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#1 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

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#2 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -

Hell yea, I keep it. What if I want to play it again in the future?

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#3 Edited by Hizang (9358 posts) -

I'm sorting out my games, I'm considering doing this because I literally have about 140+ PS3 games I am never going to touch again. I could trade them in and make lots of money, also making g other people happy. In all honesty when am I ever going to play inFamous ever again?

Convince me or stop me!

@Video_Game_King: But what about the games you KNOW you will never want to play again, like I have a copy of We Dare, why would I want to keep that?

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#4 Edited by Marcsman (3639 posts) -

1. If you need money trade them in

2. If you don't need money, play it forward man.

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#5 Posted by AngelN7 (3001 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

Hell yea, I keep it. What if I want to play it again in the future?

Yup this, sometimes I borrow games with a friend other than that I keep all my games.

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#6 Posted by Hizang (9358 posts) -

@Marcsman: But what it it comes to the point where your running out of room, I have 180 PS3 games alone, I've had to start dotting them about my room, looks messy. I could get rid of the cases and use CD holders, but that sounds like madness.

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#7 Edited by Sooty (8193 posts) -

I play on PC mostly, so I can't give them away.

Otherwise I get rid off games, unless they are worth very little.

180+ games is weird, if you trade in all but 5 and they were only worth £5 each that's still a lot of money you could have.

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#8 Edited by kgb0515 (427 posts) -

I actually keep them for a while, but if I don't play them for more than a year they go in the "maybe I will trade this game" list. Actually, it's really called the "you better get rid of this game or your wife is going to throw it away when you aren't home" list. Ok...she isn't that mean, but I do trade them after a significant amount of time. Some games are unplayable for me after a while.

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#9 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5626 posts) -

Goddamn it Hizang. It's "you're." Fuck.

Also A.

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#10 Posted by devilzrule27 (1261 posts) -

my brothers and sisters borrow it and then it goes on the shelf.

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#11 Posted by Marcsman (3639 posts) -

@Hizang: I used to donate my old consoles and all games ( I never trade in ) to Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia. But for some odd reason they only accept cash donations now. So I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with my 2 PS3's and 90+ games this time around. I know I am definitely keeping one PS3's for my blu rays. I really like the thought of underprivileged kids enjoying my old games when I am done with them. I'm just not sure how to do it this time.

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#12 Posted by kindgineer (3089 posts) -

I usually trade it in or sell it. I'm one of those people that has a hard-time playing a game a second time (or even reading/watching a book or movie more than once).

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#13 Posted by mosespippy (4751 posts) -

I keep them all. Almost all my games I have played again once I was "done" with them. Sometimes it's two or three years later and just for a couple hours one night, but I usually return. Another reason I keep them around is that I can lend them out to friends. I've normally built up a collection of games for a system by the time my friends get the system for themselves so they usually have a lot of quality titles to choose from.

When are you ever going to play infamous again? I don't know. I played it twice when it came out and one and a half times when I replaced my broken PS3. I'll probably play it again in a couple years one night when I'm drunk and too wired to sleep. The games that I've downloaded, played and then deleted, those are the ones I'll likely never play again.

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#14 Posted by Dacnomaniac (493 posts) -

Depends to what degree I enjoyed the game. Sometimes I keep it for a later date, or sometime I just trade it straight away.

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#15 Edited by phrosnite (3519 posts) -

I cherry pick the retail games I buy so I keep all of them when I'm done with them.

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#16 Posted by crusader8463 (14757 posts) -

I do 99.9% of my gaming on PC so there is no trade in option. That said, I don't trade in my console stuff anymore. I used to a long time ago, once made about $2000 during some super event they had where you got 80% extra trade in credit on each game if you traded in like 20 or more at once, but I would always regret it and wish I had the games to play again years later. I will only do it now if it's a game I beat and didn't like and know that I would never ever want to play it again. Sadly those games are always worthless when it comes time to trade in so I don't. I would rather it stay sitting on my shelf then to sell it to EB Games for fifty cents and then have them turn around and put it on the shelf for $19.99.

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#17 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -
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#18 Posted by Mister_V (2368 posts) -

I keep them. Because I know three months after I trade it in I will want to play it again. I learned this from buying and selling mass effect 3 times.

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#19 Posted by JacDG (2186 posts) -

I trade them all away, unless it's a game dear to my heart such as, Burnout: Paradise, Mirror's Edge, Call of Duty 4, some PS2 game like the Ratchet and Clank, which I ended up buying the collection for anyway. Unless it's music, which I will return to over, and over and over, I don't see the point in collection, for me anyway, I'm not going to play a game again over again once I'm done unless it blew me away or has a branching storyline, so having boxes take up space I don't have anyway is stupid, moreover, I could use the cash to buy more games, logic prevails.

