What's your comfort GB videofood?

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Maybe you've had a rough day or maybe it's just a cold one and you're wrapped up in a blanket in your computer chair or on your couch. You load up the old giantbomb, what do you put on?

If I want something with legs, I go back to one of the all time greats: VJ deadly premonition endurance run. For something a little shorter, Backflips and Bioforge; a fork!

They're always there for me. Vinny is my favorite driver so I just sit back and let him take me down some roads.

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Old Ryan stuff. This ain’t no game, those Dragonball and Harry Potter quicklooks with Vinny. Hotline Miami.

Best of Giant Bomb is great, too.

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that jeff-in-a-penguin suit UPF with dan, mary, drew, and rorie.

good vibes on that couch.

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@nutter said:

Old Ryan stuff. This ain’t no game, those Dragonball and Harry Potter quicklooks with Vinny. Hotline Miami.

Best of Giant Bomb is great, too.

Whenever I want to get some Ryan stuff I go through the game room quick looks. Little roundabout way to get to him, but what a pay off.

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I have a list of favorite videos which I've been meaning to download for easy access, I'll just load one of those up. Stuff like the Rogue Warrior Quick Look, Random PC Game, Sleeping Dogs videos or Quick Looks for games like Family Feud and Wheel of Fortune where the whole crew is there and having some fun.

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I love driving game Quick Looks or TNTs for relaxing, but for something with more content, I'll go to a Random PC Game.

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That Fortune Street TnT is still extremely good.

Or the CD-i stuff.

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The Game Room series. They're in digestible chunks so there's no big time commitment, and I never get tired of the mad descent from hope in this cool (albeit bizarre) service to despair and bafflement.

It took me a long time to be able to watch Ryan era videos again, but lately I've been revisiting some of the classics and man... when Jeff and Ryan are on their A game together, it's truly amazing.

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MGS and the Halo Extra Life extravaganza where Mary Kish joined in for the first time.

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My personal favorite? The eight hour drama that is Breaking Brad's Vulgar the Viking Run. Spread over four videos. It practically has almost every cast member at one point or another. The part where Jeff is "called in" by human resources due to a horrible joke said by Brad that left everyone especially Vinny speechless was great.

Second favorite was The Great four part Lantern Run which also has several of the crew including Will Smith. All of which are screaming at each other by the end of it.

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Well, Vinny has to be involved in some way, whatever solo like in Bot Colony QL or FMV Snow Day, or paired up with Jeff/Dave/Drew. I usually just fire up Qlcrew and search for videos with those names ticked.

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Mostly anything with some combination of Vinny, Ryan and Jeff. Deadly Premonition Endurance Runs. Any of the game show Quick Looks. Thursday Night Throwdowns - mostly the Battlefield ones and the Quake one with special guest Bill Cosby. Mars War Logs, MotorBike, Ride to Hell: Retribution...and a bunch of other QLs I'm forgetting in this moment. The helicopter bit of the Ravaged QL. Or, really, any Bombcast prior to Ryan's passing.

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If I want something short i just go for the best of playlist, otherwise Hitmas 2016 Feat. Sheik Zanzibar is an all time great.

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All of the Random PC stuff. Primarily Bladerunner and Phantasmagoria. All of the videos are great though, and they always make me smile. I love Dave trying to figure out the quickest route to Bowie, in Omikron. That fucking bomb bit in Bladerunner. All of the videos have a few of my favorite GB moments.

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I barely have time to watch the new Giant Bomb content these days, but I still have the Phantasmagoria Random PC Game hanging out on my computer just in case. When I need something shorter, I like to watch the "Best of" compilations or podcast bits.

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Encyclopedia Bombastica: Law of the West. Velvet Sundown QL. My Summer Car Unfinished.

For longform periods, any section of the P4 or Shenmue Endurance Run.

Nothing stops the Game Room Quick Look.

