where you character can "spec" everything on a single character: TOS games are especially bad at that allowing you to make super-people who are fantastic at everything. I don't mind a jack-of-all-trade, but that should mean you MASTER nothing.

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Not being able to skip cutscenes or pause/bring up the menu whenever you want might the the biggest and completly unsolvable problems in gaming. Games that throw you straight into unpausable shit at first launch is the creme de la creme

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#6 Edited by Arjailer (146 posts) -

rethla has it - unpausable cut scenes

Playing Gears of War 4 now and it's bugging the shit out of me :-(

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#7 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

These days, not being able to pause and/or skip cutscenes is probably my no.1 offender.

Another big one for me is bad button prompts, as in they go by too quick or it's hard to tell what they want you do to. I played a game fairly recently that has a particular boss fight where at one point it just kinda sorta tells you to hit one button. At some point, I thought to myself "this is taking forever" and then I tried holding the button. Turns out that does a lot more damage...so why not just fucking tell the player to hold the goddamn button instead of your unintentional cryptic bullshit?

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#8 Posted by liquiddragon (3375 posts) -

@monkeyking1969: That's a good one. I thought Telltale with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us did a good job giving you the illusion of choices but I played Tales of the Borderlands earlier in the year and while the writing was good, they've basically given up on even trying with the choices and yet, they still give you the notification about characters remembering shit. And also, they still don't you give the option to turn that off!!

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Two huge ones for me.

Pressing forward while jumping but some wierd geometry sends you flying some other direction off a cliff or back down a mountain.

And any racing/driving game where no matter if you hit a wall, bump a car just a little, or slam into something, you will ALWAYS end up facing backwards.

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Big HUD or too much UI clutter on the screen. Ubisoft is one of the biggest offenders on this one. Asian games often have this problem as well. Horizon: Zero Dawn is another big offender.

Sometimes there's an option to turn it off but if you need the information it provides then it has to stay on. But if at least there's an option to turn off those mission objectives than stay on the screen all the time then I'm going to turn that shit off as soon as possible, it's just annoying.

Other big pet peeve for me is when you die often on a boss fight or on an hard section of a level and you have to listen to the same dialogue again and again every time you respawn. They should just remove the dialogue after a certain time or make the checkpoint after it.

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#11 Posted by Artikay (157 posts) -

@johnymyko: Ever happen to play FFX and lose the insanely hard Yunalesca bossfight? That cutscene felt like it 20 minutes long. I must have watched it 10 times.

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#12 Posted by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

Too many to list. I guess the biggest would be the players. The lack of innovation in games and consoles, the nickel and diming, the absurd focus on graphics and cinematic production value, sequelitis, dumbing down of games... It's all because of the players, who keep paying and supporting it. Gaming has become pretty samey and boring. I rarely buy new games anymore.

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#13 Posted by Trilogy (3200 posts) -

Did you just bait people into airing their gaming grievances, and then knock them for being too critical of games?

I guess I'll bite...

I can't stand it when a game doesn't start me off in a boss fight with full health, and health packs. This is typically a Japanese character action game thing. Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising come to mind as two big offenders. What makes it so annoying is that if I enter a boss fight with low hp/packs, It's a pointless attempt at the boss. I'm just going to die and not make it deep enough in to learn the patterns and phases. In fact, even with full hp I'm probably not going to one shot the boss anyway, unless the game is set to easy. So why not just balance the boss around full hp and health packs, and then start me full. Instead, I have to sit through unnecessary load screens, or go farm health packs and then take the boss on. It's not enough to ruin a game, but it sure does feel like needless frustration.