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#20 Posted by SirOptimusPrime (2048 posts) -

I buy things cheap, used, or not at all. My collection is small to begin with, and all are picked pretty much only if I know I want it. There's only two games I've bought that I've truly regretted - SFxT and Star Ocean 3.

Plus, I play on PC mostly now and giving away my Steam account sounds like a bad idea.

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#21 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I keep them all regardless of quality. Most of the games I own have some positive qualities about them. Even if I'm not going to play the game ever again I like keeping it.

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#22 Posted by gogosox82 (453 posts) -

Depends on how i feel about the game. Open world games i tend to trade because I'll finish the main quest and then I'll say " I'll go back and play through all of the side stuff" but i usually don't so if I don't get back to the game in 6 months or so. I'll trade it in. But i tend to keep the games that are more linear story driven games.

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#23 Posted by rentfn (1394 posts) -

That is a tricky question. I keep my games but I do let friends borrow them...which mostly turns into me forgetting and then seeing the game at their place and I'll talk to them about how I haven't played that in so long and they will remind me it's my copy.

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#24 Posted by nutta27 (279 posts) -

I used to trade them in at the local games store before I worked. Now I keeps them all. God I must own hundreds of games. I bet there are still dozens I haven't even touched.

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#25 Posted by MetalBaofu (1653 posts) -

I rent the vast majority of games I play. Ones I like enough to buy, I will be keeping, or I wouldn't have bought them in the first place.

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#26 Posted by panvixyl (337 posts) -

Unless I'm really hurting for cash I keep all my games.

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#27 Edited by C0V3RT (1420 posts) -

I keep mine. Some people love having shelves of books, I'm the same way with video games. I've kept mine going back to the NES and always get a flood of memories when I walk over to where my old games are. As someone who's come to appreciate physical space over material possessions, I've never considered getting rid of my games.

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#28 Posted by Sackmanjones (5563 posts) -

It all depends. I'm not opposed to trading games in if I want something new. But there is a limit. I rarely trade a game in that is only worth 5 bucks or so, might as well just keep it.

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#29 Posted by Slay3r1583 (743 posts) -

I had sold/traded in basically my entire console collection to buy a Dreamcast the day it was released. While I loved my Dreamcast I came to regret that decision. I vowed to never sell or trade in another game ever again and I haven't.

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#30 Posted by Jack268 (3370 posts) -

Keep it. If I trade it in to Gamestop they'll give me the great price of $5 even if it's brand new, which is fucking retarded. Selling it on ebay or similar is a bit better but a lot of games decrease in price so rapidly it's hardly worth it either.

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#31 Posted by Mrsignerman44 (1105 posts) -

None, Gamefly all the way bitches. Fuck that collecting noise!....except for cartridges.

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#32 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

@Hizang: My recommendation to you would be to put all of the sports games you have together and get rid of them first. Then get a cardboard or plastic bin and store them away. That way 10 years down the line when you remember, "Oh shit I remember infamous! I wonder how it holds up now?" You can go play it.

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#33 Posted by Bane122 (964 posts) -

Depends on the game. If it's good enough it goes in The Collection, otherwise I sell it. I used to have a big collection and kept everything but there was so much stuff I'd never play again I sold a lot of it and started only keeping the great stuff.

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#34 Posted by SomeJerk (4077 posts) -

Hizang is a fed. Why else would he make a billion polls.

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#35 Posted by HatKing (7305 posts) -

Sometimes. There are certain games that I'll probably keep forever. Others that I finish and never want to play again. Some that I haven't finished, want to finish, but will never fucking get around to (Bully). There are important games that I'll hang on to forever too, just because I want them around if I need to reference them for something, or want to play them again. I don't really have a commitment to keeping or selling games I beat.

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#36 Posted by morrelloman (640 posts) -

I usually rent or just sell it on Amazon. I know I'd rather have the money. I almost always regret buying because I never want to play again.

RPGs and fighting games are the ones I would most likely keep due to length/replay-ability.

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#37 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

Always, I have fucking shelves and shelves of games from the past 26 years, I love it!!

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#38 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2486 posts) -

I keep nearly every game I've played, sometimes I will give a game to a friend if I double up on it but I won't trade at a store because it never works out better for me.

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#39 Edited by Klei (1798 posts) -

As a teenager, I was the king of the trade-in's. I swear.

I'd buy a game, play it to death for a week and the week after, I'd trade it in to get another. I needed new games like a drug addict needs a fix. I'd always end up having only one or two games and always trading in everything I could since I had very little money. I never could manage to build a collection.