E: Midway Arcade Origins QL is also a staple, probably my favorite 90 minutes of Jeff/Ryan.

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@danbri said:

Encyclopedia Bombastica: Law of the West. Velvet Sundown QL. My Summer Car Unfinished.

For longform periods, any section of the P4 or Shenmue Endurance Run.

Nothing stops the Game Room Quick Look.


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P4 endurance run for sure.

Though for something to fall asleep to I like upfs that are only a few of the crew or even pulling up the rare solo jeff upf. One of my fav upfs was the one with just Dan, Rorie, and Jeff playing mario maker with Jason having nathan drake taunts in the background while dan dies repeatedly.

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I often go back to the 2016 Holiday Specialtacular series. Rockin Around, Hitsmas and A Festive Feast are probably my favorites but I like them all. I also go back to the UPF from that time (12/02/2016) when Vinny plays Drunkn Bar Fight. Also, Jeff making snow angels in Steep is pretty great.

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I think the only thing I have completely watched more than once is the P4 Endurance run.

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The Contradiction playthrough.

There's a lot of great videos on the site that I'll go back to multiple times, but that's the series that I'll just watch time and again if I'm stressed out. Everyone is firing on all cylinders, including the FMV cast. As a bonus, it has a rare non-E3 Johnny V sighting.

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Metal Gear Scanlon for mex Kts Dan being his most relaxed, Drew really enjoying something, and a game I love.

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Backflips 'n' Bioforge. My favorite content.

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The Vinny and Jeff Endurance Runs.

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Demo Derby. Something about the old form factor of those disks makes me feel cozy

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Life is Strange GBEast playthrough with Vinny, Alex & Austin. #HellaComfy

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You CannNever Go Playstation Home for me is the perfect mix of chill and hilarity. Plus Michael MacDonald Brad!

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VinnyVania, Vinny/Jeff Endurance Runs, Load Our Last Save, Random PC Games

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The old GB game show quick looks, Ryan and Vinny's Harry Potter QL's, compilations of Mario Party Party, Demo Derby, 13 Deadly Sims, Gerstfield and Friends and the Contradiction Playthrough.

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  • That one UPF with the RDI Halcyon
  • That one UPF with Lego Island
  • Pokemon Snap
  • Mario Party Party (mostly 1-4)
  • Shenmue ER
  • Garfield
  • Velvet Sundown
  • PlayStation Home
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@gschmidl said:

Backflips 'n' Bioforge. My favorite content.

Seconded. Load our Last Souls is also a good go-to.

Recently, the Besiege playdate. Vinny's pure, unadulterated joy there is so contagious and puts a smile on my face no matter what kind of day I'm having.

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I've watched the first Phantasmagoria playthrough about 50 times at least

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The P4 Endurance Run

The Contradiction videos

Breaking Brad DOOM 2 episodes

The Velvet Sundown quicklook and subsequent videos

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The Contradiction playthrough is a big one.

All the Ubisoft gameshow Quick Looks (Ryan shouting, "Fuck you, Brad Garret! I HOPE YOU BURN IN SHIT!" makes me laugh every single time).

Mario Party Party, especially since they're generally long enough that it's just my entire night done and dusted.

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Years back my go-to were Random PC Games, and a handful of QLs. (Story Hour, Wipeout, Harry Potter, Garshasp, many others I've sadly forgotten.)

Nowadays I often go back to Demo Derbys, and GBE Playdates. The latter is especially pretty nice, with a good mix of different games.

I like to marathon the Mario Party's once a year or so, when I want a good length of content to just turn my mind off for. Replaying through Skyrim earlier this year was a nice case for that.

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The Truck Simulator quick looks for sure. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 quick look specifically is easily a top 5 Giant Bomb video in my books.

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I typically have trouble sleeping unless I have some sort of media playing (podcast, Let's Play, movie, etc.); I've lost count of the number of times I've fallen asleep to the sound of Vinny and Dave palling their way through Phantasmagoria.