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#14 Edited by BrunoTheThird (833 posts) -
  • Games that have rock-steady frame-rates and sharp resolution during gameplay, but the cutscenes are jerky and lower-res.
  • When you are attacked in action-adventure games, and you have to endure a long ragdoll animation, followed by a slow getting-up animation (Breath of the Wild is the most recent offender).
  • Mouse/camera acceleration you can't turn off. AAAAAAAAAARGH!
  • Songs that repeat every 30 seconds on a constant loop (especially jolly ones).TRAVERSE TOOOOWN. Lovely tune, but not so much on the hundredth listen.
  • Sluggish menus. That awful moment where you confidently tap down three times and hit confirm quicker than the game has interpreted your inputs, and you hit save instead of load or vice-versa.
  • Stuttering loading animations -- I want that spinning circle to just spin smoothly! Stop making me think it's going to crash. SSDs alleviate some of that though.
  • When you have to button through five or more company's logos to get to the main menu every time you load up but it takes multiple taps before each one fades. Some go instantly on button presses; that's fine.
  • That weird period where Ubisoft's logo idents went through about ten different jingles a generation.
  • When grenades are a separate weapon.
  • The fact modern JRPGs and lots of Japanese games in general still require you to button through reams of voiceless dialogue. I should be able to not just speed up the text, but make it automatically continue a conversation.
  • The fake-talking sound in Okami. It's like glass in the ear, and it's coooonstant.
  • DOUBLE fetch-quests. "Oh, I need you to get this as well... in the same place you just were."
  • When games reference their own bad design. A recent offender is FFXV. When you have to turn on a bunch of shit, Noct is like, "Urgh, really?" or "You gotta be kidding." Others do it too; how about you just make it better!?
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#15 Edited by dr_monocle (391 posts) -

@artikay: Oh boy... I haven't played FFX since it came out and I still remember that cutscene.

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#16 Posted by LawGamer (1481 posts) -

Bad menu systems/quality of life stuff. Players are in menus so much in most games and a lot of devs can't be bothered to make that shit easy to use. Horizon is driving me nuts with this right now. To whit (and while I'm using Horizon as an example here, these are easily applied to a ton of other games, too):

* You can't sort your inventory, so you can't easily check what things are junk and what stuff you want to keep.

* While you can sell things in bulk, they inexplicably only let you buy stuff one at a time. So those 100 cans of stuff you need for crafting? Hold the square button for 1.5 seconds. A hundred times.

* You can't mark things as junk as you pick it up.

* The icons in the inventory are so vague they get hard to parse. For example, I need to craft an item that requires what I've taken to calling a "disintegrating cylinder icon." This is clearly supposed to be some everyday object, but I can't for the life of me figure out what. It also looks really similar to another icon in the inventory, so it's easy to accidentally end up selling the wrong one.

I could go on, but you get the idea. It's easy shit to get right too and when it isn't done I immediately assume its because of base idleness on the part of the devs. Do they really expect me to believe no one mentioned these things in play testing?

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#17 Posted by Nightriff (7196 posts) -

Not being able to reliably pause a cutscene and return to it. I am a father now, a kid can shit and piss himself at any moment and not knowing if I can pause the game...fucking sucks. I play games SPECIFICALLY for their stories mostly so if I skip a cutscene, I get really pissed and annoyed.

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#18 Posted by ajamafalous (13817 posts) -

Unpausable and unskippable cutscenes are my biggest pet because they're such a trivial thing. It's not even like it's a design decision somebody made about how they wanted a certain game mechanic to work; it's just a usability/quality of life option that should be in every game yet somehow isn't.

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#19 Edited by konig_kei (1028 posts) -

When ai very clearly cheats or gets advantages in rng situations. Basically fuck total warhammer agents.

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#20 Posted by Rebel_Scum (1442 posts) -

Games that have no power during the story and it resorts in the next quest being to find a battery or fix a generator to restore power. That was ok in the 90's but as time has gone on its really over done.

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#21 Edited by alwaysbebombing (2708 posts) -

Making it easy to miss large amounts of content

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#22 Edited by EthanielRain (1564 posts) -

Not being able to pause/skip cutscenes.

Having too restrictive/annoying stamina system (ie Breath of the Wild).

Me not using consumables. USE THEM WHEN YOU NEED THEM, DAMMIT.

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#23 Posted by deactivated-5a00c029ab7c1 (1777 posts) -
  • FPS Gun models are to big on monitors they never use to be this until all AAA FPS went multiplatform would it kill devs to fix this.
  • No F5 or F9 to quick save or quick on modern FPS
  • Not being able skip cutscenes and end credits
  • Mouse Smoothing its trash keep it raw baby
  • The lack of dedicating servers and hosting BF1 I'm looking at you
  • Grenade indicators
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#24 Posted by BoOzak (2582 posts) -

Games where you cant reconfigure the controls. eg. most console games.

