What's your Black Friday haul?

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My own final total is Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack, Ace Academy, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Steamworld Heist: Ultimate Edition. Combined with my backlog and the games I'm sure to get as Christmas presents (already know I'm getting at least 2), I'm good on games for the next 2 years at least lol.

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Picked up Spiderman pretty cheap over here in Aus.

That was about it for me.

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It was going to be zero due to unforeseen poverty and the offers in the UK didn't seem to be all that great. However, bad weather quelled a planned social outing and left me with some spare pennies. Ended up topping up the DLC on HITMAN, Dark Souls 3 and finally got Diablo 3 for the PC (had still been using the 360 version up until now). Looking forward to all the time sinks there.

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Snagged a 55" LG C8 OLED display

A Switch along with Skyrim, Diablo, Stick of Truth, and Valkyria Chronicles 4

A Switch Pro Controller

A powercore 20100 for the switch. Have a 15 hour car trip and I won't be driving for a large chunk of it. Also picked up the Amazon Switch USB-C car charger, but I don't think I'll get to use it on the trip.

Mansions of Madness and the expansion

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I skipped the entire PS4 generation in favor of Xbox, and now get to experience all of it at once. I'm playing through Spider-Man right now and having a blast. Here's all the stuff I ordered from Gamestop:

Playstation 4 + Spider-Man $199
PS VR + Astrobot + Moss $199
Resident Evil 7 $20
Uncharted 4 $5
God of War $17
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition $10

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All my black friday/cyber monday purchases were movies: Annihilation, Ex Machina, Pacific Rim, and Terminator 2; all in 4k.

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Finally got that Xbox One X so I can play multiplat games in 4K with a smoother framerate.

Christmas I'm planning to get a new TV as well.

Thats about it - saw some games on sale on Steam but the days of 85% off are long behind us so didn't really pick anything up there.

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Prices in Canadian:

Got a Zotac AMP edition GTX 1060 (6gb) for $323 + tax. I really held out as long as I could (I have a 560 ti…) and sadly this was the best deal I could find thanks to the cryptominers. $323 CAD is basically launch price and it's been out for like a year and a half now!

Got two copies of Battlefield 1 Revolution off Origin for me and my brother ($13 each). We bought a PS4 copy at launch but we thought we'd try out PC now that we have a gaming laptop and a desktop PC with a 1060.

Seagate Backup Plus 4tb External HD for $90.

And Club C85 Reebok Classics for $72 ' cause I'm about that sneaker life (not gaming related, I know, but I felt compelled to throw that in there.)

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I bought an Xbox One X, Fallout 76 and Battlefield V for a pretty decent price. And... a 64GB memory stick.

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God of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Marvel's Spider-Man and sale on Playstation Plus subscription.

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Uncharted: Lost Legacy, God of War, PSN Plus sub for $30, a 128GB Samsung U3 SD card, and a new Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD. Totally happy with the haul. Oh, and I got a glimpse during the Steam Autumn Sale of five more games I'll buy during the Winter Sale. The backlog will never get smaller!

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PC parts and accessories are the deal of the day as part of Amazon's '12 Days of Deals' today (Wednesday, December 5). There's a Seagate 500GB SSD I might pick up as part of it.