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wheres PS4 PUBG, quick look?

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The played it briefly in this UPF, and it didn't sound like they were too interested, so I wouldn't count on a quick look happening.

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Not sure why it'd need one. It looks and runs like ass on the Xbox so I don't see what difference the ps4 versions would have unless they're somehow even more fucked up which would actually be impressive.

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I think the GB love affair with PUBG is over, since it doesn't sound like anyone really plays it much, if at all, these days. (Jeff seems to have migrated to CoD BOBO.) I mean there was no enthusiasm or even a mild sense of interest/curiosity in the snow map. So, if PUBG on PS4 is pretty much identical to XB1 version, and if nobody in the office really cares about PUBG anymore, I can't imagine there'd be much of a push for doing a Quick Look. Certainly not before the holiday break.

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It's bad don't buy it even on a PS pro it's up there with ARK on Switch. Bad texture popins unacceptable frame rates the list go's on.

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We will hopefully get a Murder Island when the snow map drops to the actual game, but no need for more coverage of a bad console game. Thing is still best in class on PC though.