Which beat 'em up do I go with?

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Posted by lokihellfire2008 (160 posts) 11 months, 8 days ago

Poll: Which beat 'em up do I go with? (82 votes)

God Hand 12%
Yakuza 0 79%
Other (please leave a comment about your other choice) 9%

Watching Gotta God Hand has made me super interested in that game, but also I think that without a ps2/or ps3 I'd have to emulate it so I am torn right now about what game can fill that gap. I watched all of Beast in the East, and while I liked a lot of it, the frustration Dan had with the controls makes me cautious about Yakuza 0. I have a gaming PC and an Xbox One X. Can you fine folk point me in the right direction?

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Yakuza 0 for sure.

I never had any problems with Yakuza's controls honestly, Dan's frustration was most likely based on not really getting a grasp it and not really tying to understand how it worked.

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Get Sleeping Dogs instead if you haven't played it.

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Tempted to vote 'other' and nominate Senran Kagura, but Yakuza 0 is a safe bet.

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I bought Yakuza 0, also saw that I had Sleeping Dogs thanks to Humble Bundle and never played it so I installed both.

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Yakuza 0 is great but I dont know if it's worth getting for the fighting mechanics alone which are fine, but not great.

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is out in a few weeks and that is probably the closest you can get to God Hand and it's made by the same team as Yakuza. (theres a demo out atm, but again, the combat isnt as good as God Hand)

EDIT: Didnt realise the new FOTNS was a PS4 exclusive, my bad.

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Been loving that Yakuza 0. It’s meldodramatic, whacky, and brutal all at once.

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Are you interested strictly for the beat em up mechanics? Then God Hand is definitely the deeper and more versatile game just for fighting. It's also much harder and has a steeper learning curve by country mile, but if that's what you want, then it's the way to go.

Yakuza is a much better overall package, but the combat is only a small part of it. And it gets repetitive after a while since you have pretty limited options. But it's easier to get into and very flashy from second one, so you avoid the stumbling around and being a failure in God Hand for the first few hours. :P

Though the real answer here is to go play Bayonetta or DMC 3/4. :DD

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(If you emulate God Hand you can play it in widescreen).
God Hand is the deeper beat em up, Yakuza is a fantastic story based experience.
If you want a 2D beat em up, play Fight'N Rage, don't hesitate.

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#10 Posted by Humanity (18944 posts) -
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@norm9 said:

Get Sleeping Dogs instead if you haven't played it.

+1 for Sleepy Dawgs, if you are in the mood for genre of 'beating', this one delivers in spades.

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If you are interested in beat em ups, I would recommend games like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry (or DMC). Yakuza is a great game, but its fighting mechanics are, at best, functional.

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@humanity: You could do a lot worse than that! I thought about replaying it but was then immediately reminded that PC never got the definitive version. :(