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This may have been brought up before and I apologize if it has. But where can I find things like the old obscure videos that used to be in the "Features" menu selection of the old VIDEO drop down?

Things like The end of The Matrix Online, The Star Trek Online Beta videos and the old Random PC game Feature? There is a bunch of old vids that I used to enjoy watching from time to time. Dave and Ryan did an all night Elder Scrolls stream with Morrowind and Oblivion the night before Greg Kasavin streamed Skyrim for 12 hours straight.

For the life of me I cannot find an easy way to find these without going page by page through every video on the site. I know that the live stream is always playing random videos but sometimes I still would like to peruse some of the old lesser known features.

The old Blade Runner adventure game and the Vinny and Drew Load our Last Save with Freedom Fighters were great. I know the search function will find these but if you can't remember the name of something than it's really hard to search, especially if it is something you forgot even existed.

I hope these things will eventually get categorized in the new Shows menu

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Well I dig a brief amount of digging. Looking at the video page for Matrix Online, those five episodes are labeled as "Endurance Run".


...Except when you go to the Endurance Run section under Videos > Shows?

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Yeah well, it doesn't stop there. Click that and not only do you not get a link to the Persona 4 ER, but also it instead dumps you at the last episode of the Shenmue ER. There's a drop box you can click to choose other ERs, but... guess what...

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Matrix Online isn't in the list.

As for ST:O, it should in theory have the show label of "Set Phasers to Fun" (which doesn't exist). The same goes for Random PC Game. So yeah, you're right OP, there's no way to find these shows without visiting the game page.

Alternatively, look them up on QLcrew.com, or hang around in GB infinite long enough and those episodes will definitely get voted on.