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I came across this today and wow, this has got to be one of the coolest special edition consoles ever, right? Apparently they only made 1 of these and Square gave it away through a raffle.

Hitman PS4 looks like a briefcase.
Hitman PS4 looks like a briefcase.
Just, look at...
Just, look at...
...this shit.
...this shit.

Here are other cool or neat looking special edition consoles including the recently announced Spider-Man PS4 Pro, The Panasonic Q, and PSX.

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I haven't owned very many special edition systems but this gold Game Boy Pocket was my first Nintendo so it has great sentimental value.

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Which limited edition console really stands out to you?

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I had the Halo 3 edition Xbox 360. Spartan green with bronze details instead of chrome silver. There was also a bunch of “UNSC Graphics” all over it. Only problem was you couldn’t upgrade the hard drive without losing some of the bronze detailing, so I wound up stuck with the 20GB drive till the bitter end. Liked it a lot though, so much so that I bought the more expensive version of ODST that came with a variant controller that better matched it - it shipped with one that was colour matched, but lacked the UNSC markings & the ODST one added those on.

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Any one whose accouterments are big and stupid enough that it actually screws up the console's point of gravity and the thing falls over all the time. I feel like there were a couple special edition 360s which had that lovely feature.

PS. That Hitman console is cool as shit.

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Probably the Playstation 4 - PS1 20th anniversary edition, so simple yet so pretty and it has cool engravings on the console. Combine it with the fact that they only made 12300 of these and it's just so cool!

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I don't know. I have the MGS4 edition of a PS3 though, which is nothing special and could have had more storage space. I can't say that I care so much about special edition consoles. I am wondering how that Hitman edition works.

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I was *GOING* to say the blue Forza Edition Xbox One, until I saw that Hitman PS4...

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I bought the God of War PSP. I mostly just liked the color scheme of silver on red. Recently dug through the closet to find it and pull the battery out after I saw Jeff tweeting about the bulging batteries.

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I convinced a friend of mine to get this limited edition RE4 Gamecube which I thought was pretty cool. (more for the game though, which was sold out)

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Although after doing a google search I found this Wii which looks gloriously dumb in a way i'm on board with.

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Nothing tops that Hitman PS4 though.

(I am quite fond of my Metroid 3DSXL but that thing has so many different versions it's hardly unique)

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@mattgiersoni: I have one of these! I upgraded to a Pro, but couldn't bring myself to part with the Anniversary Edition. It's displayed on y shelf with pride.

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That Spider-Man PS4 Pro is very cool. Of the handhelds that I owned, the Mario DS Lite was my favorite.


I always wished that Nintendo would make a Wario variation, but it never happened.

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Does my Net Yaroze count? If no, I'd probably say the Pop Tart 3DS XL. Others I have include:

  • PSone with screen
  • PS2 Slim (Satin Silver)
  • GBA SP (Gold) - Came w/Super Mario Bros 3
  • GBA SP (Pearl White) - Came w/Metroid Zero Mission
  • GBA SP (Classic NES)
  • GameCube (Platinum)
  • DS Lite (Enamel Navy) - Imported
  • DS Lite (Triforce Gold) - Came w/Phantom Hourglass
  • DSi XL (25th Anniversary Mario) - Came w/Mario Kart DS
  • PSP (God of War Red) - Came w/Chains of Olympus
  • 3DS XL (Animal Crossing) - Came w/New Leaf
  • Wii U (Wind Waker Deluxe) - Came w/Wind Waker HD
  • PS4 Pro (Glacier White)
  • New 3DS (Pokémon 20th Anniversary Edition)

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The 20th anniversary and 500 million unit PS4s both look very nice. And I always wanted a PSX. I guess I'm pretty into translucent shit, because I really like my crystal Xbox.

My actual Xbox is in the basement, so I pulled this picture from Google.
My actual Xbox is in the basement, so I pulled this picture from Google.

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@isomeri: I've got my Crystal Xbox set up in the spare room. Only problem is that the disc tray doesn't work properly. I have to punch the tray immediately after pressing the eject button to get it open.

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I love my white PS4 they put out with the first Destiny. Sadly the spring on the R2 trigger for the cool looking white Dualshock 4 somehow came loose soon after I got it and had to take the controller apart to reattach it then later I have to periodically spray it with WD40 to keep it from sticking. It has reached the status of the "bad" controller when playing couch co-op.

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I always liked the Halo Reach 360, though I feel like it was before it's time and something similiar could have been done better with monochromatic buttons for the XBONE. I'm a sucker for that type of sci-fi jigsaw paneling on the controller and cryptic looking codes like on the console.

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Wow! That Hitman PS4 is amazing. Sony is generally the worst when it comes to limited consoles, so this Hitman one is especially cool.

Well, I suppose lately Sony has gotten better. The Spiderman one (pictured above) is cool. I picked up the Day of Play edition, which I like. But the upcoming 2TB limited version looks soooooo tempting.

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I love PS4:)

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I have the MGSV PS4 and that thing is beautiful

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I love the look of a lot of special edition consoles but I've never been in a position to buy one. I can never justify the expense for a new console just because it looks cool. The only times I'm in the market for a new console are near launch or when one dies which never lines up with any special editions I'm interested in.

I wish the console manufacturers would more often release the special edition controllers separately from the consoles. Sony did it with the 20th Anniversary controllers and I jumped straight on and bought one.

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GODDAMN, that Hitman PS4 is smooth!

Oh, and didn’t Microsoft have a couple of Xbox units with custom sounds? I think maybe a Halo and a Star Wars Xbox? I’d like to see more of that...customization beyond a physical shell.

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Weird, first time I've seen that Hitman PS4. I do nooooooooot like it at all, though.

There've been a few special edition consoles, particularly during the PS4's run, that I've been real attracted to, but I also feel some kind of way about entering that level of brand loyalty. The closest to an "I like this thing so I own something about it" is this Steve Zissou shirt and it's not even official.

I wish I could budget for that PS4 Pro they're putting out though, it just looks super hot.

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They need to sell that Hitman PS4 controller ASAP

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Probably the Playstation 4 - PS1 20th anniversary edition, so simple yet so pretty and it has cool engravings on the console. Combine it with the fact that they only made 12300 of these and it's just so cool!

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This one was the best....