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Pretty much the title. When was the last time a game made you say, "Oh, come on! That's bullshit!"

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Prey's Split Affinity trophy. You have to beat the game once using only Typhon neuromods and once using only human neuromods

except you can't do them in the same campaign slot

and they have to be done one right after the other

And the game never tells you that.

I learned both these things the hard way

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When I finished Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and it didnt give me the achievement. I'm not a completionist or anything but I at least want the one that says I beat the game.

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Pretty much every game has a moment when I say that. I love games, but I am not always skilled at playing them and any frustrating mechanic instantly has me saying that. Haha. But the last game that legitimately had me saying that was that Halo 5 boss.

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XCOM 2....4 misses in a row from hit percentages above 50%

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@frustratedlnc: I had that happen in the first game where everyone was in Overwatch and they all missed an enemy running towards them. I called BS and reloaded my save.

More recently though I'd probably say when playing GTA Online. During a race where I was easily winning, my car flipped over in a tunnel for seemingly no reason. I took a corner like I normally would but I guess the physics bugged out and sent my car flying and I ended up losing because of it. The movement in GTA is also a bit wonky so there are times when you want to do something but your character just refuses to do it.

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Like two days ago. Been replaying Witcher 3 lately and some parts of the combat in that game (especially on higher difficulties) are just pure bullshit, as in sudden one-shot kills. Had one where I coincidentally hit a random explodey barrel with Igni, also had another with some enemy in the Blood and Wine DLC that explodes on death.

Oh ye, also pretty much any day I spend a fair amount of time playing Hearthstone.

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When stress damage dealers gang up on the most stressed party member in Darkest Dungeon. It's just bordering on bullying at that point.

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@viking_funeral: op, I think as the topic creator, it's encouraged you get the ball rolling.

Most recently, playing through AC: Syndicate, I ran into a lot of mission breaking bugs that forced me to start over from the beginning. I like the sub challenges 'cause it makes me play in different ways but some of them just aren't do-able restarting from a checkpoint. I also ran into some unresponsive NPCs that just flat out didn't allow me to finish missions. The game is also inconsistent about what missions you can restart and what missions you have to back out to the world, go into the menu, find said mission, and load it up again. A lot of people are romantic about Paris and I'm kinda that way about London so I love being in a virtual representation of it like in AC: Syndicate or The Getaway but besides the ungodly beautiful rendition of the space in the era, nothing about the game is elegant, everything feels like a clumsily cobbled together game as game. I really wanted to like it and it's an ok game but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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Pretty much ever game I play these days has a moment where I say that.

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Pretty much every time I play Mario Kart 8 online.

Edit: Pretty much every time I play a game online.

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I played Mankind Divided not too long ago, and it's probably the most fun I've had with an rpg since Alpha Protocol. But man was I mostly just annoyed with the game at first. Because it felt like EVERY SINGLE PIECE of intel, every e-mail, newspaper and news show, all the environmental storytelling and all the overheard conversations always revolved around the games hot political topics.

That's not how that works. That's not believable and it created the opposite of immersion for me. There are some hot political topics these days. I rarely ever see or hear people talking about these in daily live, and even the news are only sporadically dominated by them.

It doesn't help that it's a comparatively moderate scifi setting that's still pretty close to the present day. And I get it, a lot of games and other media do that and probably have to do that to some degree, but I still found it to be very jarring for a while.

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The part where I finished a level in Crash 2 just now and found out that, instead of doing the Death path and the regular path to get all the boxes, I need to get to the end of the level, getting all the boxes, then run backwards through half the level to the Death path without dying once during that whole ordeal. That's a cruel one.

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Yesterday. When I lost at Overwatch. 4 times in a row.

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I played Marvel vs Street Fighter yesterday at a local and these were the only words anyone was saying.

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I play a lot multiplayer games so I say something along those lines a few times every week. Just purely out of sodium.

I do roll my eyes real heavy on bad RNG from playing Darkest Dungeon and stuff like that. I ended up really disliking Hearthstone because of that.

