What's your favorite GB E3 content?

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Posted by TheAdmin (976 posts) 2 months, 12 days ago

Poll: What's your favorite GB E3 content? (436 votes)

Jeff's Drive to E3 14%
Abby's E3 Vlogs 23%
Talking over the E3 Showcases 56%
The Giant Bomb @ Night shows 56%
Behind-the-scenes videos 13%
E3 Predictions Bombcast 10%
Other - I wrote in my own 2%

E3 is about to get hot and heavy, what's your favorite content to watch from GB during E3?

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Those old "Day 1 at E3" where always amazing, Drew and Vinny really put effort into those, Regie yelling play the game Mario talking to people at the show, the weird stuff, to bad they're gone i really miss them. They seem to give a nice sense of what the vibe was at E3.

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#2 Posted by NickFoley (695 posts) -

Jeff's mixlr drive is my favorite, but I love all of the content. Saturday will be fun.

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#3 Posted by TheFeenMachine (80 posts) -

My write in submission is an offshoot of the @night series.

Specifically, the Johnny V / Dave Lang portion. Absolutely must watch - and for some years, call in to - material.

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#4 Posted by Nightriff (7200 posts) -

Predictions podcast easily. Top 10 GB moment of all time is the crew thinks up a Gears trailer and a capella it, fucking hilarious.

Anyways, always my favorite.

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#6 Posted by billymagnum (919 posts) -

just looking forward to having the gang all together 😭

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#7 Posted by Rejizzle (1136 posts) -

Talking over the press conferences gives so much. They gave us Weed 3, they gave us "I didn't know that pirates just stole things," they gave us that dumb bit where Dan kept offering people food. It's a never ending list of joy!

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The couch at night is great.

I don't think I've watched them talk over an entire press conference. I'll tune in to watch a bit, but usually if I see a trailer that looks really interesting I'll end up watching that part of the conference by itself.

Abby's vlogs have been super entertaining.

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#10 Posted by Stonyman65 (3812 posts) -

Talking over presentations and the annual E3 prediction podcast.

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#11 Posted by Brackstone (939 posts) -

It's got to be talking over press conferences. The mix of thoughtful industry analysis combined with making fun of all the dumb stuff that always happens in these bizarre stage shows is some of the best stuff they do. That bit where they did fake game banter over the Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer is something you don't get anywhere else.

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#12 Posted by The_Nubster (4286 posts) -

I chose the E3 at night shows just because of the interviews with Phil Spencer. I really hope they managed to book him again this year, because Jeff asks some really good questions and Phil answers them in a way that feels honest and grounded. Phil Spencer is, legitimately, one of my favourite people in the industry right now.

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#13 Posted by stopkillnkenny (35 posts) -

honestly really look forward to jeff and phil spencer interview, on the night show i believe

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#14 Posted by aerithlives (37 posts) -

Honestly they should just play Mario Party instead of watching the conferences.

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#15 Posted by chilo (57 posts) -

Absolutely adore Abby's E3 vlogs; I hope we get them again this year.

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#16 Posted by PenguinDust (13092 posts) -

I honestly look forward to Abby's volgs most these days. They're the most surprising and often good for a laugh.