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#25 Posted by PancakePatriarchate (107 posts) -

Changes to directional control when the camera changes. This is best seen in running at the camera sections where 'up' moves your character forward but toward the bottom of the screen, and 'left' now moves you to the right.

Non-inverted flight controls as default.

And while not exclusive to videogames, death to loading screen percentages!

Loading: 0%-99% (Five seconds)

Loading: 99%-100% (30 seconds)

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#26 Posted by deactivated-5a48049f850e3 (80 posts) -

Two things that I am dealing with right now is awful item management, Horizon Zero Dawn. And weapon degrade, Zelda Breath of the Wild. Now Zelda is an awesome game so far but, I just loth weapon degrade and breaking in games, Like why can't I just pick up the club and be done with it. Grrrrr, Zelda is still an awesome game tho, I work at a restaurant so weekends I am always working so only put like 3 hours into it hopefully it does not bug me too much, Ya there is another thing games that come out on Fridays, haha.

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#27 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

Making it easy to miss large amounts of content

I'm gonna piggyback off of this and say I hate it when games make it easy to miss any content, specifically content relevant to the story. For me, it was a huge problem in FFXV and, to a lesser extent, Horizon.

In FFXV, because they couldn't be bothered to come up with ways to properly deliver large chunks of that story, key events of that world are delivered through radio broadcasts and npc conversations. The problem is, if you stray too far away (which isn't actually that far in most cases), the braodcast/conversation literally just ends and doesn't resume if you try and run back. This is particularly annoying if you're already running away from a diner or outpost and right as you hear said information and send the signal to your brain to turn around, you cross that invisible threshold. I hate to keep shitting on this game (no I don't), but for a game that's so sparse on story, it's infuriating that they make it so easy to miss on things that add to the story and wold.

Horizon has a similar problem, but again, it's nowhere near as severe. The are several times where you're supposed to be following characters to quest objectives. However, the game doesn't force you to do it. You can, as I did, run around the corner and explore a bit, but the npc will continue walking and Aloy will keep talking as if she is right next to them meaning you're only hearing half of the conversation. It seems to me that it would make much more sense to have the npc pause if you stray too far away or just force you along the path the npc is walking.

I think Oblivion had a problem similar to these two games, but it's been so long since I've played it that I can't remember.

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#28 Edited by Onemanarmyy (4397 posts) -

Not the most annoying thing ever, but for the sake of originality:

How Devil May Cry cuts itself up in missions, while staying in the same environment.

it just feels so dumb to finish a mission, go all the way out to the menu to make your purchases, start a new mission and find yourself wandering in the exact same area's as the last mission. It feels to me that the only reason this mission structure exists is because the devs couldn't figure out how to hide loadingscreens behind cutscenes or use dynamic loading to fit the entire game in memory. Either go all the way with the levels, where each level brings you new content or make it a seamless game that isn't split up.

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#29 Edited by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

@onemanarmyy said:

Not the most annoying thing ever, but for the sake of originality:

How Devil May Cry cuts itself up in missions, while staying in the same environment.

it just feels so dumb to finish a mission, go all the way out to the menu to make your purchases, start a new mission and find yourself wandering in the exact same area's as the last mission. It feels to me that the only reason this mission structure exists is because the devs couldn't figure out how to hide loadingscreens behind cutscenes or use dynamic loading to fit the entire game in memory. Either go all the way with the levels, where each level brings you new content or make it a seamless game that isn't split up.

It's because of high scores, S ranks. I don't like it either. I'll feel more compelled to keep playing if it's continuous.

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#30 Posted by McHampton (155 posts) -

-Co-op doors. I swear I remember a part in Resident Evil 6 as Chris where you have to cue up with your partner to open a door, and then there is another damn door to cue up on after that, and then you run a bit AND THERE IS ANOTHER!

-Resident Evil 6

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#31 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7832 posts) -

Open world games that make me drive/walk everywhere to start a mission without much to do in between besides ogle at the environment.

Having to wait 5 to 10 minutes on an install of a physical game I just bought.

Not knowing if the subtitle option is in audio or video in the menu.

Too many sub systems/currencies/crafting options/etc.

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#32 Posted by clagnaught (2119 posts) -

Unnatural puzzles in an otherwise natural world, and super guided levels or exploration sequences.