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One of the funnier "bullshit" moments I've had was playing Guitar Hero 3 online and matching up with someone who didn't miss a single note during the opening of Through the Fire and the Flames.

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GTA5 unique stunt jumps some of them can be tricky there's a couple at the airport that can be a pain.

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@liquiddragon: I had an experience in Nier: Automata which made me think of creating this thread, but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just about me and let people get some good stories in before I told my bullshit moment.

So, yeah... very slight Automata spoilers ahead.


While playing Automata today I was knocking out side missions before going into the new underground opening. All my friends told me that I should do the side missions as soon as I could. I've been running back and forth, and I keep getting sent to the desert and desert city. It's a long trip, and I remember there was some kind of shortcut in the area past the desert city with the Adam boss fight, so I decide to go back there and see if I can find that shortcut again.

So I go there and apparently the area is absolutely swarming with high level enemies, including two giant robots. I am holding my own, when all of a sudden several things explode and kill me. Apparently there were suicide bots that took 80% of my health in one hit. Well, that sucks.

For those that don't know: Automata has a system sorta like Dark Souls. You lose all your chips (think ability items) and experience when you die, and you have to go retrieve your body. My last save was a couple hours ago and about 5 minutes of travel time from the desert. I lost a lot of experience and some damn good chips.

I go back to the pit of death to look for my body, and once again I am holding my own. I'm doing a little better and am keeping an eye on those suicide bomb robots which took me out last time and keep respawning. I can't find my body for some stupid reason, when suddenly one of the giant robots picks me up - while at full health - throws me in the air, catches me again, and slams me hard into the ground.

Instant. Death.

Now I have to go back to this difficulty spike zone, find my bodies, avoid near instant death suicide bombers, and avoid the instant death attack from the two giant robots. All without any of my chips or recent experience. And my last save was still a 5 minute travel time from this dumb pit of death.

I go, get back to the pit, find my last body, recover some experience, still can't find my first body, and through pure perseverance manage to kill the two giant robots. Apparently the suicide bots and other high level bots endlessly spawn, but whatever. My body is still no where in sight. That's when I remember in Dark Souls like systems, if you die while trying to retrieve your body, you can't get it again.

"Oh, come on! That is bullshit!"

Say what you will about Dark Souls, but at least those games are fair. Those instant deaths felt cheap, especially back to back. Well, whatever... I'm no longer really salty about it, but I still think it's a little bit bullshit. That pit could be a good grinding spot in the future, however.

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Gameplay-wise, most recent has been a variety of times in Overwatch where the 'always-favor-the-shooter' netcode mechanics have been real bullshit. Stuff like getting shot and killed after I've already rounded a corner for instance.

Story-wise, I started up Watch Dogs 2 after getting it in the Steam summer sale, played through the first couple missions, and decided that the entire game was some bullshit that I just wasn't interested in.

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Most of the time. Like when I'm running around Dead Cells and I suddenly get chain-smacked to death from full health.

Or any game where I shoot all the cops and more fucking cops keep showing up.

When guards in Hitman round a corner and immediately shoot me to death faster than the game lets you aim and fire back.

When I played MGSV and saw the story.

When that crazy bitch or that homeless prick in Darkest Dungeon yell YouTube comments at my team and they freak out. Seriously, guys? You're professional adventurers!

When Stellaris' "random map generation" starts me next to an empire that just happens to hate me forever and also builds a giant fleet nine times faster than I can.

Any time I see Blizzard trying to "balance" a game.


The load times in Fallout 4.

Everything about Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Video games in general. You know what? Fuck video games.

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When a Bloodborne chalice dungeon wanted me to stop playing the game so it decided I should only have half my health.

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Binding of Isaac. Any time a great run goes bad. "I've got a ton of health, good stats, great items... no problem." [gets decimated by bullshit]

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@fezrock said:

Gameplay-wise, most recent has been a variety of times in Overwatch where the 'always-favor-the-shooter' netcode mechanics have been real bullshit. Stuff like getting shot and killed after I've already rounded a corner for instance.