Since a couple of years now, I mostly keep all of my games. Not only do I prefer to play on PC since the current consoles ( X360 especially ) can't run games for shit without massive framerate problems, most of the console games I purchase, I end up keeping. There's a rather high probability that I'll end up replaying it. I replay everything that I like. I'm not one of those '' I need to beat it and then I'm done forever'' type of gamer.

That said, I do trade-in some games when the deals are good. Best Buy here usually does the '' two games for one '' deal. If I purchase one or two game that I'm not going to replay at all, I will trade them, because they're useless to me. I also trade-in games that I just don't like.

Massive_rant_1.0 : Makes me wish I had purchased FC3 on the 360, and not the PC because then, I'd be able to trade it in. This is one of the only game in my recent memory that had me loving it 75% throughout and by its ending, I was totally turned off by it and never wanted to touch it again. The storyline was so horrible and some of its characters so unbelievably bad that I just can't bring myself to have fun with it anymore. The lead writer of the game often said he wanted to blow your mind away with his vision of a story, but to me, it just felt half-assed and juvenile. Who would dump a loving, beautiful girlfriend for an insane jungle-woman with lame tits? Also, no more outposts; no more fun.

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#40 Posted by breadfan (6803 posts) -

I tend to keep games. Unless I am definite that I will never be goin back to it.

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#41 Posted by Mijati (1083 posts) -

I always keep my games, the only times I've ever traded things in was some old sports game in a "Trade 4 games and get a new game" deal which worked out nicely for me.

I did sell my PS2 + all games at one point (needed money pretty bad) and I regret that decision big time but oh well. Actually, now that I think about it I sold a bunch of 360 and DS games at the same time (Bioshock, Call of Duty 4, Rock Band, Animal Crossing DS, Mario Kart DS and some other stuff). Those I don't regret selling.

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#42 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (1168 posts) -

I always keep everything, that said, I've never owned anything close to 180 games...that's a lot man!

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#43 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

I was poor so I always had to sell or trade my games growing up, meaning my collection never went beyond like 10 games. Now I try to hold onto them, and I'm buying a lot of used ones to make up for the ones I wanted to keep. I actually only own about 5 or 6 of my favorite games ever.

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#44 Posted by ShaggE (8561 posts) -

Keep. Every time I've gotten rid of a game, I've regretted it down the line. I never know what I'm going to get a hankering for.

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#45 Posted by Atlas (2585 posts) -

@Hizang said:

@Marcsman: But what it it comes to the point where your running out of room, I have 180 PS3 games alone, I've had to start dotting them about my room, looks messy. I could get rid of the cases and use CD holders, but that sounds like madness.

You need to break from that mentality - your collection is not in any way diminished by the games being in binders. What are you worried about? Do you have these games to show them off, to look at for comfort? Or do you buy games to play them and enjoy them for what they are?

I'm not quite in a situation where binders is necessary, but I have always been a big fan of them for easy transportation, and would be perfectly willing to transfer my collections to binders and throw away all those useless boxes.

And as regards what I do with games once I'm done with them, it depends on your definition of being "done". I only get rid of games if I know for sure I don't want to play it any more, and since I don't buy a lot of games that I end up not liking, I don't have to get rid of many games this way.

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#46 Posted by MikeFightNight (1213 posts) -

When I was young me and my brother use to rent games like crazy, it was great because we had lots of time to power through a game on a weekend and then experience a new one the next week. It's the same reason why our Snes, DC, and N64, game libraries are so small, like two three games. Wasn't until the first system I bought with my own money an original Xbox that I started to buy games. My collection grew until I took the system and games to university and traded a lot in so I could get new ones. Once I graduated and found a job I started to collect again. Now Ps3 and PC are my main game platforms and I haven't traded anything in just because of my regret of giving away so much in the past. Also everything is going digital which I welcome but it does make me sad for those younger with little income and the dying off of game rentals. I can empathize!

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#47 Posted by Genkkaku (765 posts) -

C) Play it by ear

I usually didn't trade alot of things back, but then there was a good while where there were games I just knew I wasn't ever going to play again or I really didn't like so I traded them back.. Actually made a profit on Shadows of the Damned..

But since I got my computer, most of my purchases are through Steam so at the moment I can't trade them back, but I'm not fussed that I can't

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#48 Posted by beforet (3413 posts) -

I would sell it back to Steam if I could, but for now I'm stuck with them.

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#49 Posted by psylah (2312 posts) -

I often let my nephews borrow them, but in the pretense that I will get them back in perfect condition. Other than that I keep them.

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#50 Posted by Galiant (2237 posts) -

I used to trade in games for new games. Never again.