People bring this up more from a "This is boring" perspective, but a general example of this is Uncharted's climbing sections. The examples that come to mind is about 80-90% of Inside, the early parts of Half-Life 2 (and maybe the later parts too...I never finished it), and stuff like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's Scotland.

Fully explaining why I can't stand game design like that will probably lead me to be here for the next hour rambling on and on, so I'll just leave it at that.

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#33 Posted by rethla (3725 posts) -

@clagnaught: Yeh it breaks immersion horribly and im not really a fan of so obvious "gamey" elements in an otherwise well crafted setting.

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#34 Posted by Ezekiel (2257 posts) -

Okay, something specific that I've brought up before...

It bothers me that you can only run straight in almost every first-person game. There's no logical reason for it. If it's because a person can't aim and run sideways, well, that doesn't matter because the gun is lowered while running anyway, in pretty much every shooter. If it's because it's impossible to run sideways at a good speed, well, that doesn't matter either, since a person can turn their head and eyes to the side as they run straight (meaning, while the player presses A or D or pushes the stick to the sides). A person can also run backwards. Not as fast as straight, which the game should reflect. I wanna be able to dash in those directions without turning the camera. First-person games are too limiting.

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#35 Posted by Danleethal (8 posts) -
  • Having a sprint that's limited to a couple of seconds even when not near an enemy. This is painful in an open world game where there is likely to be backtracking.
  • Games that have only have a quit to main menu option from the pause menu, not a quit to desktop option. It adds an extra load time when I rarely want to go back to the main menu, pretty much always want to close the game.
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#36 Posted by dudeglove (13746 posts) -

Bad/boring menus bum me out. I get the reason why people don't spend time on menus (because literally everything else is usually on fire), but I've lost count of how many times I've heard of menus being one of the major complaints when people get round to discussing a game.

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#37 Posted by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

@rethla said:

Not being able to skip cutscenes or pause/bring up the menu whenever you want might the the biggest and completly unsolvable problems in gaming. Games that throw you straight into unpausable shit at first launch is the creme de la creme

This right here.

If something needs my immediate attention and I'm reading a book? Bookmark and put that sucker down. Watching a film? Pause that bad boy. Listening to music? Hey, also a pause feature. Ah, crap, I hit skip. Stupid touch screens. Now I lost my spot in the podcast. Anyway...

Not being able to put down a game when I want or need to is a major problem. By default, this makes playing games an anti-social activity to me, which is unfortunate. I don't expect this for multiplayer or certain games like Dark Souls, but not every game is multiplayer or Dark Souls and I should be able to play a game with the knowledge that I can walk away at a moment's notice if need be.

Plus, c'mon, who hasn't accidentally hit a button during a cut scene and wondered what the hell they just missed? Extra, double negative points for cut scenes that have QTEs.

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#38 Posted by The_Last_Starfighter (510 posts) -

Too much UI, mini maps and screen clutter. It's gotten to the point where you're not really even playing games anymore, rather you're spending $70 to tick off a virtual to-do list.

To combat this I've jumped ship from AAA and consoles to simulator style games on pc like DCS and ARMA. I really hope that in the future we see story driven games that don't hold your hand every step of the way.

Don't even get me started on that opaque, green stamina wheel in Breath of the Wild that pops up in the CENTRE of the screen. THE CENTRE! COMEON!

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#39 Posted by imsh_pl (4208 posts) -

Bad menus.

It's been 30 years, there is no excuse for traversing the menus in your game to be a chore.

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#40 Posted by RichyHahn4 (306 posts) -

I do believe that the biggest sin a video game can make is taking control away from the player or forcing them to stop playing the game or go on some absurd fetch quest to just pad out the length. It can't be considered good game design to make the player stop playing the game in order to continue playing the game.

"Why does this game suck"? or some variant of this question will drive me up a wall, anyone just showing ignorance of the technical feat and man power it takes to develop and produce and sell a video game in the world we live in.

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#41 Posted by BojackHorseman (690 posts) -

Oh, so many.

Opening doors without animation is probably my number one however. It's just so lazy and a stupid thing for developers not to implement.

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#42 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (3014 posts) -

It really bothers me when games have weapons on characters' backs without any apparent means of holding them there. I'm sure it's a matter of development priorities, but plenty of games get this right. The Witcher 2 and 3 not only have Geralt's swords in scabbards on his back, but his armor also has straps which the scabbards are attached to. Every character's armor in Mass Effect has visible magnets to hold the weapons on their backs. Every gun in uncharted is either in Nate's holsters or slung on his back with a visible harness.