I'm about ready to uninstall the game because of this. It happens to me every single game and I don't think i've ever been as mad at a multiplayer game before. Don't have any kinds of issues like this in any other game, just Overwatch too.

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Any time I whiff a point-blank SPD in Street Fighter 5. Command throw detection in that game is shaky at best, especially online.

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I am currently playing the lategame in the Darkest Dungeon, so like ... yeah man.

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Every time Persona 4 blocks off a dialogue option or the chance to talk to someone because I don't have to enough of a specific stat. Especially when the game started requiring fully maxed out stats.

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Hollow Knight - White Palace - Like every 30 seconds... followed sometimes by, "you've got to be kidding me! There's more?!"

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Nex Machina - fighting the Supreme A.I. It's not actually bullshit, I'm just not good enough and wish I was.

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That one mission in Dying Light where you have to jump up a bridge tower in order to get some light bulbs, along with other parkour fails as well. I mean, I still love the game. Gotta give it props for not spelling everything out with some sort of color code or highlighted objects. But maybe make trying to jump from a ledge in order to grab onto a pipe should be less finicky?

Most of my deaths were suicides. In a real zombie apocalypses, I'd probably be more of a danger to myself.

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Let me tell you a little bit about Crash Bandicoot and vehicle levels.

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XCOM 2, missing a 95% sniper shot at a crucial moment. 95 is not 100, I know, but I still felt the compulsion to call bullshit out loud.

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usually happens when playing soulsborne games, so unforgiving

casual games, the witcher 3 had a lot of these moments playing even on easy, the combat is clunky and stupid

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I still doing quite understand some of the factors that are present in Fire Emblem Echoes, but there are times where you can have almost 100% accuracy on hitting an enemy and they still manage to evade. I think this holds true for a lot of turn based strategy games. I can think of me saying this many a time while playing games, but I can't really thing of what would be most recent past Echoes.

EDIT: Actually a pretty egregious example has always been the PVP factor in Souls games. There are times where you will get hit when the person is not even close to actually hitting you. Like you are WELL outside of the area of attack and still somehow take damage from a weapon strike.

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XCOM 2, missing a 95% sniper shot at a crucial moment. 95 is not 100, I know, but I still felt the compulsion to call bullshit out loud.

I don't know how I forgot about Xcom.

They could have release it with "Oh, come on! That is bullshit!" as the subtitle.

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Last night while playing Battlefield 1, when my highly-trained soldier utterly refused to mantle a shin-high rock on multiple failed attempts until I got shot in the back.

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Most recently, the "press X not to die" QTE's that appear a handful of times completely out of the blue during Bayonetta cutscenes.

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Overwatch's loot boxes.

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Similar to xcom but to stress another game. Playing total way shogun 2 and the fall of samurai dlc. My ninja had 69% chance to assassinate some lower level general. It took 5 chances. Damn you statistics!!

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@monkeyman04: my thoughts exactly! Good ol bullpup

Also I didn't know there was criteria for thread titles and profanity. Never thought about it before nor do I think it's necessary. Learned something today, thanks modders

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Street Fighter V's netcode.

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Hm... Mass Effect: Andromeda.

I shouted more loathsome, ad-libbed, curse-filled phrases at that thing than I care to admit. It was just so freaking bad, in every conceivable way. Almost no ambient music or sound effects, so you spend hours driving in almost complete silence. God-awful animations. A huge litany of bugs that took months to patch out and still aren't completely gone. Brutally rubbish menus and interfaces. Endlessly bland checklist, open world fluff masquerading as meaningful content. A "oh boy, I hope we don't offend anyone!" atmosphere that made the Citadel-clone / Nexus underground dive bar a hipster saloon replete with poetry readings while the "pirate world" strip club was one in which all the dancers wore full body armor suits and flailed like Commander Shepard on acid. Overlapping and/or broken "dialogue," though this was a blessing in disguise since you didn't have to listen to it. Enemies spawning from the sky and falling to their spawn points, ruining any semblance of mystery. A combat system that was the one redeemable feature of the game, but was only good in comparison to the previous Mass Effect games (I've played plenty of third person shooters that blow this out of the water, double jump "jetpack" be darned). The general vibe that this was a soft reboot game that failed to understand what made the original Mass Effect good, at least up to its abysmally atrocious star child conclusion. ARGH!

One of the more memorable anger moments for me was when I purchased a speed boost for the Mako/Nomad vehicle that "improved its uphill speed while in all terrain mode." Yeah, improved it by almost completely removing the speed penalty. SCREW THAT! I spent what felt like eternities in that rubbish Batmobile clone, crawling up hills at 20 kilometers per hour (which is 12.4 miles per hour, by the way. WOO! That's the speed of adventure! Now if only the game included Sudoku, the boring, tranquilized, third cousin of Solitaire. OH WAIT!!!) to the sound of nothing but my tires scraping against ice/sand/rock and my air conditioner running. Driving slowly towards icons on empty, bland maps dotted with repetitive, bland, prefabricated No Man's Sky style buildings, hoping that I could reach the corpse / sea shell / rocks that the icons denoted before my teammates began spouting more canned, horribly written tripe that I would only call "dialogue" out of supreme charity that, frankly, Mass Effect: Andromeda did not earn and does not deserve.

If I had known that speed boost existed, I would bee-lined my whole game towards collecting it. Instead I found it 50 hours in and my blood boiled to heck and back at all the wasted time dragging my sorry hide up barely inclined slopes. Why that upgrade isn't a default feature of the Mako/Nomad is beyond me! GODS! A work colleague and a few people here kept saying "don't listen to the haters. It gets better, I promise." No, it didn't. It never got any better. "We got this" Ryder and his band of uncanny valley mutants grated me all the way to the lackluster cliffhanger ending that expected me to care about emotionless automatons and a race of putty patrol rejects. I trudged through, beat it, and promptly uninstalled it without "concluding" any of the romance choices. Sleeping with Cora or Peebee would be more punishment than reward, thank you very much. 95% complete, 100% dejected at what became of that franchise. "Bunch of bullpup!"

On the plus side, I've genuinely loved everything I've played after Mass Effect: Andromeda. Either the other games are really, really good... or my standards have become much, much lower. "My face is tired."

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My wife and I have been playing Spelunky co-op lately. Although we've both put in hundreds of hours, playing it multiplayer requires an entirely new set of skills and play styles. Most deaths are still a funny result of some silly mistakes we made, but eeeevvvery once in a while there's some unlucky bullshit beyond our control.

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Whenever I play a fighting game online and get curb-stomped. I know it's because I suck most of the time, but I can't help myself from getting angry. Can I land just one hit, please? One hit, that's all I need! Ok, I'm dead now, thanks.

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Persona 5 gave me this feeling anytime Morgana told me I had to go to sleep after a tough day. Who gave this talking cat so much power? The lack of autonomy really annoyed me.

On a much smaller scale, I've been playing this Star Wars-themed match three game on my phone, and some of these later levels get surprisingly complex for this type of game, and if you don't get the luck of the draw on what gems appear on the screen, you just have to take the L.

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Every competitive game of Rainbow Six Siege and Gears of War. Gets my blood boiling when I play them. It's a good boil though...yeah?

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I feel like I said this a lot during the early parts of SMT IV. Whether it be trying to talk to demons, trying to discover the enemies' weaknesses, the enemies exploiting my weaknesses, missing attacks, enemies landing crits on you, etc. Oddly enough, however, the brutality of it all made me fall in love with the mainline SMT games to the point I've branched out and bought/played some of the others.

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Playing Warhammer Total War, the strategy part can get so finicky and boring with the AI how it works. For me it was just as soon as I left one area undefended well here comes that enemy army you could see garrisoned somewhere to sack it. It's within the way things work but it just feels so robotic and cheap how the entire focus is on the settlements. The AI will hardly engage you in a battle out in the open and just waits for these cheap moments.