For every game that goes the extra mile to add those details, there are seemingly a dozen that have unsheathed swords floating behind a character or guns with no straps or other means of suspending them on the character.

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#43 Edited by Dray2k (884 posts) -
  1. Menuscreens only accessable via the F10-11-12 keys instead of esc.
  2. Tutorials and cutscenes that aren't skipable.
  3. You can only select a handfull of units instead of the whole bunch (Warcraft 2, Age of Empires 2).
  4. Games that are modable but doing so sucks hard (Dragons Dogma and The Witcher).
  5. Updates as big as at least 40 indie games (DOOM, oh DOOM so much).
  6. A little to none options to change. Lemme tweak the dang game!
  7. 200 frames of animation doing the most mundane stuff but the walk circle looks dumb with its 6 frames.
  8. Pretty games refusing to let you press a button so you can watch the prettyness without the UI hovering everywhere, ugh.
  9. Fucking ROLE PLAYING PUZZLE levels in RTS games with almost no RPG elements (Populous 3 we have to talk).
  10. My largest pet-peeve is "hype marketing", makes me wanna yell at a cloud. Just say what the game is all about and provide a 5-10 minute gameplay video as a supplementary. Satisfies like 100% of costumers and everyone wins. I can't stand flashy trailersand buzzwords.


@bojackhorseman said:

Oh, so many.

Opening doors without animation is probably my number one however. It's just so lazy and a stupid thing for developers not to implement.

Thats the worst thing in Night in the Woods right here. Just let Mae strech out her hand when shes running close towards the door.

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#44 Posted by catoasapun (79 posts) -

When developers reveal teasers for a game and say the teaser is all "in-engine" which would be technically true but cut scenes/cinematics are usually able to take advantage of more resources than the actual game when it is being played. Uncharted 4 was an example of this where the cut scenes looked amazing and nearly on par with the first teaser released for the game, but the game itself when being played obviously looked less good (but still wonderful).

This doesn't bother me THAT much, as most gaming related things don't, but it always seems unnecessary even making the statement that a trailer is "in-engine" when you're eventually going to be showing off actual gameplay and people will know what the game really looks like.

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#45 Posted by Colony024 (189 posts) -

There was a thread asking the same question some years ago, and I'm going to say the same thing I said back then because I'm still seeing it in recent games: Walking from A to B, without any intervening gameplay.

Lots of games do this; There's a cutscene and after it ends you get the control over your character back, only for you to take barely five steps before another cutscene kicks in. Just have it be one single longer cutscene, and minimize the amount of times you take away control from the player.

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#46 Posted by TVippy (94 posts) -

Repetition. Biggest gaming's sin.

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#47 Posted by xanadu (2044 posts) -

@colony024: It made me laugh in Metal Gear Solid 4 after that first initial long cut scene. You take 2 steps, crawl under a truck, and another cut scene.

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#48 Posted by TVippy (94 posts) -

@catoasapun: What gamers should really learn is never to trust any marketing ever and life will be easier.

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#49 Posted by lead_dispencer (536 posts) -

To go along with the character not having an animation for the doors is when there isn't a separate animation for walking up/down stairs. Specially in this gen or last gen. Fucking hit man had in in blood money on ps2. People don't air walk up steps. Cmon devs!

I also loathe games that don't let me switch shoulder views in 3 person shooters or action.

Not being able to pause or skip cutscenes is huge no no. Luckily mgs4 you can do both.

I don't like how diologue can be ambiguous. Like fallout4 or witcher 3. Some times I want to know exactly what my character will say. Some choices I make might sound like a dick to the person instead of being sincere. I wish you could convey that directly. *note* I still love those games and I'm still playing witcher now

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#50 Posted by catoasapun (79 posts) -

@tvippy said:

@catoasapun: What gamers should really learn is never to trust any marketing ever and life will be easier.

Yea absolutely. It's a complicated business because sometimes you can't really know how a game REALLY is until you play it.

But even then the most important thing you should be showing to consumers is the gameplay. It's fine to hype it up with CG/Cinematic trailers but don't start using buzzwords or put stuff into the trailers that you can't actually do in the game.